What knocked your mind when the very first time you came across the phrase “Back to Scholl Necklace”? Probably some sort of friendship jewelry, a fine neckpiece for the first day at school, or some other funky or fun ornament isn’t it. However the truth is beyond imagination, this phrase is related to something very dark and deadly.

If you have a school-going child this phrase is powerful enough to cause you sleepless nights. Many memes and posts go around on tik-tok and Twitter, while parents ignore it considering it as some fun or new slang for kids, talking about it can save a young life. Let us dive into its depth

What does it mean?

As per the urban dictionary, Back To School Necklace is the synonym for the word noose (loop used to hang people). It reflects the harsh truth behind the student’s life, the sadness, despair, and sufferings they go through silently, being a part of a never-ending competitive academic race. Gone are those days when vacations were meant to be for relaxation and fun, these are replaced by homework and extra classes.

No excitement is left among students for new sessions rather replaced with anxiety, worries, and struggle. Nevertheless online or face-to-face bullying can also be not overlooked. These factors are intense enough to flood young minds with suicidal thoughts.

Studies show, in 2019 suicide was the second leading cause of death among teenagers. Majority of children who attempt suicide suffer from a mental health disorder. Suicidal attempts of children are mostly impulsive and can be associated with feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, and confusion.

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Many parents avoid talking about certain topics to kids fearing that it would lead them to ponder about those. Suicide being one. Perhaps talking about suicide would not make someone more suicidal rather it offers them an opportunity to share the pain and suffering they are going through.

Reasons causing it?

No one can deny the fact that schools are more challenging than ever before. while academic standards and parents’ expectations have risen children are increasingly exposed to other stressful situations, such as violence, hostility, and bullying”.

Additionally, rapidly growing Technology and social media open up a new world for kids. Young kids and teenagers posting about Back To Scholl Necklace on social media platforms depict the harmful impact these have. Nevertheless, the trend of nuclear families, working parents, and conservative neighbors contributed to making children lonely. These all can lead to profound problems if not taken into account at right time.

Its warning signs

Nearly everyone experiences discouraging thoughts or emotional setbacks from time to time. Getting suicidal thoughts is something that could be related to poor mental health. As a parent, you should be a keen observer of your kids’ behavior. If facts are to be believed 12% of the total Indian children experience behavioral or emotional issues. Surprisingly 95% of them do not seek any help.

The unfortunate truth is parents get restless even with the child’s minor physical discomfort but fail to identify the major mental trauma or the mental health disorder their child might suffering from. There are certain warning signs, identifying them beforehand can present an opportunity to save a young life. let’s explore them.

  • sudden behavioral changes. These may include eating, grooming, or routine habits
  • a sudden drop in academic grades
  • absconding from social gatherings, friends, and family
  • self-harm
  • preoccupation with death
  • hopeless and depressing talks
  • No more interest in favorite activities
  • Giving away favorite possessions
  • Writings or drawings related to death and suicide
  • Anger attacks more frequently
  • Lot of me-time
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Many times children are seen continuously avoiding schools. While some parents take it to be natural and a part of childhood, continuos reluctant behavior towards school may signal a problem be it social, academic, or emotional leading a road to Back To School Necklace danger. It’s high time to sit and talk to your child. Ask them about the actual reason? what is bothering them ? are they bullied? Or they are embarrassed about low grades or anything else? is a best friend not talking? Behaving this way may sound weird but your child may need your help.

Sometimes it’s better to overreact than to underreact. You have to keep your calm. Make your child believe no matter what, you are always there for them. They are your priority. You are ready to hear and help. If these things don’t work out you can have a touch with their friends and teachers to figure out the actual cause. Don’t judge them lend them your helping hand. 

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