With the Wimbledon season well underway, millions of people are trying to get involved. Playing tennis isn’t just for the rich and famous – anyone can play as long as you know the rules and have the equipment.

We will teach you everything you need to know.

Learn The Rules

The rules of tennis are simple. Generally, it comes down to one thing – make the ball land inside the boxes on the other person’s side.

If it lands anywhere else, your opponent earns a point. Otherwise, you earn the point

If your opponent hits the ball and it lands inside your box, you need to hit it back to them, in their box. This stops them from winning the point. If the ball bounces or hits the ground twice before you return the ball, they still win the point.

The idea is to create a “rally” where the ball moves back and forth over the net until someone cannot return the ball, allowing the other to earn a point.

Once you wrap your head around that, you can expand to more detailed rules. For example, you cannot hit the ball twice when it lands in your court. And if the ball lands on the boundary, it’s considered good and can still earn a point.

As a beginner, these are the only rules you need to know.

Buy The Equipment

You can use websites such as racquetsportscenter.com to find reviews on tennis equipment. But, for the first couple of games, you can grab whatever equipment you can – like yard sales or cheap ones at a sports store.

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Once you’re ready to commit to the sport, then you can search for equipment that enhances your play style.

The first thing you’ll need is a racquet. For beginners, you want a large oval racquet, if there is a choice. This is because the large oval shape gives you a big “sweet spot”. The sweet spot “forgives” your swings and helps you stay on target – basically acting like a crutch.

When you become more apt at tennis, you can swap to smaller and longer racquets which offer precision and speed.

Next, you need tennis balls. At the beginning of your hobby, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a ball. There are differences in ball types, but they only show themselves when you play on different courts or want the ball to last for a long time. Cheap and cheerful will work well for a beginner.

Thirdly, you’ll need a court. Search your local area to find a tennis court near you.

Lastly, your outfit matters. Most tennis courts ask for modest dress (often white). You will need moveable fabric which doesn’t absorb sweat. You should also use sports shoes, which won’t damage the court – this often means white soles.

Of course, you cannot forget your bottle of water – remember to stay hydrated!

Encourage A Friend

Tennis is a two-player game, and if you want to get started in the sport you will need a regular buddy to play with.

Encourage a couple of friends to join you in your new hobby so you always have someone to spa with.

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Consider Taking Lessons

Once you have played a couple of sessions, the desire to play more and improve will take over. The best way to improve is to take lessons.

Having someone on court with you can help you improve your stance, learn new moves, and push you further. Lessons with a physical trainer are the best way to improve your skills. However, if you can’t afford a trainer, or are not ready to dedicate that much time to the hobby, you can always look for tips online.

Watching YouTube videos about stances and swings can help you learn new methods. When you’re ready, video yourself completing the new move and then compare it to the original video. With enough practice, you can perfect the swing.


Practice is the best way to improve anything. Andy Murray didn’t become a world-class tennis player overnight. He spent years training and playing with the greats to become the legend we know today.

You don’t have to aim for legendary status, but to be good at the sport you’ll need to put some time into the court.


To start playing tennis you don’t need much. First, have a good grasp of the basic rules, next grab the right equipment, and after that, it’s all about playing.


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