Have you seen a blue badge on Twitter accounts? If you are a Twitter user, then obviously you may have noticed it. The blue badge on Twitter shows that the account is authentic. 

However, in 2017, Twitter needed to shelve the Blue Badge program as it faced trouble over the verification for white supremacist Jason Kessler. You may be aware that he was the one who planned and organized the Charlottesville rally. Kessler was not a person of “public interest” who got the blue tick and then Twitter was not able to provide a valid justification for it. Because of all this, CEO Jack Dorsey come out in the amid and publicly admitted that the profile verification systems were broken and it need work. Hence, the program was suspended.

Now, Twitter said that it will again start the verification program and accept applications for it. However, a set of new regulations and guidelines has been issued for this program. Not only this, but the social media giant also had started to taking public feedback against the new verification policy concentrating on healthy conversations. It is estimated that the feedback is taken in order to encourage Twitter to reopen the program.

Twitter’s Verification Program: Eligibility Criteria

For users who want to get qualify the Twitter’s verification program, there are certain prerequisites. If you are a starter then you must have the following details, such as profile name, confirmed email address or phone number, or a profile image. Also, the account should be active for at least six months with no records of violating any of Twitter’s platform guidelines and rules.

Additionally, Twitter listed six professional categories which can easily get the blue badge. It includes government, brands and organizations, companies, entertainment, news organizations and journalists, and activists/organizers, sports, and gaming.


Key government offices and officials, includes elected officials, heads of state, institutional entities, appointed ministers, official spokespeople, and ambassadors. 

Companies, brands, and organizations

It includes secondary affiliated accounts and organizations, such as brands, non-profit organizations, companies, and other prominent executives. 


Under entertainment section, it includes entertainment companies, like TV networks, film studios, and music entities. Official productions accounts concerned with entertainment are events/festivals, films, or TV shows, 

Sports and Gaming

Here, the accounting of professional sports teams, leagues, coaches, and rostered athletes listed on the official team website. 

The above lists do not stand for other people who might be eligible for verification and the social media giant is working on it. Apart from this, Twitter will also add few additional categories, like academics, scientists, and religious leaders later.

Now, the question is “how to apply for the Twitter verification program?” The answer to your question is described below. 

How to apply for Twitter verification?

Once you are done with the above eligibility, you are now just required to move to the account settings tab. Here, you will get a verification application option. However, Twitter is currently phasing out the role but it will not belong.

If in case, your application gets rejected, you are eligible to re-apply for the Twitter verification program 30 days after getting Twitter’s rejection notice.

Also, Twitter released its plans for the future which is comprised of updating labeling automated accounts, updating the user’s profile page with an “About” tab, in the coming months.

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Earlier, internet throttling was only used when it was needed. But now, people are streaming and downloading stuff all the time, which has led to a greater amount of bandwidth consumption. Internet Service Providers or ISPs aren’t capable of keeping up with the modern-day demand. To keep things in control, they have begun to utilise the process of internet throttling.

From ISP’s viewpoint, this seems like a normal thing to do as they make sure that all of their consumers get to utilise the internet spontaneously. However, from the customer’s standpoint, this is intolerable. They pay the full money to get internet availability, and ISPs have no right to decrease their internet speed. 

Customers have no idea that internet throttling is being used against them, so there’s nothing they can do about it. However, some certain Virtual Private Networks or VPNs can invalidate internet throttling and get back your original speed. VPNs can bypass internet throttling to get the job done.

How Does a VPN Bypass Internet Throttling?

We have all been there. You are enjoying your favourite TV show, and everything’s just fine. Suddenly, the internet slows down for no apparent reason, and your whole night is wasted. This is called internet throttling – and you can bypass throttling with a VPN.

By encrypting your internet connection, a VPN averts your ISP from checking your online activity and throttling you. While your ISP can still enforce limits on your total bandwidth usage, you will no longer be required to be worried about your use compromising your connection.

VPNs are simple to set up, and hiding your activity is a surefire way to bypass internet throttling and halt your ISP from limiting access to services and websites. And by masking your IP address, VPNs broaden your TV and streaming options significantly. When utilising a VPN, the ISP can’t differentiate between simple web browsing and High-Definition streaming.

That means you won’t face throttling, and you can make sure of good performance on any website. Like any other private corporation, your ISP is always searching for new ways to make money, and internet throttling is an easy and hard-to-track way of bringing in customers without knowing any of it.

Rotating proxies are also used in many places. In this service, the server assigns a new ip address for every new connection. Also, IPs are changed after a specific time frame. You will have many options for choosing IP as per the location. For users, nowadays dedicated rotating proxies that will not rotate IP without request. You can use rotating proxies for work like testing websites in different countries and locations, verification of ads, comparing prices, and using different accounts. Prices of rotating proxies services are different as per bandwidth and locations. Many rotating proxies providers have more than 60 million of traffic.VisitTruely that has given the list of best rotating proxies services that you can use for your work or business.

