Tasha Lustn is a talented British beauty who has captivated audiences with her stunning looks and charming personality since 2021. Born on 1 January 2003 in London, At this time her  Tasha has quickly risen to fame in the glamour industry. With numerous photoshoots and commercials under her belt, this rising star has already achieved so much at such a young age. Want to know more about her family, net worth, and height?

Who is Tasha Lustn?

Ready to meet a superstar in the making? Say hello to Tasha Lustn! She’s a British model and actress who’s making big waves in the glamour world. With her talent, she lights up every photoshoot and commercial. Not just that, she’s also an animal lover, a cupcake baker, and a soccer player.

And guess what? She’s still a teenager! But don’t let her age fool you – Tasha is full of dreams and isn’t afraid to chase them. Can you believe that? A superstar, a dreamer, and a kid like you – that’s Tasha Lustn for you!


NameTasha Lustn
ProfessionActor and Model
Born (Date of Birth)1 January 2003
Age21 Years ols as of 2024
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom

Early Life and Education

Guess what? Tasha Lustn was once a little girl just like you! Born in London, she loved playing pretend and making cupcakes. She was a very bright kid who loved to learn. At school, her favorite subject was English.

She enjoyed reading stories and writing her own, too! Do you know she even won a spelling bee in third grade? Awesome, right? As she grew older, she developed a love for theater and joined her school’s drama club. This is where her passion for acting began! Can you believe that? Remember, we all start somewhere, just like Tasha!

parents and siblings

Tasha Lustn has a very loving and supportive family. She was born to her mom and dad, who live in London, United Kingdom. Her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams, even when they were as big as being a superstar! Isn’t that awesome? Tasha also has an older brother, who she says is her best friend.

They often play Soccer together and love having fun! Her brother also helps her practice lines for her acting roles. Isn’t it great to have a family that supports you? Just like Tasha, we should all appreciate our families!

Tasha Lustn Husband and Boyfriend

Curious about Tasha Lustn’s love life? As of now, Tasha is not married and does not have a boyfriend either. She’s focusing all her energy on her exciting career.

Remember, she has big dreams to be a superstar one day. But just like us, she enjoys spending time with her friends and her cute pet parrot, Pippy. Being a star is hard work, but Tasha is ready for it. So, while Tasha might not have a husband or boyfriend right now, she’s surrounded by love and support from her friends, family, and fans like you!

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Tasha Lustn Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Are you wondering about Tasha Lustn’s age, height, and how she looks? Well, let’s find out! Born on 1 January 2003, At this time her age is 21 years old as of 2024. Her weight is 54kg and body measurement is 36-23-34.

As for her height, Tasha is as tall as a sunflower, standing at 5’7″. Isn’t that cool? Tasha has lovely long hair that’s as shiny as the sun. It’s usually in waves that cascade down her shoulders, just like a waterfal6! She has beautiful blue eyes, which sparkle like the sea. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; in Tasha’s case, they’re genuinely enchanting.

Tasha Lustn Career

Ever wonder what Tasha Lustn does for a living? She’s a model and actress! Yes, you heard that right. Tasha began her career in the glitzy world of glamour in 2021. She has posed for many photoshoots and sparkled in commercials. She was also in a play based on the movie “Frozen.”

Did you know she even won an award for it? Super cool, right? And guess what? She dreams of becoming a big movie star one day. With her talent and hard work, we have no doubt she’ll reach for the stars!

Tasha Lustn Before fame

Before Tasha Lustn became a famous model and actress, she was a regular girl from London who loved baking cupcakes and playing Soccer. Even as a little girl, she had big dreams. She wanted to be a zookeeper and take care of all the animals! She also loved watching movies and playing pretend.

Tasha Lustn would often act out scenes from her favorite movie “Frozen.” Tasha was always full of life and energy. She loved making her friends and family laugh with funny jokes and cute antics. Who knew this fun-loving, cupcake-baking, soccer-playing girl would one day be a superstar? But remember, every star starts somewhere, just like Tasha!

Tasha Lustn Social Media Presence

Do you want to see more of Tasha Lustn? Guess what? You can! Tasha is very active on social media. You can find her on Instagram, where she shares fantastic photos from her photoshoots and adventures. Plus, she often posts fun stories of her baking yummy cupcakes!

Also, You can also find Tasha on Twitter, where she tweets about her favorite movies and books. But that’s not all; she even shares cute snaps of her pet parrot, Pippy! Isn’t it amazing to see what Tasha is up to? Remember to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her exciting life!

Tasha Lustn Acting Endeavors:

Can you picture our lovely Tasha Lustn on a movie set? You bet! Tasha stepped into the world of acting in 2021, and boy, she’s a natural! She has starred in several commercials, making our screens shine with her bubbly personality. Remember the play based on the movie “Frozen”?

