The tips for planning an outfit and looking your best are simple wear well-tailored clothes, your clothes should be creaseless and all the pieces of your outfit should be coordinated. When it comes to trousers they carry a key role in looking expensive and put together. There are various types of cuts and styles in men’s trousers each for different events and occasions. No matter how much you love your tried and tested slim-fit black jeans, you would also like to experiment with different kinds of bottoms. Here are four types of trousers for men you should try this fall.

Chino Pants

They are the most classy type of casual trousers that you can pair up with a tee and a dress shirt. Their slim-fit cut and tailoring make them a go-to for all the people who needs something to wear at the office to look casual as well as polished. Chinos are mostly made of heavy-weight cotton or polyester but you can also go for corduroy ones for a more formal look. You can pair them with a sweatshirt and a denim jacket and sneakers for a street casual look.

Cotton Trouser For Men

When we think of casual trousers for men one fabric that is an absolute go-to for comfort and style is cotton. If you’re looking for a relaxed and street-chic look then cotton trousers are the ultimate go-to. You can style them with a sweatshirt or a hoodie and a jumper for casual look. They are also the perfect choice for a grocery run or a casual day out. You can style them with flannels or trucker jacket. Also, make sure you’re going with neutral colors as bright colors don’t look flattering.

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Formal Pants For Men

The key to a good suit is the right fabric, outclass tailoring and the pants. The shape of your trouser can make or break your look when it comes to suits. As a lousy fitted one can make you look extremely unflattering. The shape of your formal pants highly depends upon the type of cut and style you’re going for. If your going for a slim fit one then go for slim fit pants, if you’re going for the classic then go for full-length pants. Also make sure the fabric and color of your shirt, blazer and pant are coordinated.

Cargo Pants

This trend has been around for a while and is most popular among street style. Cargo pants were inspired from military uniform but later they made their way to casual fashion. Unlike the type cargo pants we were used to seeing in the early 20sn with the baggy fitting and thousands of pockets. Nowadays they are more fitted, with only two additional pockets and neutral colors such as khaki and black. We are also seeing a major trend of cropped trouser these days among men’s fashion.

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