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Best Free VPNs to Bypass Throttling

There are a good number of VPNs out there and knowing which one to choose is vitally essential. It’s always worth spending money on a VPN. A free VPN can be enticing, but the technology is complex and requires professionalism to maintain and operate properly.

Here are some of best the VPNs to stop throttling: –

  • AVG Secure VPN

If you’re searching for the simplest throttle bypass, AVG Secure VPN will avert ISPs from limiting any online action they don’t like. And with your IP address hidden, you will be able to avoid IP-based web tracking, unlock websites, and avoid location-based price discrimination.

With military-grade encryption, AVG Secure is the best VPN to bypass internet throttling. Your internet usage will remain hidden, protecting you against internet throttling by your ISP. Whether your ISP is throttling your connection or not, go with the choice that confirms they won’t.

  • TunnelBear VPN

Another free VPN to bypass throttling is TunnelBear. It is relatively amazing and has a slightly better user interface than other free VPNs. This VPN assists you to get rid of the internet throttling to use your internet at full speed. All you have to do is install it and then enable it on your device.

Once it’s on, you will be allowed to utilise the internet at its full speed. If you stream or download a lot, then the possibility is that you can become the victim to internet throttling. The best preferable way to deal with it is through a VPN. 

  • Cyber Ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost is a dependable service provider when we talk about bypass throttling with VPN. They have a stern zero-log policy for personal data. It means that Cyber Ghost will not store any known personal user information. So, you can enjoy a worry-free VPN experience.

Speed is the main key to be considered while using any VPN. Cyber Ghost has more than 4000 servers around the world and covers almost the whole globe. The simple user interface enables you to connect with the best server for any specific location easily. It has apps for nearly all famous platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, etc. 

  • Total VPN

Total VPN can also be utilised to bypass internet throttling. The major benefit of this platform is the server count. You can change your server to around 30 different countries for no charge whatsoever. No other VPN platform is offering this many server locations, so that is a great plus. 

The more IPs and servers you have at your disposal, the more you will be allowed to switch and stay masked from the prying eyes of your ISP. Even if they try to focus their attention on you, they will fail because you are almost invisible to them. This is the easiest and safest VPN to bypass internet throttling.

  • Hotspot Shield VPN

Most free VPNs generate profit by putting ads into the websites we browse; while Hotspot Shield did that earlier, they recently changed their policy and placed ads only in their mobile apps. The VPN works on all devices, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. You have to log in using your Hotspot Shield account, and you are good to go.

Hotspot Shield works seamlessly, and you can connect to a server within 5 seconds, which is impressive for a free VPN to bypass throttling. The VPN allows you 500 MB of bandwidth to consume every day. That’s about 15 GB worth of bandwidth.

  • Falco VPN

Falco VPN is capable of many things – one of them being able to bypass internet throttling. The moment this VPN is enabled, all of your activities begin on a different IP address and server. This means all your activities from there on will be masked from your Internet Service Provider. 

Due to their lack of awareness, they will not be able to allow internet throttling. This would enable you to browse the web at a normal speed. Most free VPNs monitor the rate, but there is nothing to worry about with Falco VPN. It doesn’t pose any limitation as you can enjoy all the features the way you want.


Internet throttling has begun to happen way more often, and there is no means for you to prove that you are a victim of it too. You can only know that throttling is occurring only when you face an extremely slow internet speed. You won’t be allowed to stream your videos efficiently or complete your downloads in time. 

It is completely unacceptable and annoying for people, especially those who do internet streaming all the time. However, there is no need to worry about it as you now have VPNs to bypass internet throttling. All you have to do is install them on your device, enable them, and enjoy full access to the internet speed without facing any throttling whatsoever. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the use of technology.

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The Internet is classically divided for giving and taking elements including knowledge, experiences, products, services, and information. In such situations, sharing personal stuff becomes a bit of a clumsy state for people. Over 35 percent of the people in this world use the internet for gaming, chatting and entertainment purposes.

F95Zone is a similar platform that provides access to all the above-mentioned elements at a common spot. Therefore, in a short span of time F95Zone acquired tremendous response and popularity from the people around the globe.

What is the F95Zone?

F95Zone is a community that enables users to share and communicate with people throughout the globe. Well, it includes adult content in form of games, comics, and other entertainment stuff, therefore it won’t be wrong to include F95Zone or F95Zone amongst the popular adult communities.

In the professional world or in the society we reside in, sometimes it becomes unacceptable to discuss things related to a few personal topics of interest. In such scenarios, F95Zone provides an open platform to meet people with similar interests and have global discussions on the grown-up topics.

