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The last agent released was Fade, an Initiator that can manifest nightmare-ish creatures to pinpoint while blinding and deafening enemies that can help push a site and gain intel on where enemies are. While other recent Agents like Neon (Duelist) and Chamber (Sentinel) play different roles, it is high time that Valorant would finally release a Controller Agent into the Valorant Protocol since Astra. Upon releasing her on March 2, 2021, players quickly unlocked her in their Valorant accounts

There are a lot of theories about who the new agent Codenamed: Mage, might be; with the latest updates, we can start to get a clearer picture of what type of role they can play and the story behind them.

Valorant Abilities

There have been supposed leaks about this agent’s ability that were proven fake, although despite being fake, it somehow lines up with the current lore after being quickly dismissed. We do not have Mage’s list of abilities yet, but we can take one particular fake ability called “Bubble,” a type of dome smoke that does not let bullets pass through. Similar to Astras’ ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide, enemies would not be able to shoot through as well as have any visibility. The Bubble ability aligns with one of the voice messages added in Valorant a few days later.

Skye: “Here’s the weird thing, though. I fished up these spent bullets from the water, fired West-East, but they’re not scattered like you would expect. They dropped in a semi-circle. Clearly, they were aimed at the same target, so you would expect some grouping, but this is too uniform. I don’t know.”

Based on this voice message, we can assume that the leaked “Bubble” ability may be similar to the semi-circle that Skye was referring to. Still, unfortunately, we won’t know what would be the complete list of abilities Mage has until more than a couple of weeks. Another voice message we can check out is Omen which describes the new agent’s abilities.

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Omen: “I’ve spied on their camp. The operatives speak of towering walls of water, waves crashing through their ranks, and the fugitive facing down a dozen men at once. The reports match the evidence at the scene, intense flooding everywhere but no water source nearby.”

Additional Lore Information

We have finally broken down the possible abilities that Mage can have. It’s time for us to find out what their name is. Thankfully, there’s already in-game lore that game helps us out with that. 

In an email sent to Brimstone by other agents, we know that Codename: Mage’s real name is Varun Batra, but their official Valorant Agent name is still unknown. Varun works with an organization called “Realm,” which deals with priceless artifacts. The email also states that he is a fugitive under investigation after stealing one of these artifacts. However, within the lore, this may just be a rumor, as Skye mentioned in her recent email, that she doubts the information they were given and wonders whether they are being lied to or not. It is a possibility that Varun was wrongly accused or most likely been framed for the crime associated with him.

Player Cards

Another piece of information we can look into is the Episode 5 Act 2 player cards in the battle pass. Check it out by looking at the battle pass or maybe even purchasing the pass for VP in the Valorant shop. You can also get Valorant skins with your playing cards. 

Jett, Omen, Phoenix, and Sage all have player cards that seem to be dealing with waves of water and intense flooding, this could be the work of Varun, but this may be unlikely as the background details appear to be set in Pearl, an underwater map. Most likely, these floods were caused by the dome over Pearl, which broke at some point in the story. At the same time, Valorant Radiants swoop in to save the day.

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Another card is a sort of gold sphere surrounded by water. This may be one of the priceless artifacts the emails speak of, which Varun allegedly stole. 

Confirmations About The New Valorant Agent

Another link that this sphere may have significance to the lore and a connection to Varun is the teaser art released by Valorant that shows a journal with the said sphere or something very similar. The teaser also shows lots of references to Indian cultures, such as food and location. We can assume that Varun is from India. 

Additional information is from Riot, where they provide new information about the upcoming Episode 5 Act 3, which has many puns about water that may confirm that the Radiant has water abilities. At the end of Riot’s information post, there is a sentence written in Hindi, “Jald hi mile hain” which translates to “See you soon” in English, which adds another confirmation that the new agent will be from India. This structure is similar to how they introduced Fade, where Riot would leave hints in their updates and teasers.

Final Thoughts

Varun Batra sounds like a very aggressive Controller. With his water wall, we can assume that he would play well on maps like Breeze or Icebox, similar to Viper, which may be a substitute for her. Just like Chamber is a substitute for Jett, Fade is a substitute for Sova. It would be even better to have flashes, stuns, or healing, as they are missing from the controller class. These three abilities would be extraordinary for a new Controller as their playstyle would be centered around team plays. 

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