Leicht Perlig is a 34 year-old Russian social media influencer and content creator. She was born and raised in Russia in 1990, though her birth date is unknown. With her captivating personality and relatable content, Leicht has gained a massive following on various social media platforms. Her bubbly and perky nature has earned her the nickname “Leicht Perlig,” which translates to “slightly bubbly” in German. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, Leicht has a charming presence that has captured the hearts of many.

Along with her lovely personality, she also possesses striking features – brown hair and brown eyes. Despite her petite frame, she weighs 60 kg (132 pounds). Get ready to dive into the world of Leicht Perlig, where she shares her life, interests, and adventures with her followers.

Who is Leicht Perlig?

Leicht Perlig is a fascinating person from Russia. Imagine someone who is so exciting and fun that people worldwide want to know more about her! That’s who Leicht Perlig is. She shares her life and her stories with people through social media. That’s what she does but for a lot of people!

Plus, she’s called “Leicht Perlig,” which means “slightly bubbly” in German. Imagine being bubbly, always cheerful and full of energy. That’s Leicht Perlig! And guess what? She’s the same age as your mom or dad might be – 34 years old! She’s pretty short, a bit taller than your kitchen counter, and has beautiful brown hair and eyes. Pretty cool.


NameLeicht Perlig
ProfessionFashion Model, TikTok Star
Known forHer Instagram Posts and TikTok Videos
Date of Birth1990
Age34 years old as of 2024

Early Life and Education

Leicht Perlig was once a little girl, too! She was born in 1990 in the beautiful country of Russia. It was there she started her journey of learning and exploring. That’s precisely what Leicht did! She loved going to school, just like you. She may have a favourite subject, like math or reading.

Perhaps she loved drawing or playing sports during break time. Although we don’t know the details about her school or favourite subject, she learned a lot and worked hard, just like you do in your school. Remember, every big person you see around you was once a little child who went to school and learned a lot of new things, just like you are doing now.

Parents and Siblings

 Leicht’s parents do the same for her. They are like her superhero team, always there to support and help her grow. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about them, like their names or what jobs they have. But we do know they must be very proud of their daughter!

Imagine having a sister or brother to play with, share secrets and have fun. Leicht may have siblings. She might be an only child or have a big family with many brothers and sisters. Until we discover more about Leicht’s family, it’s fun to imagine what they could be like. After all, every family is unique and special, just like yours!

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Husband and Boyfriend

Leicht Perlig’s It’s still a bit of a mystery. It’s like a secret treasure hidden in a magical forest. Is she married and has a loving husband? Or does she have a boyfriend with whom she shares laughter and adventures? We’re still determining. Maybe she is enjoying life alone, spending time with friends and family. Sometimes, grown-ups like to keep their love life a secret, just like a surprise gift on a birthday. Once we discover this hidden treasure, we will share it with you. Until then, it’s fun to imagine.

Leicht Perlig Children

 That’s something many people want to know. It’s like an unwrapped present; we don’t see what’s inside yet! She might have children, or she might not. Maybe she has a cute little boy who loves to play with toy cars or a sweet little girl who enjoys reading fairy tales.

Or perhaps she doesn’t have any kids but has a furry friend, a pet, who is like a child to her. We’ll let you know when we find out. Remember, every family is different, which makes them unique!

Leicht Perlig Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Let’s talk about how Leicht Perlig looks. Picture this – she’s a grown-up, precisely 34 years old. You know when you stand next to your mom or dad and see how tall they are? Leicht is not super tall, but she’s short, too. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

That’s a little bit taller than your kitchen counter! Leicht is also as light as a middle-sized dog. She weighs about 60 kg or 132 pounds. Think about how you would look with brown hair and brown eyes. That’s precisely how Leicht looks! She has pretty brown hair that matches perfectly with her beautiful brown eyes.

Leicht Perlig Before Fame

Before she became well-known, Leicht Perlig was just a little girl in Russia with big dreams. She loved to play, learn and explore her surroundings like any other child. But even at a young age, Leicht knew she wanted to do something special. She was unsure what it would be, but she was ready to work hard.

Leicht was not born famous. She did not wake up one day and find herself on top of the world. It took many years of learning, practising and working hard. Remember, every superhero has a story before they become a superhero, and so does Leicht Perlig.