One can expect normal games, adult games, animations, adult comic books, posts, discussion forums and other frequent stuff to enable the ease of sharing and creating relationships. One could easily spend quality time with astonishing gameplays on popular gaming platforms over the internet.

Why did it gain massive popularity in such a short span of time?

It’s evident that within minimum time the platform has convinced the users with its phenomenal content. Probably, that is the reason behind F95Zone success for being a popular gaming and discussion community on the internet today. Another ease of access that enables the worldwide use of the platform is its economy less streaming for the best quality content. F95Zone or F95Zone charges zero amount for the games, comics, books, discussion panels and other resources.

However, some of the content, measuring 1 out of 10 counts of minimal charges on the platform. These charges are also nominal, and one could easily afford the same.

Basic perks of F95Zone are as follows:

  • One could meet and converse on interesting topics with like-minded people.
  • Enjoy quality streaming content at no cost.
  • Join or build your own discussion forums. Get likes, give likes, and connect people.
  • Includes nominal as well as grown-up content.
  • Adult forums are completely free to join.
  • Satisfies complete zeal of individuals for entertainment.

Features of F95Zone

  • No money Strategy:

As mentioned earlier, the platform allows the free playing of games numerous times till the user is bored. One could only need enthusiasm to experience the best gaming experience on F95Zone. The popular games like Battlefield, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Team Fortress 2 are made available at no cost for the users.

  •  Ensured Flexibility during frequent playing of games:

It is obvious that a player might get stuck during the game play. It can be for two reasons, either the game is completed, or else the player is bored. In such scenarios, the platform enables the flexibility by providing the options to place the different layout for the user’s gameplay character. Skin, Skin tone, clothes, cap and other accessories can be changed. This helps to maintain the zeal among players to play the game again and again with different looks.

  • User Interface and game designs

The color combinations, pop-up designs, and interface are so suitable to maintain an attachment with the platform. Users could easily navigate through the windows and pop-us with bright color appearances. The vision display thus plays a vital role.

  • Up gradation of System

Every interval the platform is updated with new features and content. The bugs reported, unreported are fixed and platforms appear better than before. F95Zone tries its level best to please the users.

Trending and Popular games on F95Zone:

F95Zone or F95Zone sounds unusual compared to other gaming sites on internet. However, this F95Zone comprise of interesting games for casual playing and also for grown-up peoples. Let us elaborate the best gaming availabilities on the leading gaming community over internet.

  • Battlefield: Obsession for shooting games can be conquered with Battlefield. It comprises a wide variety of weapons and tools to attack and defeat. PUBG, COD and other games like the theme sound low In front of the graphics of Battlefield. The characters are so assassinating that it enables us to connect with them.
  •  League: Tired of shooting games, try scooter soccer matches online. Well, when the game was launched it wasn’t considered promising, however now it’s at 11th position in Xbox One. Basically the plot delivers a worker playing soccer in front of a professional watching from top.
  •  4 Dead 2: It is the first Individual shooter game played solo or with different solos. It comprises very interesting characters including Unicorn, rainbows and finally the butterflies. Corporation is the key element to play this game.
  •  Fortress 2: It is again one of the trending shooters games with amazing graphic experience. It enables the outstanding aura while picking up weapons and riggings during play. It seems pleasing. The game is convenient with updates and is very interesting to play.


Authentic and mixed bag of entertainment is what one could expect from F95Zone. The platform is new to the market however, due to its unique and mismatched content with other sites, it gained massive popularity in the upfront store. It grabbed its attention for adult content with a feedback of new and non-repetitive tags.

The objective behind the open forum discussions and talks on the platform is to open minds with new perceptions and deliver the space to speak up the mind. However, at the end of the day the site is on the Internet, therefore one shouldn’t share the personal information of banks or other legal details over the platform. Along with this, a wide range of popular and interesting games add the authentic touch to the objective of the entertainment domain.

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Who thought gaming would be one of the most profitable career options in the later twenties, but the matter of the fact is, that it is and with every passing year gaming technology is surprising us with the amazing possibilities, gen x would not have imagined. Today gaming tournaments are as popular as athletics tournaments among the millennials and there are many professional gamer who earn from participating in these gaming tournaments. These professional gamer also make money from streaming platforms like YouTube by streaming their games live and all you need to do that is of course the skill and a great gaming machine with cutting edge graphics and audio that is powerful enough to help you play and stream these games over high bandwidth internet.

