What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a component through which the company will promote its buying & selling of products and services. In simple words, marketing refers to the activities that define their strategies to promote buying & selling of products in the company. Marketing is diversified and that’s why, while studying marketing courses, students face difficulties in doing their homework.

What Are the Different Marketing Concepts? 

There are different marketing concepts that students will study while pursuing marketing courses such as:

  • Production concept- Production concept states the implementation of the product according to the market needs. Marketers spend a lot of time in research to find out the customers’ needs, to execute the production accordingly.
  • Product concept- In product concept. A student will study how marketers play a significant role in enabling modifications in the product in addition to fulfill marketing requirements.
  • Selling concept- After producing the product now it’s time to sell the product in the market. Therefore, students will study how strategies are required to sell the product. They will also study different types of selling concepts such as direct selling etc.
  • Marketing concept- marketing concept includes the promotional strategies through which companies will sell their product and services in the market such as advertising, public relations, digital marketing, etc.

What Are the Four P’s of Marketing?

Marketing is based on four P’s and that is 

  • Product- Product is the mandatory component of marketing, in which companies will study the market and make their product accordingly.\
  • Price- Marketers will study the market and analysis the price of that product accordingly. However, several costs will be added to the product such as the amount spent from manufacturing to marketing. Based on all these factors, marketers will set the price.
  • Place- Place is a major component of marketing. Thus markets will study the market and get additional information about the demands of a similar product in the market. By analyzing this, they will decide the place where they will sell the product.
  • Promotion- Promotion is the last step in which marketers will decide the tools to promote their products & services in the market such as advertising, public relations, etc.
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The above-mentioned points are the four P’s of marketing, based on which students will get help in marketing homework.

While studying marketing courses, students will generally learn these concepts through they will be able to do their assignments.

How Students Will Get Additional information on Their Marketing Assignments?

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