Roxie Sinner is not your average 23-year-old. This American actress and model has been making waves in the entertainment industry since 2021. She was born in Syria on December 20, 2000, and resides in the United States. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means she is confident, optimistic, and always ready for new adventures. Roxie has already achieved a lot at a young age, and her net worth proves her success. She has captured the hearts of many with her talent, beauty, and charisma.

Who is Roxie Sinner?

Roxie Sinner is a bright star in the world of acting and modeling. She’s an American, but she was born in a country called Syria. Do you know how some people act in movies or TV shows and walk on fashion runways in stylish clothes? That’s precisely what Roxie does! She started doing this in 2021 and has been enjoying it a lot. Roxie’s birth date is December 20, which means her star sign is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius people are known to be energetic and always ready for new adventures. Just like Roxie, who loves trying new roles in her acting job and modeling beautiful clothes. Roxie is 23 years old now, but she has big dreams for her future! She wants to keep acting and modeling, work with famous people in her field, and travel the world. Isn’t that exciting? If you want to know more about Roxie, you can watch her movies or follow her on social media. Roxie Sinner is undoubtedly a person to look out for in the future!


Name Roxie Sinner
Date of Birth20th December, 2000
Age23 years (2024)

Early Life and Education

Roxie Sinner was born on December 20, 2000, in a beautiful country called Syria. When she was little, she loved to play dress-up and perform in front of her family. Even as a kid, Roxie wanted to be an actress and a model. She was always the star of her school plays and loved to pose for photos. Roxie was a good student, too!

She always did her homework and studied hard to get good grades. Roxie loved learning about different places in the world and dreamt of traveling to those places one day. She also took acting and modeling classes to get better at what she loved to do. Roxie’s teachers and friends always supported her dreams and believed in her. This was how Roxie started her journey to become the talented actress and model she is today.

Roxie Sinner Parents and Siblings

Roxie Sinner is a special girl with a loving family. She has a mom and a dad who are always there for her. They taught her to dream big and work hard. She also has a brother who is her best friend. They like to play games and have fun together. Roxie’s family is from Syria, a beautiful place far away.

They moved to America when Roxie was young. Now, they are happy and proud to call it home. Roxie’s family is essential to her. They cheer her on and make her feel loved every day. Because of them, Roxie believes she can do anything she wants.

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Roxie Sinner Boyfriend

Roxie Sinner is very private about her personal life and likes to keep some things to herself. One of those things is her boyfriend. Roxie has yet to share if she has a boyfriend right now. This could mean that she’s focusing on her career and doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, or it could mean that she likes to keep that part of her life private.

Either way, Roxie is happy doing what she loves: acting and modeling. But if she ever decides to share more about her love life, her fans will be excited to learn more about it! Remember, regardless of whether Roxie has a boyfriend, she’s a talented actress and model who loves her work.

Roxie Sinner Children

As of now, Roxie Sinner doesn’t have any children. She is focused on her career as an actress and a model. Just like you, Roxie loves acting in movies and walking on fashion runways. She started doing this when she was a bit older than you. She practices a lot, learns her lines, and tries on lots of different costumes.

Roxie likes to travel, take pictures, and spend time with her family when she’s not working. Even though Roxie doesn’t have any kids right now, she enjoys being a role model to young people like you who might dream of acting or modeling one day. Remember, Roxie shows us that you can achieve anything if you work hard and follow your dreams!

Roxie Sinner Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Roxie Sinner is a 23-year-old actress and model.  She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and slim, a common trait for most models. This helps her look extra stunning when she wears long dresses on the runway or acts in front of the camera. Her Weight is 48kg and body measurement is 34-24-34.

Roxie has beautiful hair that she loves to style in different ways for her roles or fashion shows. She has twinkling eyes that are full of expressions. She looks very pretty and confident whenever she’s acting or modeling. Roxie believes in staying healthy and fit, so she eats a balanced diet and exercises regularly.

She also enjoys playing outdoor games. Even though Roxie is beautiful on the outside, she believes that what’s inside matters most. She thinks being kind and helpful to others is the most beautiful thing a person can be. Like you, Roxie was once a kid who loved to play and dream. Now, she is a grown-up who is living her dream. She wants you to know that you can achieve your dreams when you grow up, just like she did!

Roxie Sinner Before Fame

Before she became a famous actress and model, Roxie Sinner was just a little girl with big dreams. She was born in Syria, a faraway country, but moved to the United States when she was young. Even as a child, Roxie loved to play dress-up and pretend she was a movie star. She would wear fun clothes, pretend to walk on a runway, and act out scenes in front of her family.

Roxie also loved going to school and learning new things. She worked hard and always did her best. Besides studying, she also took acting and modeling classes to learn more about what she loved to do. Roxie’s dreams of becoming an actress and a model started when she was just a little girl. And look at her now, she’s living her dream!

