Trade shows and other “physical” marketing events become temporarily obsolete with the COVID19 pandemic. Many companies switched to virtual events and meetings. However, attendee engagement in the digital world is far inferior to target audience engagement in the real world. That’s why many firms were struggling with the absence of trade shows.

Thankfully, trade shows are regaining their importance in the post-COVID-19 world. The companies that couldn’t market their brands during the pandemic can use trade show participation to –

  • Drives sales by marketing to loyal, existing customers
  • Find new customers who are discontented with their current providers
  • Attract new customers by promoting new offers

However, marketers must optimize their one-on-one engagements with target audiences at these events. That means using the right marketing tools to generate mass attention at these events. Bear in mind – spending loads of money doesn’t necessarily translate into trade show success.

Even low-cost marketing tools like a well-designed table runner can increase your company’s chances of having successful events. Here are six ways marketers can optimize their table runners to generate brand awareness at trade shows –

Dress Codes and Color Codes

The first step trade show attendees have to take is gathering a team and setting clear goals. Running trade show booths alone is impossible so having a team is vital. More importantly, all team members should put out welcoming vibes for the visitors. Following a common dress code gives companies better brand identities at events.

Matching the dress code with the marketing materials makes it even easier for event attendees to identify the team. Consider customizing your trade show team’s clothes and your table runners with the same color combinations.

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Use the Runners to Hide Dirty Tables

Many companies receive old mahogany tables at trade shows. These “display tables” typically have zero display-worthy features. They don’t look appealing and can drive away event attendees. That’s why smart marketers use custom-created table runners to hide/cover these tables and enhance their stands’ visual appeal.

Hide Company Products

Marketers always carry several company products to trade shows. But, what if you bring too many products? Your table may look cluttered and unappealing to event attendees. Thankfully, high-quality table runners can easily hide/cover these extra items. Small steps like this make trade show tables look less crowded and more inviting.  

Promote the Brand

Many companies complain about not receiving ample promotion space at events. The brands that use table runners don’t have such worries. That’s because their size-efficient table runners have plenty of room to feature appealing design elements. Even in small venues, companies can create the brand visibility they need with custom-printed table runners.

Use HD Images to Boost Brand Reputation

The best sellers of table runners allow users to print high-resolution images and highly detailed graphics on their runners. High-quality printed materials give event attendees the right impressions about the brand.

Keep Marketing Messages Higher than Waist-Height

Design your trade show table runners in a way that makes them easy to read. Make sure all core brand messages or product offerings are easily viewable, even from long distances. Post HD images of your brand’s logo to create eye-catching focal points at your trade show booth.

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Use these tricks to create engaging and appealing table runners for your trade show booths.

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