Traditionally ‘Gaming desktops’ were the kings for playing high-end games or streaming a high-level gaming console but as technology is continuously booming, we have an array of laptops in the market with cutting edge power, graphics, audio, and display. These laptops are becoming super popular as they are easy to use and offering similar features to a traditional gaming desktop. Also, the mobility that comes with laptops makes it desirable for one and all to host from wherever you want. Today, even the most affordable gaming laptops are today coming up with QHD screens, remarkable frame rates, and next-generation graphic cards. Here in the next section of this article, we are listing the four best laptops for gaming displays and streaming :

Alienware m17 R4

Alienware m17 R4 is a powerhouse packaged in a slim and compact binding. This is definitely the first choice for gamers who want higher refresh rates and power at the core. The quirky design makes it the first choice for all gamers today. This is one of the very first laptops that came with Cyro colling technology and a 360 Hz refresh rate. Although these features make it a go-to for all gamers yet its low battery life, and pricing makes it not suitable for people looking for an all-rounder solution.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15

Amazing eight hours of battery life, 165 Hz panel, incredible speakers, and a striking 1440p display, what else one can look for when buying a laptop for gaming and a high-end graphic experience. Not only this , but Asus has also introduced a beautiful matrix light on th lid that lights in the form of a rainbow and makes this beast even more attractive.

Asus ROG Strix Scar III

Asus ROG Strix Scar III is popular as the badass amongst gaming laptops. It comes with a Core i7 processor and Nvidia RT 2060 graphic processor in a 15-inch robust packing. With 260 Hz of panel frequency and an average of 5 hours of battery life, this easily is one of the most powerful devices for gamers. The only drawback it has is no webcam and a very old heavy structure so if you are looking for a show stopper sleek design, this is probably not for you.

Lenovo Legion Y545

Lenovo Legion is an entry-level gaming laptop that is very budget-friendly for newcomers. With Core i7  processor and Nvidia GTX 1660 Graphic processor, overall this is great in performance and its 15-inch screen and large keyboard design make it more user friendly although the battery life is quite below average and high usage leads to cooling issues with this device. The display is 1080p which is again a  very low resolution as compared to the other three in the list yet due to its affordability and overall performance, the laptop makes it place in the best four gaming laptops.

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When you buy something online or by phone, you are often asked to enter a credit card’s CVV number. A Card Verification Value or CVV code might be a number you have provided hundreds of times, but have you ever thought about what it might be and why merchants ask for it?

Today, most debit and credit card companies have issued a CVV. A CVV number is a three or four-digit number on the back of your card that puts an extra layer of security when buying something online or on the phone. It ensures that you have a physical copy of the card and protects yourself if your card falls into the wrong hands.

What is a CVV Number on a Credit Card?

Card Verification Value (CVV) is a card verification number that serves as a comprehensive term for the security code on credit cards. Every credit card company has its own generic name for it, like CVV2, Card Verification Value Code; CVC or CVC2, Card Verification Code; CSC, Card Security Code, or CID Card Identification Number.

The differences don’t cease here; the American Express security code uses four-digit security, while Mastercard, Visa, and Discover use a three-digit security code. Whatever its name or length, the CVV code is not a part of your debit/credit card number, PIN, or expiration date. These numbers are all different from each other.

Where Can I Find My CVV Number?

The general location for security codes on Mastercard, Visa, or Discover is at the back, at the extreme right end of the box where you are told to sign the card. The three-digit code for an American Express credit card is generally on the front, above the main credit card number.

The location of the credit card security code may differ from card to card. For example, certain cards might have the code in some other location, like on the back or below the card number.

What is the Purpose of the CVV Security Code?

The significance of the CVV number depends on how merchants manage your credit card data. Merchants that manage credit card information are allowed to save your card data, so you don’t have to enter the same details again and again when you purchase something. Although, if your card data is saved, it has a risk of being stolen.

The CVV code adds an additional layer of protection. According to security standards in the online payment industry, merchants are not allowed to store CVV numbers. This way, even if data security is breached, hackers will still not possess your CVV and will be unable to use the stolen card information.

Now, the question arises that why websites that manage recurring payments, like retailers such as Amazon or OTT platforms like Netflix, can make payments on a saved credit card without us having to re-type your credit card security code every time. Instead, these websites mostly ask for your CVV when you first utilize your card.

From then on, they consider that card as legit for your account. So, for instance, if your data is stolen, the CVV will not be included with it.

How Does My CVV Code Work?

Card security codes are a part of two-factor authentication or verification. Two-factor authentication depends on two parts of data – like a credit card number and a CVV – to ensure the card is in your possession. The CVV confirms you are the cardholder and, as a result, prevents fraud.

If a buyer can enter the card’s CVV correctly during the checkout process, it’s perhaps that the person at least has the card in his physical possession. Conversely, entering the wrong card verification number should result in a transaction being failed.

Always guard your card’s security code closely. If a hacker has your credit card number, security code, and expiration date, that’s all the data he needs to make an online purchase.

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How Much Security Does a CVV Code Provide?

A CVV number is an additional layer of protection that makes fraud challenging but not impossible. For example, there is a decreased chance that your account will be utilized to make unauthorized purchases when somebody acquires your credit card number without the CVV.

