The point of sale system is where the customer and the company make a deal. POS systems are sometimes referred to as “check out” or “register,” but these are merely stations where transactions occur. There is a wide variety of modern POS equipment, from direct-connection credit card scans to complete payment terminals with cash drawers. 

No matter how simple or complex it is, today’s point of sale systems enables merchants to process sales instantly, and all electronically. Customers may use the same technology to make returns at most POSs.

Below are the five most popular POSs:

1. Square

Because of its affordable cost and ease of use, Square is a great point of sale solution for most small businesses. It has options for general purpose businesses, retail, restaurants, and drop-in businesses. Both of these plans include an online store, unlimited sales and products. Square is free and making it a top pick for those who want a free or mobile point of sale solutions. 

In addition to Square for Retail, Square Appointments is a top choice for salons and spas. Square Appointments are also a top option for general-purpose retail establishments. Square’s industry-specific products performed similarly in evaluation. Besides being an inexpensive/free app and easy to use (it has a very clean interface and is easy to navigate), Square excels in both price and value big time. 

2. Shopify

With Shopify, you can sell products at events or on the go, use social media, and sell to third parties with its free point-of-sale software. In addition to omnichannel selling tools, sophisticated inventory management, and more detailed analytics, Shopify’s POS Pro plan is designed specifically for traditional retailers. 

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All Shopify plans let you store sales, inventory, and customer information in one place, making Shopify the ideal solution for cross-channel selling. A perfect score was earned by Shopify for its register features as well as a high score for its management tools. Despite having nearly identical scores, they have very different strengths. 

3. Lightspeed 

In businesses with large and complex inventories and specialty stores with custom 

orders, Lightspeed Retail is the best point of sale system. Customers can put together product groups, group products with variations, and manage purchase orders using a catalog integrated with the software. 

In addition to offering customizable dashboards and reports, Lightspeed offers insight into what each metric means. The administration tools, logging functions, and customer support offered by Lightspeed are excellent. With Lightspeed, inventory management tools, register functionality, and customer support scored very highly. 

4. Vend

Vend is a POS system for traditional retailers that runs on iPad and the web. In addition to loyalty programs, in-store credits, and reservation tools, this is one of the few point-of-sale systems that allow offline ordering. 

Businesses can integrate Vend with a variety of payment processors to find the cheapest fees and offer multiple options such as PayPal. It provides straightforward management tools and is easy to use. A separate platform like Shopify or BigCommerce must be connected to it if you need eCommerce functionality.


POS systems, including touch-free payments and online sales, enable business owners to inventory management, sales, and the performance of employees. The point of sale solution you provide also allows seamless transitions between online, in-store, and phone interactions. For instance, 40% of retailers are updating or replacing their point of sale systems, while 60 % prioritize omnichannel experiences with existing POS systems. POS solutions from more than two dozen companies have been compared side-by-side.

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Thus, POS is really indeed a highly & utmost significant part & aspect when it comes to carrying out & continuing small businesses successfully. 

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