Did you know that more than 36% of B2B decision-makers are using Instagram when seeking inspiration for new services and products?

With an audience of more than 1.16 billion, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms and a direct source of effective online marketing. Social media platforms have turned out to be anything but places to socialize. With a lot of people online more than ever, thanks to reliable internet services like Cox Communication Internet, brands are going gaga over the massive audience reach and marketers are overblown by the upgrading marketing techniques. But if we talk about Instagram then 90% of users are following at least one business, which makes the place heaven for brands and marketers. 

If you have been an Instagram user and are now willing to introduce your brand to the online audience, then you have a lot to learn. Since there are a lot of brands online, there is competition going on between marketers of different brands. If you own a small brand with alimited marketing budget, you need to generate organic traffic to your Instagram business account. For this, you need to optimize your Instagram page. 

 First Set Up a Business Account

A Lot of small business marketers focus on creating compelling content regularly to gain followers. While this is one way to gain more audience attention it is not the only thing to focus on when optimizing your IG business account. 

To optimize your Instagram Business Account, you need to have a Business account. Most of the new Instagram users cannot identify the difference between a personal and professional account.If you aim to reach an audience from your personal account, then you might be heading in the wrong direction. 

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For optimizing your business on Instagram, you either need to create a business account from scratch or switch to a professional account from your personal Instagram account. 

Compared to a Personal account, the Instagram Business account offers a lot more relevant features that will help in promoting your brand. For instance, the call to action buttons are one of the most useful Instagram business features that help customers in directly connecting with the brands. 

Define Goals

Like we said in the beginning, social media platforms are more than just places to chit chat and socialize. All the social media platforms are now tools for businesses and marketers. However, it is up to you how to effectively use each social media app to promote your business and build your audience. 

For Instagram marketing, you need to set your focus points. You need to identify whether you are making an effort to create an online presence for your brand or to generate new leads. You can also invest your money and time into establishing your brand as an industry leader or selling your services and products through the app. 

You might even want to achieve all that is stated above but for different or combined outcomes you need to create a compelling Instagram strategy. 

Create Highlight

Most digital businesses think of stories or story highlight features as an informal tool. Many brands on Instagram use these tools to interact with their customers and audience. While it is a good way to interact, it is an effective tool to promote new offers, discounts, and much more.

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 Conclusion: Stay Consistent for More Reach

Instagram marketing does not require many bucks, but it requires consistency. Do not let anything hold back your reach. For more audiences, try coming with new and fresh content.

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