Applying for a home loan and having it sanctioned by your borrower institution might be tricky. 

There are several formalities that the borrower needs to complete, along with submitting several documents. You also need to fill up different forms to have your loan sanctioned easily. 

However, before you apply for a home loan, you should check your eligibility and go through the terms and policies of the borrower institution. 

Checking your home loan eligibility would help you decide whether you qualify for the given criteria and, therefore, ensure a faster loan sanction process. 

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Documents you need to submit while Applying for a Home Loan

Property Documents

If you want to apply for a home loan, you need to have adequate proof of the property for which you need the amount. These documents can include an occupancy certificate or a possession certificate. 

Additionally, you can also provide a NOC from your home builder. 

Suppose your property is under construction and you have not received a completion certificate or an occupancy certificate. In that case, you can also provide a bank account statement of the payment made to the builder or the property owner. 

Thus, it is not mandatory to provide your property registration documents. Remember, you should have sufficient proof that you are obtaining the property through the amount you would borrow. 

Identity proof

Identity proof is a statement issued by the Government stating your name, age, and address proof. An Aadhar card, driving license, passport, or PAN card might suffice as identity proof. 

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However, you should check the requirements of your identity proof as some financial institutions need your address with your identity proof. 

In such cases, your pan card might not suffice as your identity proof as it does not contain the person’s address. It is always better to provide your Aadhar card details as it is universally accepted across all institutions in India.

Address proof

You also need to provide address proof apart from your identity proof. Some financial institutions tend to ask for these separately. 

However, documents required for home loan like your passport and Aadhar card suffice both as identity proof and address proof. You can also use your electricity bill, water tax bill, or telephone bill as an address proof as they have your address written with your name on them. 

Income proof

You also need to provide copies of your business, like an income statement, to the financial institution from which you borrow the money. 

An income statement is one of the most important documents required for a loan sanction because it helps the financial institution gauge your financial abilities. 

Thus, your income statement exhibits your ability to repay the loan within the prescribed time. 


There are several things you should keep in mind while applying for a home loan. While on the one hand, you should carefully submit all the documents required, you should also be careful about filling up the form. 

Remember, loans are sanctioned faster if you submit all the documents and fill-up the form without any mistake. Failing to do so might delay your loan sanction process. 

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