If you are somebody who usually finds its place in the AV videos, then you already know who Alina Lopez is and maybe you’re a big fan of her. Even if that’s the case, there are probably some things that you don’t know about her or couldn’t find on the internet. But since we know how much you adore Alina Lopez, we’ve dug deep into the trenches of information, to find some amazing facts about her that nobody else will tell you. We have all the right information that you just cannot miss about her. So, without any further ado, let’s get going! 

Alina Lopez Biography: The unknown details about her bio

Alina Lopez biography starts on September 6, 1995 in Seattle, Washington, USA where she was born. However, some resources say that she was born in Los Angeles, so we’re not quite clear on this fact. Moving on, her zodiac sign is Virgo and she is a devote Christian herself (so now you people know that even in the AV industry, people follow the faith and their job has nothing to do with their belief). 

Currently, she is 168 cms or 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 52 kilograms or 115 lbs only. Her body measurements are 31-24-31 inches with a waist measurement of 24 inches and a hip measurement of only 31 inches. Her hair colour is dark brown and her eyes are hazel colour. Her father, mother and siblings’ names are still unknown and Alina keeps per family life private. Maybe because of the industry she works in. As per our research, Alina Lopez is single and has never been in a relationship, a relief and good news for guys! 

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Who was Alina Lopez before she started working in the AV industry?

Before making her grand entry into the AV industry, Alina used to endure stringent rules and regulations since she belonged to a very strict Mormon family that were devote followers of the faith. Being in a conservative family, she didn’t quite have what we would say the required knowledge of intimacy nor was she allowed to indulge in any such acts. In fact, she wasn’t even allowed to have a boyfriend! Unbelievable, right! 

Moving on, so Alina was the 5th out of the seven kids her parents birthed and let’s just say too much sport kills the fun. There were too many mouths to feed and their parents could barely make ends meet, which is also why they moved a lot. During her early years, she moved to Mesa, Arizona at the age of 5 and lived there until 2009. Moreover, Alina’s parents aren’t together anymore and after their divorce, she moved with her mother to St. George. It is where she started her career as a model and then entered the AV industry. 

What awards have Alina Lopez won?

Alina Lopez has been serenading people with her beauty and gorgeous look. As an AV actress, she has gained quite a fan following for her bold looks, straightforward personality, fabulous eyes and melting smile. With her perfect figure and bold attitude, she has made quite some noise in the AV industry and several famous actors want to work with her, which obviously is quite understandable given her killing looks. As for the awards she’s won during her career include: 

  • The AVN Awards for Hottest Debutant in 2019 (Fan voted)
  • The Spank Bank Technical Awards for Longest and Most Agile Tongue in 2019
  • The XBIZ Award for Best Actress in a Taboo Movie in 2020
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On screen, she is known for their gorgeous personality and the way she carries herself. As an AV actress, she is known to perform some of the most stimulating tasks in a movie and has won herself several accolades for the same. However, she loves acting in the AV industry and wants to establish a career in the same field and of course the pay never hurts. 

Where did she go to school?

In the Alina Lopez Bio, one thing we struggled to find out about her was her educational qualification. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t find out where she went for school or college or if she graduated high school or not. But with her bold attitude and killing personality, we are very sure she must have had an amazing time in school and would have had several boys crushing on her. 

However, to her fans’ disappointment, we couldn’t really find out anything about her educational background. 

What is her favourite food?

While people might have seen her taking a lot of things into her mouth, Alina Lopez bio states that she loves pizza, or let’s just say she is a die heart fan of pizza. She loves everything with cheese and can literally have pizza anytime of the day. As for the pizza lovers out there, this is probably some very exciting news. 

Who is a favourite animal?

She loves dogs since her childhood. She believes that a dog is the most loyal friend to a human and in future she can have a room full of dogs at her place. It is said that she has had pets during her childhood, but due to her limited resources, we cannot confirm or deny it. 

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What is her favourite pastime?

Glad you asked. Alina Lopez biography states that she loves playing video games. Well, given her aggressive nature, we can say that she is one-heck of a video game player. She has been playing video games since a long time and she absolutely can spend the entire day playing video games on her Xbox. Since she doesn’t have a boyfriend or any partner of sorts, we can understand her adoration for video games.


So, these are some facts about Alina Lopez. And before you ask, no she is not married and neither is looking for a marriage right now. 

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