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Tasha was in it, and guess what? She won an award for her brilliant performance! That’s our superstar! But Tasha’s dreams don’t stop there. She wants to be a big movie star one day. With her fantastic talent and her passion for her roles, we know she will dazzle us in more ways than one!

Tasha Lustn Future Prospects:

What’s next for Tasha Lustn? Well, she has some fantastic plans! Can you imagine her in more movies? Because she indeed can! Tasha dreams of being a big movie star, and with her talent, we know she’ll make it. She’s also planning to start a baking show for kids. How cool is that?

Also, We might learn how to make her special cupcakes! Tasha also wants to do more for animals. She’s thinking of starting an animal rescue project. Wow, that’s a lot, right? But knowing Tasha, she’s ready for the challenge. We can’t wait to see what Tasha Lustn will do next!

Tasha Lustn Net Worth and Achievements

Did you know Tasha Lustn is super successful at a young age? Not only is she an excellent model and actress, but she’s also earned a nice chunk of change! She’s said to have a net worth of around $500,000. That’s a lot of cupcakes and soccer balls! And remember her favorite movie, “Frozen”?

Also, She won an award for acting in a play based on it! That’s right, Tasha got the ‘Best Young Actress’ award. She’s also been on the cover of famous fashion magazines! Can you imagine being on a magazine cover? That’s Tasha for you – always surprising and unique!

Tasha Lustn Legacy and Impact

Did you know Tasha Lustn is a role model to many young kids like you? That’s right! Her hard work and passion for what she does inspire people worldwide. Just imagine a girl from London, now an actress and model; amazing, isn’t it? She’s showing everyone that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself.

Also, More than that, Tasha uses her fame to help others. She often talks about the importance of kindness and respect. She even inspires others to love nature and animals like she does. This is Tasha Lustn’s impact, and it’s truly remarkable!


  • Baking: Tasha loves making yummy treats in her kitchen. Cupcakes are her specialty!
  • Playing Soccer: When she’s not baking, you can find Tasha playing her favorite sport – Soccer!
  • Adventuring: Tasha is not one to sit still. She loves seeking thrill and adventure, with skydiving being her top choice.
  • Reading: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” tops the list of her favorite books. Tasha enjoys getting lost in magical worlds!
  • Spending Time with Animals: Tasha adores animals. She even dreamed of being a zookeeper when she was a little girl. She loves spending time with her pet parrot, Pippy!
  • Hiking and Camping: Tasha loves the great outdoors. She often goes hiking and camping to enjoy nature and relax. Isn’t it amazing to see how Tasha fills her free time?
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Favorite Thing

  • Movie: Tasha is a big fan of animated movies, with “Frozen” being her absolute favorite.
  • Food: She loves trying different cuisines, but Italian food is her go-to. Her favorite dish is spaghetti carbonara.
  • Color: Red is Tasha’s favorite color. She says it’s the color of passion and love.
  • Animal: Tasha adores all animals but has a particular spot in her heart for pandas. They’re her favorite animals.
  • “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is her all-time favorite book.
  • Sport: While she enjoys staying active, Soccer is her favorite sport to play and watch.
  • City: Paris, the city of love, is Tasha’s favorite place to visit. She loves the food, fashion, and culture of Paris. Isn’t it fun to know what Tasha likes the most?

Interesting Facts About Tasha Lustn 

  • Also, Despite her busy schedule, Tasha loves to bake on her days off. Cupcakes are her specialty!
  • Tasha is more than just a pretty face. She’s brilliant, too. She can speak three languages: English, French, and Spanish. – As a little girl, she wanted to be a zookeeper.
  • Also, Tasha has a pet parrot named Pippy. She often shares cute pictures of Pippy on her social media pages.
  • Tasha is an adventure seeker. She has gone skydiving twice and plans to do it again. Tasha has a sweet tooth; her favorite candy is gummy bears.
  • Also, Tasha loves nature and enjoys hiking and camping on weekends. She says it helps her relax and rejuvenate. Now, isn’t that interesting? Tasha is undoubte


Curious about Tasha Lustn?

Here are some fun facts that might answer your questions!

Is Tasha’s favorite color red?

Yes, it is! Where is Tasha from? She was born in the big city of London in the United Kingdom.

How old is she?

Born on 1 January 2003, At this time her age is 21 years old as of 2024.

What does she do?

Tasha is a talented actress and model.

Is she active on social media?

Definitely! You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Who is her favorite superhero?

Tasha loves Wonder Woman. Keep exploring, and you might find more exciting stuff about Tasha!


Well, kids, that’s the exciting story of Tasha! From her early years in London to her dazzling career as a model and actress, she has undoubtedly shown us how dreams can come true. Also, It’s inspiring to see someone as young as Tasha achieve so much.

Also, She reminds us that with hard work and a never-give-up attitude, we can reach for the stars, too. So, remember that everyone starts somewhere the next time you watch her on TV or see her photos. Who knows, you might be the next big star! Always believe in yourself, just like Tasha.

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