You may still be vulnerable in places where the card is utilized without authorization on a site that does not need the CVV code to be entered. Cybercrimes post additional risks. Cyberthieves can use software known as malware to steal CVVs from businesses.

CVVs are also vulnerable to phishing attacks when scammers use copycat websites or fraudulent emails to trick people into sharing important data like security codes. A common scam is deceived phone calls or texts that acts like it is coming from your credit card company and ask for your CVV number to authenticate a recent purchase.

How Can I Protect My CVV Security Code?

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of credit card fraud, you should safeguard your CVV like any other significant piece of financial information. Here are some simple ways to protect your CVV code from falling into the wrong hands: –

Check your account activity regularly

Check your transactions digitally or when the statement comes in the mail to make sure that you authenticated each one. If there’s a chance you don’t recognize any transaction, contact your bank immediately.

Ignore unwanted requests for your private information

If someone requests your credit card security code, ask why they need it. If important financial data needs to be shared in this way, it’s generally advisable to initiate the interaction by yourself.

Use a VPN when browsing away from home

However, this may be overkill at home; when using public Wi-Fi or traveling, you should utilize a VPN application to safeguard your private information.

Only enter your credit card data on trusted sites

Ignore websites without “HTTPS:” in the URL address; the same applies to those that don’t show the SSL lock in your browser.

Lock your home’s Wi-Fi network

If you don’t password-protect your domestic Wi-Fi network, anyone within range can connect, look through your internet traffic and track any data you send.

Install anti-virus software on your device

Installing anti-virus software on your computer will scan for viruses, keyboard-logging software, and other tools that thieves use to steal private data.

Don’t share photos of your credit card, either on social media or with friends

Do not post photos of your credit card involving the CVV number on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media websites.


All debit cards and credit cards now have card verification numbers on them as a preventive measure to assist ward off fraud purchases made through phone or online. And while a CVV code is tougher to access than your card number, it does not guarantee protection.

They certainly help, but they aren’t infallible. So, it is still advisable to take smart steps to protect yourself and your sensitive information. When using your credit card, be alert of your surroundings and the merchant you’re dealing with. Make sure of the security of your data by keeping an eye on your transactions at all times.

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Do you have a credit card or debit card? Then, you must have swiped your credit card machine. So when you insert your debit or credit card at a shopping center before, have you think about the machine. Which brand of card machines vendors is using, obviously? Youmachines don’t care.

Now, various kinds of credit card machines are available in the market that is the same in design and function but different in shape, sizes, and quality. These machines are provided the easiest way to transact your money to the vendors.

Credit card machines are innovative and demanding technology in the market. So the demand for credit card machine is rising rapidly. Moreover, in the pandemic of Covid 19, Government is also promoting contactless transactions to stop the coronavirus. And Credit card companies are also improving their card from magistrate to emv. Emv chip is inside the card that allows the cardholders to make their payments.

Are you accepting credit or debit card payments for your business? If no, then your business may be in trouble in the future. You must upgrade your payment method to your business; this will boost your sale and make more profit than before. Also, you need merchant processors that offer various payment terminals, and the use of credit card terminal is one of them. The use of cash as payment is decreasing, and purchase via digitally is increasing now.

So, how you select which is the best credit card machine? Don’t worry; we are here to help you to make a better decision to choose a credit card machine for your business. Below we have discussed various parameters about credit card machines that are beneficial for you and your business.

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Method Of Payment Business

Generally, there are three types of payment methods seen in the market.

  • Mobile apps like Paytm and google pay
  • Credit card terminals
  • Point of sale

Today, We’ll discuss the second category that is credit card terminal. We will discuss the significant differences and features you should look at while choosing the best credit card machine in the market.

Types Of Credit Card Machines

When we are talking about types of card machines, generally we think traditionally machines which we have seen at the local shops for accepting payment. However, credit card machines are available as hardware, software, and mobile phone.

Hardware Payment Terminals

Hardware payment terminal machines are the most popular in the market. Mostly you see this type of machine at the store. This is the tangible machine that allows the transaction between a credit card and the bank after verify the card is genuine. All the transactions occur in just seconds.

Virtual Payment Terminals

This is the second-highest popular method of using payments. Primarily this terminal used by online merchandise business platform, and what if your business accept order via the internet then how you receive your payment because the buyer is not at your shop and cannot ship the card in credit card machine. So to accept the payment, you need virtual software. Many companies provide these types of software that turn your computer in a credit card terminal and allow you to enter the credit card data to confirm the payment.

Mobile Credit Card Readers

Now mobile technology has become so advanced that they allow you to transfer your payments quickly. Only you have to enter your credit card details in your smartphones.

Best Credit Card Machine For Small Business

The credit card terminal used by small business operators, now the modern credit card terminals are contactless, and wireless credit card machines are beneficial for accepting payments.

Here we have a list of the best credit card machines for your business.