Leicht Perlig Career

Leicht Perlig’s job is like a big adventure. It’s not always easy, but it’s always interesting. She wakes up each day and gets ready to take on the world! You might wonder what she does. Well, that’s a secret for now, just like when you’re reading a good book and can’t wait to discover what happens next.

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But we can tell you that she works very hard. Sometimes, things get tough. But she never gives up. She keeps going, just like a superhero! She wants to reach her dreams and knows that hard work is the way to do it. Leicht loves her job, and she’s good at it. This is why she has been successful. Remember, no matter what job you want to do when you grow up, hard work is always the key.

Leicht Perlig Net Worth – The Pinnacle of Success

Leicht Perlig has done well in her career. It’s like she climbed a mountain, and the top of the hill is her success. Can you imagine all the shiny gold and jewels at the top? That’s like her net worth! It means all the money and things she owns.

While her net worth is estimated to $6million, it took years of hard work. It’s like slowly climbing that mountain, step by step until she reaches the top. Like her, you can get to your top with patience and hard work.

Leicht Perlig Legacy and Impact

Leicht Perlig has done many incredible things. She has shown us that dreams can come true with hard work. Because of her, many young people in Russia and worldwide feel they can do great things, too.

She teaches us never to give up, no matter how hard things get. Leicht Perlig has touched many lives and has left a lasting mark. She is a true inspiration and role model to many. Leicht’s impact is felt far and wide, and her legacy will surely be remembered for many years.

Leicht Perlig Future Plains

At this moment, we have yet to learn a lot about Leicht Perlig’s plans for the future. But they are as big and bright as she is! She might continue growing in her career. She may travel the world or start new projects.

Leicht could also plan to learn new skills or take up new hobbies. And remember, she might want to give more time to her loved ones. We will update this section as we know more about Leicht’s plans. No matter what she decides, we are sure it will be exciting!


  • What do you think Leicht Perlig loves to do in her free time? Here are some fun guesses: 
  • Reading: Maybe Leicht loves to curl up with a good book like you enjoy bedtime stories!
  • Cooking: Perhaps Leicht enjoys making yummy food, like cupcakes or pancakes.
  • Gardening: She could love planting flowers or growing vegetables.
  • Just like you might have a little garden in your backyard! 
  • Traveling: Imagine Leicht exploring new places, meeting new people, trying new foods. 
  • Painting: She might enjoy creating beautiful pictures with paints and brushes. 
  • Sports: She might love playing sports like soccer or basketball.
  • Remember, these are just guesses. We will share the fun facts with you once we know more about Leicht’s hobbies.
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Interesting Facts About Leicht Perlig 

  •  Leicht Perlig was born in Russia, which is famous for its beautiful buildings and cold winters! 
  • She has a beautiful pair of brown eyes that match her lovely brown hair. 
  • Leicht is 34 years old; that’s like being in third grade 24 times! 
  • She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. That’s taller than most of your classmates! 
  • Leicht weighs about as much as a big dog, 132 pounds or 60 kg!
  • We have yet to determine what she does for work, but she loves and works hard.
  • She was only sometimes famous. She worked very hard to become the successful person she is today.
  • Leicht might have some fantastic hobbies we have yet to learn about, like cooking, painting, or even playing sports! 
  • She might have a special someone in her life or even children, but that’s a secret for now. 
  • No matter how successful she gets, Leicht always remembers the importance of hard work and determination.
  • Isn’t it fun learning about interesting people like Leicht Perlig?


You may have some questions about Leicht Perlig. That’s okay! Let’s answer a few common questions.

How old is Leicht Perlig?

Leicht Perlig is 34 years old as of 2024.

Where was Leicht Perlig born?

She was born and raised in Russia.

How tall is Leicht Perlig?

She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

What colour are Leicht Perlig’s hair and eyes?

Leicht has brown hair and brown eyes.

What does Leicht Perlig do?

This is still a secret, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out!

Remember, it’s good to ask questions. It helps us learn more about the world around us!


In conclusion, Leicht Perlig is a remarkable individual who, despite being only 34 years old, has made significant strides in her field. Her hard work and dedication inspire everyone, proving that you can achieve great things no matter where you come from. She is an excellent example of strength and resilience, and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future.


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