Paddleboarding is a watersport where participants get on a board and propel themselves by using their arms for swimming forward. The participants are usually either lying or kneeling on the board. It is an easy beach sport to learn. Additionally, it is relaxing, fun, affordable, and can help you lose weight and muscles. Getting started with paddleboarding is easy. This is because there aren’t too many requirements. However, one of the vital things you need to get started with paddleboarding is a paddleboard and the right watersport apparel. Below are tips for choosing the best paddleboard as a beginner.

Consider the different forms of paddleboarding

One of the most important things you must do is consider the form of paddleboarding you wish to take on. This will help you choose the right board and beach wear for the activity. You can only pick one form of paddleboarding by understanding all your options. Below are the common forms.

• SUP surfing- this watersport allows you to ride water waves. It is a great sport for intermediate and advanced paddlers. It applies shorter and narrower surfing boards. 

• All-round SUP- This beach sport is great for all kinds of conditions, and it is an ideal form of paddleboarding for beginners. The sport requires thicker, wider, and longer surfing boards. The boards range between 10 to 12 inches long and 29 to 36 inches wide. 

• Touring SUPs- also known as racing SUP, these boards are typically longer and have pointed noses. Therefore, they offer faster speeds. They are great for spending time in the water for exploration and open ocean touring. 

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• Yoga and fitness SUP- you can also use paddleboards during yoga and fitness activities. When you move your arms and maintain a balance on the board, you train your muscles and core strength. 

The size of the paddleboard matters a lot!

The paddleboard’s size is one of the most critical factors to consider when selecting the best product. You should choose a size depending on your body size, stature, and weight. For instance, if you have a smaller stature and weigh less than 125 pounds, a small paddleboard would be excellent. A small board will be easier to maneuver and balance, especially for beginners. On the other hand, if you weigh more than 150 pounds, a 3.2 by 3.8 m paddleboards would be perfect for a smooth and comfortable ride. It is worth mentioning that wider and thicker boards offer better stability and safety on the water. Note that the type of paddleboarding you choose will influence your size choices. 

Consider the paddleboard’s construction quality

Now that you understand your options, you must consider the construction quality when choosing the best paddleboard. The quality will determine how long the paddleboard lasts and how well it allows you to adventure and have a good time. There are two paddleboard designs you should consider: solid or inflatable. Solid boards are usually made with a foam core and layered with fiber, plastic, or wood. The construction determines the board’s weight and application. On the other hand, inflatable paddleboards are easier to store and travel with. However, they feature a lower construction quality than solid boards. 

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Be keen on the board’s stability

The board’s stability is also an essential factor to consider. Standing on a floating paddleboard looks effortless when you see people doing it. However, it takes a lot of practice and core strength. The board’s stability also matters. The stability is usually influenced by the board’s length, width, and buoyancy. For instance, longer and wider boards offer better balance and performance. The buoyancy typically depends on the board’s volume. For instance, the higher the volume, the more buoyancy. 

Consider a versatile paddleboard

When selecting the best paddleboard for beginners, it would also help to go for a product you can use for various forms of paddling. Therefore, it would be wise to select an all-round paddleboard or a recreational paddleboard. Recreational boards are great for beginners as they can be used for all paddling activities. Therefore, beginners can explore various activities to find their areas of strength. 


Cotswold Outdoor is a great place to go if you are looking for paddleboards for beginners. The store offers a wide range of options for beginners. It also offers professional assistance for beginners to make the right choices. Besides the boards, you also need the right beach wear to get started with paddleboarding.

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