Of course, it would be incredibly problematic if you were to suffer from a pest infestation in your home. Pests would not just destroy your home, weaken its foundation, eat away your furniture, create holes in the walls, but also deplete your food stock and spread disease. Generally, it is recommended that people should hire professional pest control services to deal with such a menace because professionals understand that there are multiple types of pests and each requires a different approach to neutralize them effectively.

However, there are certain home based remedies as well that you can try to apply to safeguard your home from any infestation in the first place. These strategies would ensure that pests are kept at bay from the beginning.

Did you ever stop and think about how farmers and households in ancient times used to combat pests from infesting their crop fields or homes? People used to use simpler techniques much before the use of chemical pesticides became common. Simple home based remedies were then put to use to kill pests. In this small article, you would learn about some such natural and inexpensive tactics to keep your home free from pests. 

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1. Use of Neem leaves

In India, people have a lot of reverence for the Neem tree. The oil from the bark and leaves of Neem trees have been used for various purposes through many centuries. In fact, the neem oil would also work as an efficient pest repellent. It would be quite effective in stopping infestation on your potted plants. Neem juice is also extremely effective. It is a completely natural insect repellent and contains the presence of over 25 naturally occurring insecticides inside it. You would be able to make a natural spray to use as pesticide by using some neem leaves yourself. All you will need is just a table spoon of neem oil and mix it with some liquid soap and then dissolve the mixture in two cups of lukewarm water. Finally, put this mixture in a little spray bottle and use it on your potted plants and as a phenyl to clean your kitchen. This will help prevent different types of infestations in the initial stages and keep ants and cockroaches away. You can call for a pest inspection in Delhi to see what more can be done if the pests do not go away. 

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2. Salt Spray

If you want to stop spider mites from infesting your home, then use a salt spray. All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of salt into a liter of warm water and you have your salt spray ready.  

3. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is effective in killing ants and destroying their eggs. All you have to do is mix about 30 ml oil with a liter of water and then keep the mixture in a spray bottle. This mixture would kill insects by dehydrating them.

4. Orange Citrus Oil

Orange citrus oil can be quite effective against cockroaches, ants and fleas. You should mix 3-4 tablespoons liquid soap with a table spoon of orange oil, then add about a liter of water to make the pesticide. In case, the problems of fleas persist, then you can call professionals for help by searching for flea exterminator in Delhi on the internet.

5. Onion and Garlic Spray

This mixture will have a strong pungent smell that will drive pests out. You need to cut a garlic clove and one onion and then add a cup of water. Keep this mixture still for about an hour before adding some black pepper and hint of liquid soap. Mix all of these contents and use it to keep spiders, bees, ants, flies and mosquitoes away from your home. Of course, you will need professional help if the pest infestation is massive, and for that you need to search for Pest Control in Noida West on the internet to get recommendations of great service providers. 

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6. Tobacco Spray

You can kill a number of pests by using tobacco spray. In fact, this spray is extremely efficient against mice and rats as well as insects. All you need to do is boil a cup of tobacco in a liter of water and allow the mixture to settle for 12 hours. After 24 hours, you will see the mixture taking on a lighter brown shade. Keep this mixture stored inside the fridge for about a week and use it as a disinfectant on your plants and furniture.


Pest infestation can be dealt with simple home remedies if you were to begin early. You can use the techniques mentioned in this article for this purpose. However for more intensive infestation, you need to hire professional exterminators. Hopefully, the information in this article will be useful to you.

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