When you start your real estate business, you need a virtual office. This registered office then requires to be registered a Limited Liability Company or LLC. The idea of a virtual office for LLC registration has been a favorite of business start-ups for so long because of ease of its operability and legal process. 

In addition to a legal status, most business entities such as limited liability companies(LLC)  and other legal enterprises need a registered agent for accepting authorized communication and documents on their part. Thus a company accommodating registered agent services is more preferred.  

What’s the job of a Registered agent?

A registered agent is legal agent or business entity who picks up tax and legal documents on the part  of a company. Most real estate businesses require a registered LLC agent. In addition to mail reception registered agents forward new notices, documents and annual reports to you which helps in establishing your corporation and  keeps your business up to date by fulfilling all the requirements needed. It reports new issues as soon as they arise, so you can solve them in time.

What are the merits for a registered agent?

A good registered agent has some merits. He must be physically present during business hours to receive legal documents and forward them to company. 

Further, he should have the authority to perform business transactions and also give  company new notices and annual reports sent by the state. All contact information of your business must be communicated to the registered agent for him to receive official communication properly.

Significance of a Registered Agent for Your Virtual Office

Not all the businesses are same, they may have different requirements. However, all have certain requirements which a registered agent can fulfill by offering following services:

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Ensuring Legal Compliance

Most business entities have to deal with compliance requirements to avoid costly fines or penalties in the future.  This process is quite time consuming and labor intensive. To properly run their business without fines and red signals from the government, the owners want to have an outside mean to deal with these requirements. Hence for this purpose you will need a registered agent to save both your time and money and you can focus on building your business.

Ensuring Privacy in Legal Face-offs

Whenever a business owner or proprietor faces  lawsuits and other notices from the government, they want to ensure privacy in such state of affairs. They require a registered agent who can deal with this such situations without involving their companies.

They like avoiding facing the police in their offices in front of employees and customers that would damage their professional image. Hence a professional registered agent is needed to resolve the situation privately and smartly.

Filtering and Censoring of Mails:

The address of a company is quite clear to the public if it is location based and it becomes available to anyone. Hence there will be a lot of mails from the public or clients received by the registered agent and all of them are not quite necessary. 

Through the help of registered agent the number of unsought mail received by the company will be reduced and you will only receive important mails like annual reports sent by the state which will save your time and helps you to run your business effectively.

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Always Being There to Receive Important Documents:

Owners have a lot to do. They may not be able to give their 24/7 to receive important business documents like tax files sent by the state’s taxation department to your company. So you may need a registered agent for your company who is always available during working hours to receive important documents and mail as soon as they arrive. 

If you cannot visit frequently your mailbox, do not worry. Your agent will receive and transfer new documents to you, including the tax documents sent by the state’s department

Ensuring and Managing Presence on Global Scale

If your company is multinational, then for business transactions you need a registered agent in each state. With the help of registered agent services, you can manage each of your company sufficiently. 

While changing your business address every time, you will require to fill formal state requirements and  to pay for it to the state. The registered agent will inform you every time you change your address and will help you with fees filling.

Providing Physical Address for Legal Access

Sending legal notices via PO box is not often legally permitted. The state would require your company to have a registered agent who has a physical mailing address to which state notices can be sent and any person suing you can easily get your address. 

When a lawsuit is filed against your company, the registered agent notifies you so your business can move forward in the court. This helps the court to summon you easily. The registered agent connects  your business with the state. The registered agent  ensures  a reliable way for your company to be contacted.

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A registered agent performs key functions for your business. All registered agent service providers are not same, they differ in quality. While selecting a registered agent you must take into account that it meets your criteria and is capable of fulfill your requirements professionally. 

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