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Roxie Sinner Career

Roxie Sinner’s career is like a magical journey. It all started in 2021 when she stepped into acting and modeling. Imagine being in a movie, a TV show, or walking on a fashion runway wearing cool clothes! That’s what Roxie gets to do for work. She has acted in different types of roles and modeled various kinds of outfits. Roxie loves her job because it’s fun and she learns new things. She practices performing lines and wears different clothes to prepare for her roles.

She also meets many interesting people in her job, from famous actors and actresses to talented directors and designers. Roxie Sinner has become a star in just a few years and continues to shine brighter daily. She’s always ready for new adventures in her career. So, if you have dreams of acting or modeling one day, remember Roxie’s journey. With hard work, passion, and a bit of fun, you can have a magical career like Roxie!

Roxie Sinner Net Worth

Roxie has made from her acting and modeling work. Since she started her career in 2021, Roxie has done a lot of fun stuff. She has acted in movies and TV shows and walked on fashion runways. All these jobs pay her money, which goes into her piggy bank, or “net worth.” Some know the exact amount of money in Roxie’s piggy bank. Her net worth is estimated to $3million.

But what we do know is that Roxie loves what she does. She loves acting and modeling, and she works hard at it. So, her piggy bank is happy, and so is she! And remember, having a giant piggy bank isn’t the most important thing. What matters most is doing what you love and being happy, just like Roxie!

Roxie Sinner Social Media Presence

 Roxie loves to use social media! Social media is like a giant playground where people share pictures, videos, and life updates. Roxie uses it to share fun things about her actress and model work. Sometimes, she posts pictures of her in beautiful dresses from fashion shows or behind-the-scenes photos from her acting jobs.

You can also see pictures of her travels and adventures. Roxie also shares pictures with her family and her cute pets! You can follow her on social media if you want to see what Roxie is up to. Just remember to always be kind and respectful online, just like Roxie!

Roxie Sinner Legacy and Impact

Roxie Sinner is like a superhero in the acting and modeling world. Her work inspires young kids like you to chase their dreams. She shows us that no matter where we come from, we can achieve big things if we work hard and believe in ourselves.

Roxie also tells us that being kind and helpful to others is essential. So, not only is she a great actress and model, but she’s also a great person. And that’s the best legacy anyone can leave behind!

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Roxie Sinner Future Plains

Roxie Sinner has big dreams for her future! She wants to keep being an actress and a model because she loves it. Roxie enjoys playing different movie characters and walking on the runway in beautiful clothes. She hopes to work with more famous actors and directors to learn new things.

Roxie also wants to travel the world for her modeling work. She dreams of walking the runway in fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, and New York. Roxie is excited about her future and can’t wait to see where her career takes her. She believes that anything is possible if you work hard and follow your dreams!


  •  When she is not acting in movies or walking on the runway, she loves to explore new places.
  • That’s called traveling! She enjoys seeing new things, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures.
  • She also has a passion for photography. That means she loves taking pictures. She captures beautiful moments with her camera.
  • She always has a smile, whether she’s snapping photos of beautiful places she’s visited or her cute pets at home.
  • Roxie also likes playing outdoor games. She enjoys the fresh air and the thrill of the game.
  • Just like you, Roxie loves to have fun.
  • Her hobbies keep her happy and inspire her in her work.
  • So, whether traveling, photography or playing games, Roxie always finds joy in what she does!

Interesting Facts About Roxie Sinner 

  •  Roxie loves animals. She has a cute pet dog!
  • Her favorite color is purple. She says it makes her feel happy. 
  • Roxie enjoys eating ice cream, especially on hot days.
  • She is a big fan of superheroes, just like you!
  • Roxie likes reading books before bedtime
  • . Her favorite genre is fantasy.
  • She can speak two languages fluently. 
  • Roxie is good at playing chess.
  • She says it helps her think creatively.


How old is Roxie Sinner? 

Roxie is 23 years old, she was born on December 20, 2000. 

Where was Roxie born?

Roxie was born in Syria. Now, she lives in the United States.

What does Roxie do for a living?

Roxie is an actress and a model. She started working in the entertainment industry in 2021.

What is her zodiac sign? 

Roxie’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Is Roxie active on social media?

Yes, Roxie is quite active on social media. She likes to share updates about her work and life.

What are Roxie’s plans?

Roxie wants to continue acting and modeling. She enjoys what she does and wants to keep doing it.

Does Roxie have any hobbies? 

Roxie enjoys traveling and photography.

Remember, if you want to learn more about Roxie, you can follow her on social media or watch her movies and shows.


Roxie Sinner has quickly become a popular figure in the entertainment world. Despite her short time in the industry, she’s significantly impacted. With her talent and hard work, she’ll keep shining bright. So, let’s keep cheering for Roxie!


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