It’s your near and dear ones wedding and definitely it is not the time to keep calm. With wedding season just around the corner, women are prepped up to dig through their jewelry closet to find their perfect pieces. However, there are some important things that a wedding guest should pay attention to while choosing jewelry to compliment their outfit. 

Given below are some jewelry etiquettes that every women must follow to avoid mishaps when attending weddings. 

1. Say No to Statement Jewelry:

The very first rule to selecting wedding guests jewelry is to strictly avoid statement pieces. Remember it is the ocassion and a special event dedicated for couple being married. So they should grab  the all limelight, and not guests. Therefore, as a guest you must pick the jewlery pieces that are simpler and don’t grab too much attention. Wear elegant pieces, but ensure not to overdo it, rest leave the heavy statement pieces for the bride to shine out. 

2. Don’T Overdo It:

As stated above, overdoing is not advisable for wedding guests. Unnecessarily wearing too many pieces will make you look tacky. It will lower your impact and will mean like you are trying to outclass someone. You can look appealing even if you maintain a low profile. The lesser the better so try not get caught into nasty idea of stacking too many neckpieces, bracelets or rings. Want to shine your ring at wedding? Hop over to this website for buying gold rings in subtle, modernistic awe-inspiring designs. 

3. Pearls Always Make A Good Choice:

Wedding are the events that demand for a more refined look. And when it comes to sophistication nothing can beat the finesse of pearl jewelry. Pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets – everything makes a so much sense that beyond to be expressed in words. Whether the wedding event is big or small, you can opt for pearl pieces to compliment your attire. Furthermore, pearls are something that can amp up any outfit making them the safe bets.

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Jewelry recommendations for a wedding guest  

  • Avoid flashy pieces and stick to simpler ones such as a gold pendant necklace,  diamond stud earrings, or drop earrings.
  • A pave diamond ring is perfectly dainty and mangnificent piece that probably won’t outshine the bride’s ring.
  • A soft chain anklet bracelet in rose gold with graduated round diamonds is in vogue right now.
  • Chain link necklace has simple, sleek profile and is pretty much suitable for any outfit. 
  • Diamond studded hoops are perfect for formal as well as informal wedding dress code. 
  • Huggie drop earrings are always good idea for a subtle classic look. 


Explore this website to purchase gold rings, necklaces, earrings and other minimalist jewelry pieces in accordance with wedding guest jewelry etiquettes. Shine out but don’t compete with bride. Celebrate event by wearing appropriate jewelry. Follow dress code, feel comfortable, and just go for it to spread sparkle. 

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