Amai Liu was born on February 14, 1990, in Hawaii, United States, and is currently 33 years old as of 2024. Amai has been acting since a young age and has gained popularity for outstanding performances. Her family has supported her career, and she has achieved great success in the entertainment industry. Two thousand twenty-three, she will be 34 years old, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

Who is Amai Liu?

Have you heard of Amai Liu? She’s a famous actress from the United States! You know what’s cool about Amai? She was born in Hawaii, known for its beautiful beaches and fantastic weather. Isn’t that awesome? Amai is a very talented actress who loves entertaining people with her performances.

When she was your age, she was already dreaming of becoming an actress. Guess what? She made her dream come true! She’s been in many movies and TV shows and is adored by many fans. Amai Liu is an excellent example of how dreams can become reality if we work hard and never give up!


NameAmai Liv
Born (Date of Birth)8 February 1990
Age (as 2024)33 Years Old
BirthplaceHawaii, United States
Zodiac SignAquarius

Early Life and Education

Have you ever wondered about Amai Liu’s childhood? She was born in the beautiful state of Hawaii in the United States. Growing up, she loved watching movies and TV shows like you! This passion led her to dream about becoming an actress. Amai took her dream seriously and focused on her studies.

She attended a good school where she learned many things, especially about acting. She also joined theater groups to practice acting. Remember, kids, Amai’s story shows that education and hard work are essential to achieve your dreams. Who knows, you can be a star like Amai one day!

parents and siblings

Want to know more about Amai Liu’s family? Well, Amai is entirely private about her personal life. We know she was born and raised in Hawaii, United States. Her family has always been supportive and encouraging. They saw her talent in acting and helped her pursue her dreams.

She has a close-knit family that always sticks together. Though we don’t know much about her parents or whether she has brothers or sisters, they played a big part in making Amai the successful actress she is today. Kids and family are essential; their support can help us achieve our dreams, just like Amai Liu!

Husband and Boyfriend

Are you curious about Amai Liu’s love life? Just like her family details, Amai also likes to keep her relationships private. That means she only shares a little about her boyfriends or if she is married. Many famous people do this to have some parts of their lives just for themselves. And that’s okay.

Everyone deserves some privacy. But what’s important is that she seems pleased and is doing great in her career. So, kids, remember, respecting people’s privacy is good, just like we respect Amai Liu’s!

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Amai Liu Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

How tall is Amai Liu, or what does she look like? Well, Amai is a pretty lady with a sparkling smile that lights up her face. Her hair is a beautiful shade of black that she likes to keep short.

She has a height is 5 feet 4 inches and a healthy weight is 56kg, perfect for acting roles. And do you know how old she is? Amai Liu was born on February 14, 1990, which makes her 33 years old! Yes, kids, even adults, have ages! Remember, like Amai Liu, everyone is unique in their way, regardless of age, height, or weight.

Amai Liu Career

Let’s talk about Amai Liu’s fantastic career! After years of studying and practicing, Amai started acting in movies and TV shows. She worked hard and gave her best in every role she played. Because of her talent and hard work, people started noticing her.

Soon, she became very popular, and everyone wanted to see her perform. Amai has been in many films and shows and has played different characters, from a brave hero to a funny friend. This shows how versatile she is as an actress. Remember, kids, if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can succeed like Amai Liu!

Amai Liu Before fame

Curious about what Amai Liu was doing before she became a big movie star? As a little girl growing up in Hawaii, Amai Liu loved watching movies and TV shows, just like you! She spent lots of time imagining herself as different characters and practicing acting in the mirror.

She also participated in school plays and other local theater productions to gain experience. It wasn’t always easy, but Amai was determined to follow her dreams. And look at her now, a successful actress! Just remember, kids, every incredible journey begins with a single step!

Amai Liu Social Media Presence

Do your kids love spending time on social media like Facebook or Instagram? Well, our lovely actress Amai Liu does too! She likes to share fun and exciting things about her life and work. Amai Liu has an extensive fan base on her social media platforms.

Also, She posts pictures from her movie sets, fun times with her friends, and even her favorite food! But remember, kids, while social media can be amusing, staying safe and protecting your privacy is essential, just like Amai does. Have you checked out Amai Liu’s social media pages yet?

The Financial Milestones of Amai Liu

Ever wondered how much money Amai Liu makes from acting? Just like a giant treasure chest, Amai has collected lots of coins (dollars!) from her remarkable acting career. But, she didn’t find this treasure overnight, kids. She worked very hard and gave her best in every movie and TV show she did.