Cloven Mini

Cloven mini terminals are very popular because you can also use via the clover app. And a basic cloven device comes with the support of EMV, magstripe and, NFC-based payments. You can also add an invoice printer and a cash drawer. The average price the $740, and you also need to pay a monthly subscription amount. But these plans are available between $10 and $40 per month. So cloven mini is the best choice for credit card machine for small business. Let us discuss his pros and cons.


  1. This is easy to set up and use
  2. Also, this is Highly customizable
  3. If you want, then it Can be expanded with additional apps


  1. It is Requires a Fiserv merchant account
  2. The other cons are it Cannot be reprogrammed
  3. This is more expensive than competing systems

Clover Flex

Clover flex is the best machine for those who need to process transactions in the fields. It comes with 8 hours of battery life and wireless connectivity. And the price of the clover flex is varying widely depending on the location. However, the average cost of the clover flex is $499. And you also need a monthly plan range between $10 and $40 per month.

Now the time to know the pros and cons of the clover flex.


  • It Supports EMV & NFC-based payment methods
  • Also, this Can be expanded with additional apps
  • It provides Long battery life


  • This is a large and bulky design
  • The price of the clover flex is High
  • Sometimes Occasional software bugs & connectivity issues.

Ingenico iCT220 

Ingenico credit card terminal comes with no color display, no touch screen, and you can connect only ethernet or a landline telephone on it. While it is a basic terminal but provides full support of EMV and NFC-based or magstripe payments methods. Also, this comes with an inbuilt invoice printer. And the most attractive thing is the price of this iCT220 is $199. Those who just want a secure and straightforward terminal and don’t want an additional function are a perfect choice. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of it.


  • This is a very simple and  reliable device
  • It is very affordable for the small businesses
  • Its Support for EMV and NFC-based payment methods


  • There is No internal battery for mobile use
  • It also comes with no Wi-Fi and cellular data connection
  • It provides only limited to basic transaction processing functions

Square Register

This is the only hardware that comes with a free magstripe card reader that can be used by the plugin the smartphone. The fully pos system and 13.25” colorful touch display and support EMV, NFC-based methods and come with inbuilt software to run your business smoothly. Support many functions such as inventory management, and staff management, reporting. Also, provide customized features for restaurants. The cost of the square register is $799. There is no additional fee. Now the time to go through the pros and cons of it.


  • It is Accepts EMV, NFC-based, and magstripe transactions
  • This can be expanded via the 5-port USB hub
  • There are no monthly service fees


  • This Only works with the Square processing service
  • There are Account stability issues
  • Lack of  customer support

Verifone VX 520

This is the highly universal credit card terminal that comes with an inbuilt receipt printer and supports EMV and NFC- based and magstripe payment methods. And there is no battery for mobile use. But it is an indeed countertop device. The average price of around $180 to $300. Note this is a cheap terminal that you can purchase from third-party sellers like Amazon. This service typically costs about $100 per device.


  • It Accepts EMV, NFC-based, and magstripe transactions
  • Works with most merchant account providers
  • This is very affordable and reliable


  • There is No color display or touchscreen
  • Also, No additional POS functions

Features Should Have In The Credit Card Machines

  • Protection and safety: while we are swiping our credit card, there is always anxiety about is our credit card details safe. Because hackers steal our card details. But today, credit card processors use security called tokenization that will save your information.
  • Connectivity option: connectivity is the vital factor that affects your business as any type of internet-related issue or lag can impede your transactions. So, before buying, you should check the second connectivity system is available.
  • Processor flexibility: Firstly, make sure that your machine has a compatible processor. Because there are so many providers that offer non-compatible processors that can be used by only own processing network, but there are many options available; for wireless credit cards machine, you just have to sign up with any processor that gives you more flexibility. Also, some credit card merchandise charges fees for reprogramming.
  • Universal payment acceptor: if your machine only limited card payments that will affect your business, every customer has different bank credit companies. So, your credit card processor should accept a wide range of payment methods. And by this, you can improve your business goodwill.


This is the time to update your payment to manage consistency in your business. The most of the business owner has already updated their payment method. Credit card terminals are the future of transactions. And the world near to entirely digitalized, so you need to stay connected with the market. 

Hope your knowledge has boost ultimately, and this article will help to choose your credit card machine.

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Cryptocurrency holders all across the world are in a panic as the world’s largest cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) tends to undervalue. On May 19, 2021, Bitcoin tanked nearly 40% from its all-time level to the US $31,000, which was last seen in February 2021. In May, Bitcoin was trading at the US $55,000. Not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Dogecoin also have fallen by 40 percent and 45 percent respectively. Several experts blame China’s recent action against the crypto and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweets. 

Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin, says that both Elon Musk’s tweets and China’s action are the reason for the drop in Bitcoin price. He also added to his statement that “Any knee-jerk reaction to China’s action should be avoided. Dow Jones and major indices are down too.”

