Here’s everything you need to know before deciding whether to start an account once the Fresh start worlds arrive at OSRS in September 2022

Fresh start worlds are an exciting concept scheduled to reach the live stage of OSRS and RuneScape 3 in September 2022. The whole concept features servers with a brand new economy. This means that the supply of items on the Grand Exchange will be really limited, and at first, you’ll spend a lot more OSRS gold on basic items than you would on the regular servers. The flip of this coin is that you’ll also be able to earn way more OSRS GP by selling items on the Grand Exchange since the supply of items will be limited.

What this means is that whoever will post an item on the GE for the first time will get to set the price and potentially earn a lot more OSRS gold than that item is worth on the regular servers because there will be only one-of-a-kind or very few of the same kind. The price will then continue to decrease as more and more items of the same kind start being sold on the GE until it stabilizes around a certain amount of OSRS GP.

The Implications

Fresh Start worlds have enormous implications, especially for highly active veterans who will grind their ways towards uniques and OSRS gold as fast as possible. Imagine being the first person to finish Dragon Slayer 2 and engage with Vorkath—the potential to earn will be huge.

Besides the market implications, players can also make trades, increasing the number of communities built around exchanges of rare items. Sadly, this means the potential for scammers or scam attempts will also increase. At the same time, the trades happening off GE and the potential auctions on third-party communication software will attract a lot of potential for RMT.

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Effects On the Regular OSRS Servers

The stakes are huge if you’re one of the first to reach certain OSRS account milestones; you have a lot of potentials to get rich fast. This could affect the economy of the main game as well, given that currently, Jagex is set on allowing the fresh world accounts to be transferred to the main game after no longer than six months. To play on the fresh start servers, you will need to create a new account and pay for membership on that new OSRS account.

New OSRS Accounts

Fresh start servers will probably give a massive advantage to the paying members who buy bonds to obtain some quick cash in-game to boost their progress from the start. This might be an excellent investment, especially for players who take the grind to the next level and do it for 16 hours a day to be the first to reach specific milestones.

On the positive side, a huge selling point of the fresh start servers is that everyone can compete from scratch against everyone else in the race to achieve different objectives. Maybe you want to be the first to appear on the HiScores for Tempoross or to subdue the Wintertodt. You can do just that on these servers.

Low Competition Skills & High Competition Skills

While low competition skills have virtually unlimited resources, such as fishing, where regardless of how many players are Fishing from the same spot, it will not affect the others, there are competitive skills such as Woodcutting or Mining.

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Here if another player starts chopping the same tree as you or the same ore vein as you, it will negatively affect you because, depending on your level and RNG, you might not be the one getting the resource and experience.

Jagex has not yet released any conclusive information regarding the number of fresh start servers going live in September, and there are no estimates on the players either. However, you can be sure that if you’re getting crushed by other players in the regular worlds, this will also happen in the fresh start worlds. The likelihood of this happening is higher than in the regular servers as, especially at the very start, everyone will be pretty much on the same level running after the same resources.

Instanced Content

If you want to kill the Kraken, you can do so either non-instanced or pay some GP to create an instance where you won’t be bothered. This can be the case not only for non–instanced bosses and slayer monsters but also for resources. 

If you’re on a Dagannoth task and want to kill the Dagannoth Kings, you can do it instance or non-instanced. However, if you want to kill them without being on a task, you will only be able to do so in a non-instanced area. Some of the bosses also have unique instances that only Ironman accounts can access to prevent griefing and other negative behaviors from players towards us who have chosen to play the game alone.

Playing In Fresh Start Worlds As An Ironman

You’ll be able to choose whether you play the fresh start worlds as the main account or as an Ironman. Even though leveling an Ironman is much harder without the possibility to get items from the GE or sell your items for some OSRS gold on the GE, this could have huge implications thinking of the end game. 

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In contrast, with an Ironman, you can access Ironman instances instead of competing with other players. If you rush through combat and slayer as an Ironman, you can get some drops within the special ironman instances and sell your items on the GE for many OSRS GP. This is implausible, but it is still possible, and experienced players might choose this route.

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