Severe care settings are categorized by patients with serious health issues who are more likely to be seriously ill during their hospital stay. However, warning signs sometimes precede serious situations; there is consistent evidence that ‘at risk’ patients are not always managed or identified appropriately. 

‘Failure to rescue,’ with rescue being the capacity to recognize fading patients and to intervene properly, is related to bad clinical reasoning skills. Such factors offered the impetus for the growth of an educational model that has the possibility to advance nursing students’ skills and subsequently their capacity to handle ‘at risk’ patients. 

Clinical reasoning is the procedure by which nurses collect signs, process the information, understand the patient’s problem, plan and implement interventions, evaluate results, and reflect on and learn from the procedure. Effective reasoning is based upon the nurse’s ability to find the right signs and to take the right action at the right time for the right reason.

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What is a Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle can be explained as a procedure of gathering information, indications and search for the solution to the problem that the patient is experiencing. Nurses and other medical specialists gather this information. 

As per the outcome of data, the medical specialists and nurses would go carefully through the whole procedure, plan, speculate and decide other treatment options as per the result of the data. The whole procedure of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle is based on the ‘dispositio.’. The result of this procedure purely depends on the factors influencing it like philosophical factors, psychological factors, a person’s own understanding and attitude towards things, and so on.

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This is the most significant thing that is to be focused on by nurses and medical specialists as with the aid of these records; it becomes easier for them to treat patients accordingly. Treatment of the patient becomes much more operative as the nurses hold all kinds of records related to the patient with the help of the clinical reasoning cycle.

What are the Steps Involved in a Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

Generally, a clinical reasoning cycle containsnine9 steps that are inter-related to each other: –

  • Considering Patient Situation

In the initial step, nurses are needed to explain the patient’s details, which would involve facts and various situations or contexts of the patient. For example, a 45-year-old patient is in ICU as he had undergone a bypass surgery two days prior. Nursing experts are required to keep this situation as articulate as possible.

  • Collecting Cues

In this step, nurses have to review data like the history of the patients, the reports, any formerly undertaken nursing assessments, and much more such information about the patient. Then, new data has to be collected, and finally, nursing knowledge and terminologies have to be recalled like epidemiology, therapeutics, etc.

  • Processing Information

While processing the data, nurses from best education programs have to discriminate, infer, interpret, relate, match situations, and predict a result. According to nursing assignment help experts, this step is the complicated one as it includes numerous aspects.

  • Identifying the Problem

Creating facts and then referencing to make a decisive diagnosis of the patient’s problem is what a nurse’s job is here. When the problem is properly identified, only then it would be diagnosed appropriately. 

  • Establishing Goals
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In this step of the clinical reasoning cycle, nurses must explain what aim they want to achieve within a specific time frame. When the aim is clear, they can work for it and make it happen. 

  • Taking Appropriate Actions

As responsible nurses, they also must take necessary actions that are accessible,e as these actions would assist in bringing desirable results.

  • Evaluating 

The role of a nurse is not just limited to provide requisite nursing care to patients. It also concerns itself with evaluating how effective the actions and results are.

  • Reflecting Upon the Process

The final step involved in the clinical reasoning cycle is to reflect upon what you have gained from this. It also includes discussing the things that you could have learned if you would do things differently. 

The steps mentioned in this cycle assist in evaluating, analyzing, getting a detailed study of the symptoms, examining the after-effects of the treatment, and assessing the treatment itself.

What are the Clinical Reasoning Benefits

For medical students and clinicians to manage complicated medical situations effectively and successfully, a deep understanding of the clinical reasoning procedure is a must. Clinical reasoning is mostly considered an essential aspect of a clinician’s skill set because it has the strength to determine the result of patient care.

The benefits of having sound clinical reasoning involve making immediate life-saving treatment plans, making a timely diagnosis, improving the patient’s health condition, and avoiding unnecessary investigations, which reduces the expense for the patient. 

All of the education and training as a nurse, a doctor, or as a healthcare expert ultimately leads to your capacity to practice clinical reasoning effectively. Any lapse or mistake in judgment can lead to possible harm and even death to the patient.

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The nurses can perform necessary actions themselves in the absence of doctors if they have an in-depth understanding of clinical reasoning. It is seen that the nurses equipped with clinical reasoning in all the ways perform better. 


Clinical reasoning refers to how well a nurse or clinician uses his clinical knowledge, understanding of the local culture, and medical beliefs to make an appropriate assessment of a patient’s condition and begin the best course of action. Clinical reasoning is a learned skill that should be added to clinical education and improved with further experience and training. What makes a good nurse or clinician is not just their fund of knowledge but how well they can use it.Several factors impact the delivery of patient care in the growing and changing industry. Nurses must follow scientific guidelines to perform in ways constant with standards, regulations, and requirements. Utilizing critical thinking as the base, nurses can focus on clinical events scientifically and objectively by using clinical reasoning procedures.

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