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Because she is a famous actress, she gets paid a reasonable amount for her roles. However, Amai likes to keep her earnings a secret, like a hidden treasure. But that’s okay, right? It’s more fun to watch her outstanding performances in movies and shows! And remember, kids, the greatest treasure is doing what you love, just like Amai Liu does with acting!

Amai Liu Achievements and Future Aspirations

Do you want to know about the trophies Amai has won? Well, Amai is a superstar actress! She has won awards for her superb acting. These awards are like gold stars saying, “Great job, Amai!” But do you think she stops after winning a prize? Nope! She dreams even bigger!

Also, She wants to play more exciting characters and make more impressive movies. Maybe she even wants to become a director one day! Who knows? The sky is the limit for Amai. Remember, kids, always aim high, just like Amai ! You can achieve great things, too!

Amai Liu Net Worth and Achievements

Guess what, kids? Our superstar actress, Amai, has some shiny trophies in her cabinet! She’s won awards for her fantastic acting skills. Also, These awards are like a pat on her back, saying, “You’re doing awesome, Amai!” But her biggest treasure isn’t just awards; it’s also the money she’s made from her acting roles.

Also, Now, Her net worth is estimated to $2million. And that’s okay! What’s important is that she loves what she does. So, let’s keep cheering for Amai and look forward to more great roles from her!

Amai Liu Legacy and Impact

Do you know what a legacy is, kids? It’s like a beautiful story Amai is writing with her life! Through her superb acting, she has touched the hearts of many people worldwide. Also, Her characters teach us about friendship, courage, and believing in our dreams.

And her impact? It’s huge! Amai inspires us all to follow our passions and work hard like she does. Also, Every time she steps in front of the camera, she shows us what it means to be a superstar. So, kids, remember, you too can make a significant impact, just like Amai!


  • Reading: Amai loves to read! She often gets lost in magical tales of faraway lands and brave heroes. Reading also helps her learn new words and understand different emotions, which is great for an actress! 
  • Traveling: Amai enjoys exploring new places. From sandy beaches to bustling cities, she loves the thrill of discovery. She often shares photos from her trips on social media!
  • Cooking: Amai has a flair for cooking! She loves trying new recipes and sharing yummy treats with friends and family.
  • Swimming: Being from Hawaii, Amai is a big fan of water sports, especially swimming! It’s a great way to stay fit and have fun.
  • Watching movies: Amai loves watching movies! It’s one of her favorite ways to relax and get inspired for her next roles. Just like Amai, kids, it’s important to have hobbies. They make life more fun and can even help you learn new things!
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Favorite Thing

  • Movies: Amai loves watching movies. It’s not just her job but also her favorite pastime! She enjoys all kinds of movies, from comedies to adventure films.
  • Reading: Books are Amai’s best friends! She loves to read, especially stories about brave characters and magical lands.
  • Traveling: Visiting new places is another favorite thing of Amai. She enjoys the adventure and discovering different cultures.
  • Cooking: Amai also loves to cook! She enjoys trying out new recipes and treating her friends to delicious meals.
  • Swimming: Being from Hawaii, Amai has a special love for the sea and enjoys swimming. It’s a fun way for her to relax and stay fit. Just like Amai, kids, you too can have your favorite things. They make our lives more exciting and fun!

Interesting Facts About Amai Liu 

  • Birthday Buddy: Amai was born on Valentine’s Day. That’s February 14! Isn’t it cool to share a birthday with such a love-filled holiday?
  • Bookworm: Amai loves to read! She often dives into exciting books and stories when she’s not acting. 
  • Traveler: Amai enjoys exploring new places. She’s traveled to many parts of the world!
  • Foodie: Did you know Amai loves cooking? She often tries out new recipes and enjoys delicious food. 
  • Hawaii Love: Amai was born and raised in Hawaii. She loves the beach and swimming in the sea. Just like Amai, kids, you too can have your interesting facts. Isn’t that exciting?


How old is Amai Liu?

She was born on February 14, 1990, which makes her 33 years old as of 2024.

Where is she from?

She’s from Hawaii, United States.

What does she do?

Amai is a talented actress who acts in movies and TV shows.

Is she on social media?

Yes, she is! She shares lots of fun stuff about her life and work there. Remember, kids, learning new things about our favorite stars is always fun, just like Amai!


So, kids, wasn’t learning about Amai fun? She’s a super actress with big dreams who started just like you. Remember, if Amai can do it, so can you! Whether it’s acting, singing, or anything else, believe in yourself and never give up.

Also, Just like Amai , your dreams can come true, too! So, keep watching Amai’s incredible movies, and maybe one day, we’ll be writing about you. Now, how exciting would that be? Always remember, every big star was once a little kid with a dream. So, keep dreaming and keep shining, just like Amai!

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