Do you have a credit card or debit card? Then, you must have swiped your credit card machine. So when you insert your debit or credit card at a shopping center before, have you think about the machine. Which brand of card machines vendors is using, obviously? Youmachines don’t care.

Now, various kinds of credit card machines are available in the market that is the same in design and function but different in shape, sizes, and quality. These machines are provided the easiest way to transact your money to the vendors.

Credit card machines are innovative and demanding technology in the market. So the demand for credit card machine is rising rapidly. Moreover, in the pandemic of Covid 19, Government is also promoting contactless transactions to stop the coronavirus. And Credit card companies are also improving their card from magistrate to emv. Emv chip is inside the card that allows the cardholders to make their payments.

Are you accepting credit or debit card payments for your business? If no, then your business may be in trouble in the future. You must upgrade your payment method to your business; this will boost your sale and make more profit than before. Also, you need merchant processors that offer various payment terminals, and the use of credit card terminal is one of them. The use of cash as payment is decreasing, and purchase via digitally is increasing now.

So, how you select which is the best credit card machine? Don’t worry; we are here to help you to make a better decision to choose a credit card machine for your business. Below we have discussed various parameters about credit card machines that are beneficial for you and your business.

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Method Of Payment Business

Generally, there are three types of payment methods seen in the market.

  • Mobile apps like Paytm and google pay
  • Credit card terminals
  • Point of sale

Today, We’ll discuss the second category that is credit card terminal. We will discuss the significant differences and features you should look at while choosing the best credit card machine in the market.

Types Of Credit Card Machines

When we are talking about types of card machines, generally we think traditionally machines which we have seen at the local shops for accepting payment. However, credit card machines are available as hardware, software, and mobile phone.

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Hardware Payment Terminals

Hardware payment terminal machines are the most popular in the market. Mostly you see this type of machine at the store. This is the tangible machine that allows the transaction between a credit card and the bank after verify the card is genuine. All the transactions occur in just seconds.

Virtual Payment Terminals

This is the second-highest popular method of using payments. Primarily this terminal used by online merchandise business platform, and what if your business accept order via the internet then how you receive your payment because the buyer is not at your shop and cannot ship the card in credit card machine. So to accept the payment, you need virtual software. Many companies provide these types of software that turn your computer in a credit card terminal and allow you to enter the credit card data to confirm the payment.

Mobile Credit Card Readers

Now mobile technology has become so advanced that they allow you to transfer your payments quickly. Only you have to enter your credit card details in your smartphones.

Best Credit Card Machine For Small Business

The credit card terminal used by small business operators, now the modern credit card terminals are contactless, and wireless credit card machines are beneficial for accepting payments.

Here we have a list of the best credit card machines for your business.

Cloven Mini

Cloven mini terminals are very popular because you can also use via the clover app. And a basic cloven device comes with the support of EMV, magstripe and, NFC-based payments. You can also add an invoice printer and a cash drawer. The average price the $740, and you also need to pay a monthly subscription amount. But these plans are available between $10 and $40 per month. So cloven mini is the best choice for credit card machine for small business. Let us discuss his pros and cons.


  1. This is easy to set up and use
  2. Also, this is Highly customizable
  3. If you want, then it Can be expanded with additional apps


  1. It is Requires a Fiserv merchant account
  2. The other cons are it Cannot be reprogrammed
  3. This is more expensive than competing systems

Clover Flex

Clover flex is the best machine for those who need to process transactions in the fields. It comes with 8 hours of battery life and wireless connectivity. And the price of the clover flex is varying widely depending on the location. However, the average cost of the clover flex is $499. And you also need a monthly plan range between $10 and $40 per month.

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Now the time to know the pros and cons of the clover flex.


  • It Supports EMV & NFC-based payment methods
  • Also, this Can be expanded with additional apps
  • It provides Long battery life


  • This is a large and bulky design
  • The price of the clover flex is High
  • Sometimes Occasional software bugs & connectivity issues.

Ingenico iCT220 

Ingenico credit card terminal comes with no color display, no touch screen, and you can connect only ethernet or a landline telephone on it. While it is a basic terminal but provides full support of EMV and NFC-based or magstripe payments methods. Also, this comes with an inbuilt invoice printer. And the most attractive thing is the price of this iCT220 is $199. Those who just want a secure and straightforward terminal and don’t want an additional function are a perfect choice. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of it.


  • This is a very simple and  reliable device
  • It is very affordable for the small businesses
  • Its Support for EMV and NFC-based payment methods


  • There is No internal battery for mobile use
  • It also comes with no Wi-Fi and cellular data connection
  • It provides only limited to basic transaction processing functions

Square Register

This is the only hardware that comes with a free magstripe card reader that can be used by the plugin the smartphone. The fully pos system and 13.25” colorful touch display and support EMV, NFC-based methods and come with inbuilt software to run your business smoothly. Support many functions such as inventory management, and staff management, reporting. Also, provide customized features for restaurants. The cost of the square register is $799. There is no additional fee. Now the time to go through the pros and cons of it.


  • It is Accepts EMV, NFC-based, and magstripe transactions
  • This can be expanded via the 5-port USB hub
  • There are no monthly service fees


  • This Only works with the Square processing service
  • There are Account stability issues
  • Lack of  customer support

Verifone VX 520

This is the highly universal credit card terminal that comes with an inbuilt receipt printer and supports EMV and NFC- based and magstripe payment methods. And there is no battery for mobile use. But it is an indeed countertop device. The average price of around $180 to $300. Note this is a cheap terminal that you can purchase from third-party sellers like Amazon. This service typically costs about $100 per device.

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  • It Accepts EMV, NFC-based, and magstripe transactions
  • Works with most merchant account providers
  • This is very affordable and reliable


  • There is No color display or touchscreen
  • Also, No additional POS functions

Features Should Have In The Credit Card Machines

  • Protection and safety: while we are swiping our credit card, there is always anxiety about is our credit card details safe. Because hackers steal our card details. But today, credit card processors use security called tokenization that will save your information.
  • Connectivity option: connectivity is the vital factor that affects your business as any type of internet-related issue or lag can impede your transactions. So, before buying, you should check the second connectivity system is available.
  • Processor flexibility: Firstly, make sure that your machine has a compatible processor. Because there are so many providers that offer non-compatible processors that can be used by only own processing network, but there are many options available; for wireless credit cards machine, you just have to sign up with any processor that gives you more flexibility. Also, some credit card merchandise charges fees for reprogramming.
  • Universal payment acceptor: if your machine only limited card payments that will affect your business, every customer has different bank credit companies. So, your credit card processor should accept a wide range of payment methods. And by this, you can improve your business goodwill.


This is the time to update your payment to manage consistency in your business. The most of the business owner has already updated their payment method. Credit card terminals are the future of transactions. And the world near to entirely digitalized, so you need to stay connected with the market. 

Hope your knowledge has boost ultimately, and this article will help to choose your credit card machine.

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