From simple startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies, what is common among them is the need for robust and effective marketing strategy. According to Forbes, without a robust and effective marketing strategy, small and large businesses alike can’t be successful in promoting their products and services. And if people can’t discover and access your products or services, your business will likely collapse in the long run.

Whether your objective is to foster your brand’s visibility or drive sales, a text messaging service can be the solution you’re looking for. Business text alerts text messages you send to your clients, workers, or even suppliers. You can send text alerts in bulk to hundreds if not thousands of your contacts simultaneously.

So, why should you send text alerts to your clients? Here are a few reasons:

1. Facilitates Speedy and Direct Communication

Among the available marketing tools, the text alert service is the quickest and most direct. If your text alert messaging tool allows for an opt-in subscriber service, then all clients who’ve opted-in will be inclined to get regular updates from your company.

Whether you intend to reach clients, workers, or suppliers, text alerts provide speedy solutions in this regard. You can send and deliver text alerts to your intended recipient almost instantly, allowing you to communicate with clients and prospects in real-time. Text alerts are suitable for sharing time-sensitive data, including emergency alerts (such as travel warnings), payment reminders, and PIN code notifications.

2. Precision

Text alerts allow you to laser target a certain group of clients and prospects of interest to you with different marketing messages. You can boost your company’s sales and visibility by drafting, sending, and delivering an appropriate text message to the right audience. Besides that, you will significantly enhance communication with your customers and prospects.

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3. Reliable

Contrary to email marketing which is critically fighting against spamming and various junk email filters, text messaging is safe and reliable. Mobile devices don’t come with a spam box, so after you hit the send button, you’re guaranteed that your text alert has arrived safely.

Even in cases where the recipient’s mobile device is off or out of signal range, recipients will receive your text alerts within 48 hours after you send them. Such reliability explains why you should embrace text alerts in your marketing strategy.

4. Text Alerts Offer Excellent Reach

Since SMS delivery is dependent on a cellular connection instead of an internet connection, you can easily send text alerts to clients’ and prospects’ mobile. This is possible even if they’re in a remote locality without internet connectivity. Consider a scenario whereby your office internet connectivity goes down, and you have a message you must deliver to an off-site co-worker urgently. In such a scenario, a text alert would be the right communication channel.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that presently there are still about 1.08 billion individuals globally that use basic cell phones. More often than not, text messaging is the only form of messaging on such devices, giving you a reason to start using text alerts to reach your clients and prospects.

Furthermore, research indicates that clients are far more inclined to engage with SMS marketing campaigns sent through business text alerts than with other channels. A 2010 study demonstrated that more than 90% of text messages are read by recipients within 3 minutes, 12% for Facebook posts, 22% for email, and 29% for tweets. Moreover, over 75% of clients have noted that they would prefer offers to be sent to them through text messages. These reasons are sufficient for you to start using or optimizing text alert marketing campaigns for your company.

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5. Text Alerts are Trackable

You can easily track text messages using the delivery reports after sending text alerts to customers. Therefore, using these reports, you can review the efficiency and success of your text alerts campaign. That way, you can determine the most effective marketing strategy and tool that works for your company.

Wrap Up

An effective marketing technique is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. Consequently, your company needs to devise a successful marketing strategy to compete for its market share effectively. Text messaging is one of your company’s best solutions to reach its target audience and increase visibility and sales effectively.

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