In recent years, it is possible to encounter many traffic accidents based on different reasons. The development levels of countries are also among the most important indicators of traffic accidents. The causes of traffic accidents arise especially due to the increase in vehicle sales. The panic of novice drivers in traffic accidents is one of the most important factors.

Exceeding the speed limits and driving while drunk are among the most important factors that cause traffic accidents. In some traffic accidents, pedestrians are not given the right of way by the drivers. This situation is also shown among the causes of traffic accidents. Failure to comply with traffic rules and not giving the right of way to the driver also causes traffic accidents. Passengers suddenly appearing in front of vehicles also cause traffic accidents.

 How to prevent traffic accidents?

There are many details that need to be considered in the prevention of traffic accidents. Compliance with traffic rules by both drivers and passengers is an important point in preventing traffic accidents. Also, drivers should avoid any distractions along the way. Wearing seat belts during the journey also reduces the death rate in accidents that may occur. Wearing a seat belt will also prevent injuries. Pedestrians must also do their part in traffic. Pedestrians will be able to be protected from all kinds of accidents thanks to their attention.

Things to know about traffic accidents

There are many factors that cause traffic accidents. Recently, the increase in the number of vehicles causes an increase in traffic accidents. To prevent traffic accidents, some points should be considered. In traffic accidents, various accidents may occur due to vehicle, driver, and road errors. The biggest responsibility in traffic is on the drivers. Distraction of drivers is one of the most important factors that cause accidents. Drivers should be aware of their responsibilities by obeying the traffic rules. In addition, a fault on the highways can lead to traffic accidents. Traffic accidents that occur can cause injuries and deaths as well as material damage. Some behaviours of unconscious drivers can lead to traffic accidents.

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What is the most important cause of traffic accidents?

Today, the most common traffic accident mistakes are usually drunk driving. Especially in big cities, there are many traffic accidents due to the concentrated vehicle traffic. In addition, traffic accidents are increasing due to non-compliance with traffic rules. The important thing is to drive correctly by following the traffic rules. Drivers should never exceed the speed limit. Passing priority should be given to pedestrians by drivers.

All drivers on the road should pay attention to the weather conditions. Especially on snowy days, vehicle equipment should be used correctly. In this way, possible accidents are prevented. Compliance with traffic rules will prevent traffic accidents to a large extent. In addition, regular inspections of vehicles should be carried out. Vehicles that are not inspected regularly may malfunction in traffic and cause various vehicles to crash. Many traffic accidents may occur with the effect of traffic flow. Both drivers and pedestrians must obey the rules. In this way, traffic accidents will also be reduced.

So, can compensation be claimed because of traffic accidents in Western Australia? What process is followed for this?

Motor accidents, which include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, forklift accidents, and pedestrian accidents have significant consequences to all parties involved. If you were injured in a car accident that wasn’t entirely your fault and suffered damages as a result, you should be advised of your legal rights to compensation.

All road users in Western Australia are required by law to have third-party insurance. The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA) is the compulsory third-party insurer for Western Australian drivers and registered vehicles. The ICWA is a statutory corporation and the only insurer that provides compulsory third-party insurance owned by the Western Australian Government. That is the body that acts as the insurer for the at fault driver and would be the same body that compensates you for your car accident-related injury in Western Australia.

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If you have been injured in a car or motor vehicle accident that was not wholly your fault, you can make a claim, regardless of whether you were the:

  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Cyclist
  • Pedestrian

Also, if you were not injured but were financially dependent on the person that was injured from the car accident you can also make a motor vehicle accident claim. If you were at fault but your injuries are considered catastrophic injuries you can claim for treatment, care, and support.

What are your entitlements if you have been involved in a car accident in Western Australia?

  • Medical expenses including travel expenses
  • Household domestic assistance expenses
  • Past and future loss of income/opportunity
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering

Because the compensation is not the same for every claim, the amount you can receive varies. It depends on the severity of your wounds, how much you lost, how much therapy you need, and how much agony and suffering you have had as a result. For this reason, we recommend that you consult with car accident lawyers in Perth to determine accurately what compensation you can claim and how much. In this way, all your losses will be compensated in the most accurate way.

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