Imagine that you want to tune out the outside world, block out all the background noise, and immerse yourself in your favorite music. What better method to do this than using headphones? They are always there to keep you entertained, whether you are at home, at work, or on the road. Earphones and headphones are becoming an essential component of daily life. Have you heard about the drummer who presented his headphones business, Hoo Haa Headphones, to the Sharks on Shark Tank, asking for $20 in exchange for 20% ownership? In this article, we will discuss these headphones.

Capital M and His Hoo Haa Headphones

Capital M drummed his way into the Sharks’ thoughts towards the very end of the second episode of season three, and he ended up stealing the show. The proprietor of the headphone company Hoo-Haa, identified only as Capital M, stunned the Sharks on the Australian version of “Shark Tank” by giving 20% of his company for just $20. This means that the company is only worth $100.

In his presentation, he stresses the fact that, as a kid, he dreamed of being a world-renowned drummer. He claims to have shared the stage with Grammy winners including Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Ricky Martin, and others. The sharks are moved by his narrative, and they laugh at how it has nothing to do with his latest headphones.

Problem solved by Capital M headphones

Capital M had to deal with a frustrating issue for a drummer of his caliber. Every time a background track is played, he wants to put on his headphones. When he finally gets to his headphones, though, the cables are often knotted up like spaghetti. This issue required a fix. So Capital M came up with a brilliant concept for his Hoo Haa headphones. These headphones include a button you may push to retract the cord.

How these headphones are different from other latest headphones

You may listen to music without damaging your hearing using these Headphones. They may be worn in many different conditions because of their water resistance. Capital M, a drummer, created these headphones because he got sick of his headphones’ cables getting tangled up. With this innovative technique, you may just press a button to retract the cable.

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These headphones are soft and cozy, perfect for listening to music all winter long. They include a built-in microphone so you can talk on the phone without taking them off. Moreover, you may choose from a rainbow of hues to pick the perfect pair to complement your wardrobe. When it comes to headphones, they are one of the few solutions that stand out for being both novel and practical.

Hoo Haa Headphones are unlike other headphones since they have no wires and can be retracted. They’re compact enough to throw in your suitcase without worrying about losing them. Simple operation: just press the button on the rear and the cable retracts. They won’t become twisted up, making them ideal for drummers and anybody else who despises untangling their headphones.

Have a look at its features

These headphones are designed with their own set of features to improve the listening experience in some way. some of the extraordinary features are listed below.

Not harmful to ears

If you enjoy music but also care about your hearing, a pair of Hoo Haa headphones is a great option. You may use them without worrying about tangled cords during a concert or other event. They also do well in physical training situations. The company’s namesake and CEO, Capital M, became tired of untangling his headphones and decided to create a solution. He built a system that allowed the wire to be retracted at the push of a button. To license its technology to businesses in the relevant sectors, the firm has already obtained patent commissions in the United States and Australia.


The firm sells many models of IP57-rated waterproof headphones. They are water resistant. Waterproof headphones are an alternative for those who wish to listen to music or watch movies in rainy conditions. The headphones are of superb quality. The battery life and audio quality are both commendable.

noise-canceling technology

They have top-notch noise-canceling technology without negatively impacting the clarity of your music. The purpose of noise-canceling headphones is to isolate the listener from their surroundings. A small microphone in each earbud picks up the sounds around you, and an active battery-powered electrical circuit amplifies, inverts, and re-adds the signal to the music signal to “cancel” the ambient noise.

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Internal Microphone System

The Hoo Haa headphones are waterproof and have a built-in microphone so you can listen to your environment without taking your eyes off your phone. Plus, they’re quite comfortable to put on. Having headphones that also function as a microphone makes it possible to multitask between listening to music and taking phone calls.

A cord that Can Be Retracted

The use of these headphones with a retractable cable eliminates the inconvenience of tangled wires so that you can focus on listening to your music. When the headphones’ button is pushed, the cable automatically retracts. You may adjust the length up or down depending on how often you really use it.

The Best Possible Sound

Without any filtering or reverberation, headphones deliver the sound directly into your ears. This implies that you may be able to pick up on details in the music that you would have missed if listening via a pair of loudspeakers.

The latest headphones were suddenly discontinued. They gained notoriety because of their attractive design and high-quality sound. You may always try looking online for a set of HooHaa headphones if you’re interested in purchasing some.

Despite its initial success, this brand has now disappeared. Some people think the items were just pulled off shelves, while others think the firm just shut down. Regardless of the reasons, this product is no longer for sale.

Sadly, this happened since these headphones were well-liked by many owing to their appealing design and superior audio performance. Those who long for the days of this headphone now have a few fashionable and high-performing alternatives to choose from. There are substitutes available for people who long for the return of the hoo-ha headphones.

What’s the deal with the low price of $20?

When Capital M considers licensing his goods, he looks to the “sharks” for assistance since he believes they can do a better job than he can. That’s why he approaches the sharks about going into business with them instead of asking for money. He needs a business partner to help him choose the best course of action for his Hoo Ha Headphones firm. Because of this, he gave away 20% of his business for merely $20. If the sharks are interested in working with Capital M, he is willing to share his intellectual property with them. Since Apple now owns Beats, he feels it would be wise to contact the company.

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However, two sharks quit at the very first minute. Though Naomi is intrigued by Andrew Banks’ participation, she notes that she is also intrigued by his enthusiasm. To make it possible for both of them to participate, Andrew proposes that Capital M sell Hoo Ha Headphones 40% of the company for $40. Ultimately, Capital M is willing to give up 30% of his firm for just $30, or 15% to each of the four investors.

Getting funding from the “Sharks” is not the primary goal of the show. No one was fooled by his story that he just needed $20; he was there to network.

He wanted to work with the right people who could help him sell his product. When it comes to monetizing an idea, Unknown once stated, 70% of a major successful license agreement is significantly better than 100% of an innovation that is lying on your shelf.

Some say he was looking to network to get his goods out there, while others say he was hoping to be hired by a celebrity because of his drumming or audiophile knowledge

Final words

Whether you like hip-hop or bass music, Hoo Haa Headphones will make your music experience better. The headphones made by this company are a great example of how fashion and technology can work together.

The headphones are also waterproof, so you can use them anywhere and everywhere. They are also comfortable and come in many colors to match any outfit. They are also very cheap. They are a good choice if you want a pair of headphones that sound great and don’t cost too much.

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