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China’s Action and Elon Musk’s Tweet

Earlier, China has banned payment companies and banks, and other financial institutions from offering services concerned with cryptocurrency transactions. Also, it warned investors about high-risk crypto trading. 

If you are a crypto holder, then you might be following one Twitter account — Tesla CEO. However, Elon Musk made a tweet saying, “Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoins started the sell-off in the crypto market.” However, he made another tweet clarifying that he still strongly believes in crypto, but it does not seem to ingrain Bitcoin buyers/holders. Since then the Bitcoin price begins to fall.

Though, in the markets like crypto or any other volatile markets, dropping in the price of a share looks dramatic, as per the industry experts.

What Avinash Shekhar, Co-CEO of ZebPay Says?

Avinash Shekhar, Co-CEO of ZebPay says that such corrections take place because short-term traders making profits. Long-term investors say it as lower prices a buying opportunity, just like the MicroStrategy did. He also said that technical analysts will see this as a test of the support level around $40,000.” 

In April 2020, the cryptocurrency market was at its peak of all time. The Bitcoin price towering 10 times from around $6,000 to nearly $60,000. The dip in the cryptocurrency market offers investors buying Bitcoin opportunity, says Thakral. 

China Banned Financial Institutions From Helping Cryptocurrency Businesses

As we have said above, China bans several payment companies and financial institutions from rendering services for cryptocurrency transactions. Not only this, but it has also warned investors about high-risk crypto trading.

This is China’s latest attempt to put a stop to expand the digital trading market. With the ban, financial institutions like online payments channels and banks are restricted to offer services like registration, trading, clearing, and settlement, etc to cryptocurrency holders. 

It has been said in a statement that cryptocurrency values have plummeted and soared, and speculative cryptocurrency trading has rebounded, disrupting the normal financial as well as economic order.

In addition to financial institutional services, China has also banned initial coin offerings and crypto exchanges. With this ban, the institutions may not be able to offer trust, saving, or pledging services which are concerned to cryptocurrency, nor issue financial product, as per the statement.

However, this is not the first move made by China against cryptocurrency. Earlier in the year 2017, it put a stop to its cryptocurrency exchanges, dyspnoeal a high-risk market that was holding nearly 90% of the world’s bitcoin trading.

After this, in June 2019, the Chinese bank named “People’s Bank of China” released a statement stating it would out shut down the accessibility to all national as well as foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and Initial Coin Offering websites. They said that the decision was made in order to clamp down on every sort of cryptocurrency trading and put a ban on foreign exchanges.

Dogeco Coins – Dogeco is a new online money transfer service created in the shape of a cross between PayPal and Bitwage. Dogeco is meant to be used in place of the conventional PayPal. Unlike other Internet payment methods, users will have their account balance automatically converted to the doge coins equivalent on each transaction. However, dogecoins are not backed or endorsed by any financial institution and are not issued in the same way that any conventional currency is issued.

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The newest must-have app is Clubhouse. It is a social networking app that allows you to join and host audio conversations with other people. Previously, this social networking app was only available for iPhone users. The company started its testing a few weeks back and now it is available for Android users as well. 

Before going into depth, it is important to know some basic details about Clubhouse. So, let’s begin!

What is “ Clubhouse”?

Clubhouse (social networking app) launched for the first time in April 2020 only for iOS users. This app is generally seen as a “new type of network based on voice”. Recently, the social networking app has blown up when Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared on the app. He joined the Good Time show to discuss memes, Mars and becoming a multi-planet species.

As you know that this app only uses voice not your camera, therefore you do not need to worry about “what you are wearing, your eye contact, or where are are”. The app can be operated while doing your work, no matter whether you are commuting or folding laundry. It is because you do not need to type or hit send, all your inflection, intonation, and emotion are conveyed easily through your voice. 

As per the New York Times, the Clubhouse had over 600,000 users, as of December 2020. As it is just an invite-only app, so you can’t download it from Apple’s App Store. 

Clubhouse App Launched Globally, Still Runs on Invite-Only System

As we have read above that Clubhouse is an invite-only social networking app which allows users to share audio posts, updates, and hold audio-only conversations. Initially, it was only launched for iOS and now the company introduced and released the app on Google Play Store. The app is compatible with devices having Android 8.0 or later.

However, the Clubhouse still functions on its invite-only system. Thus, if you are willing to join this app, then you are required to be invited by an existing Clubhouse member. Once you are invited, you will be able to choose topics of your interest like books, technology, business, etc. Also, you can follow people and have a look at the rooms in which they are participating. The app suggests rooms and users join or follow depending on their interests. They are free to exit rooms whenever they want. Downloading the social networking app from the iOS play store or Google Playstore will not be enough.

The Clubhouse Software Inc. took Twitter to let the people know about the launch of Clubhouse for Android users. Here is the Tweet:


This system has worked for Clubhouse since its launch, however, it might not be as good a system as previous in today’s world. After being late to launch the Android version of the app, the company finally released the app for Android users as well in May 2020. 

As a result, almost every social media platforms have a social audio space. For instance, Twitter already introduced its Twitter Spaces, whereas Facebook is planning to roll out several features related to social media audio spaces.

Hence, there is a slight drop in the total number of Clubhouse downloads in the last few months. The Sensor Tower report says that Clubhouse shows a slight drop in downloads in March but it still gets over 16 million downloads and installs last month. Now with the launch of the Android version, it is expected that the app will register a huge increase in its downloads and users. However, the invite-only system might be troublesome.

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What is a Point of Sale System: An Introduction

A point of sale system is a system where customers make a payment for services or goods at your shop. Each time a customer buys something at your store, you have a POS transaction. A POS system acts as a center for your firm’s transactions. Everything from inventory to sales to customer management mixes into your POS.

The location of your POS system can be digital or physical. Most online stores use a digital system to keep track of their sales. Physical stores are perhaps to use a physical POS system. If you own an eCommerce business, you can still use a point of sale system. Some of the systems only take online payments.

A point of sale system is the soul of a business and is utilized for many significant tasks like customer management, sales reporting, staff management, price adjustments, menu customization, labor reporting, inventory management, market initiates, etc. POS systems have allowed anyone, from artisans to business-minded entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into their profession, to start a retail shop and grow.

Benefits of Obtaining a POS System for Your Business

If you’re thinking about growing your business operations, a POS system is a great way to go. POS systems are full of benefits for your hard-built business. Some of the benefits are mentioned below: –

Better Analytical Planning & Thinking

Point of sale system makes it simpler to keep track of inventory, to notice and analyze tendencies and movements in sales procedure, to analyze sales data and other information in order to ascertain more accurately future trends and your business’s needs.

Increase Your Business Efficiency

It makes the handling of your business’s paperwork more time-saving. Managing orders and bills, reports or sales figures are made very suitable. Besides the working environment, the POS system also surges the efficiency of the everyday sales environment.

Positive Effect on Your Business

It enables you to have better access to your business activities. With a point of sale system, you know exactly which commodities you have sold on a daily or monthly basis, how many commodities are in the storage house, or much profit you have made.

More Efficient Personal Customer Communication

It makes it very simple to gather the contact details of your best customers at the same time they complete their transactions. This data is important for making personal offers and creating personal customer communication. Therefore, with a POS system, you can boost your profits and save money, and also, it assists you to make more informed decisions regarding your business.

Consistency of the Catalog

For retailers selling across many locations, keeping the consistency of their product catalog can be challenging. POS software keeps an online catalog of information that is available across many locations. You don’t have to worry about setting the same item prices across businesses. The POS will do it for you.

How Do POS Systems Operate?

The implementation procedure of a POS system is important to know, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing one. There is a great deal of difference between cash registers and POS systems, but commonly speaking, utilization is typically the same across platforms in the sense that a POS system is utilized to enhance sales and to accept payments. This is the simplest explanation of the work.

Here’s an outline of how POS systems operate: –

  • The Setup

There are hardware and software mechanisms to consider depending on the type of the business. For example, if you run a retail business, you require a retail POS system. If you own a bar or restaurant, then you require POS hardware and software concerning the same. The systems aren’t interchangeable. So, you’ll need to choose a POS that would provide suitable solutions according to your business.

  • Programming

Your POS software has to be designed to accept the products, menu, and inventory that you’ll be dealing in. Most POS companies will design your menu items as a prevailing client or additionally for a fee. This can be a time-consuming procedure, especially if you have a lot of inventory items.

  • Payments

If you plan on taking debit/credit card payments with your point of sale system, then you need to go for a business account. A business processing account is required to accept debit/credit cards from your clients. POS companies will provide a business account to integrate with your POS.

  • Installation

Most companies provide some support or service to offer installation. It essential to get a proper installation to ascertain all your hardware and software work properly according to the company’s manuals. Otherwise, you would risk technical problems, and that’s the last thing you need to face when operating a business.

  • Training

Training and assistance are very critical to get the best out of the software. Some companies will provide remote or online training, but if you’re allowed to get training onsite with all the staff present nearby, that would be the best possible scenario. Although, know that latest the POS systems are user-friendly and easy to learn.

What is a POS Terminal?

A POS Terminal is a card-reading machine that accepts payments for an order placed through the POS system. Such machines may or may not be unified with the POS software.

You might’ve noticed that in certain stores, the card is swiped on a single machine and the bill is printed. These POS terminals are usually designed into the system as a whole and are unified with the POS software for smooth order handling and faster checkouts.

POS terminals usually accept all modes of payments over chip-based and swipe cards. Modern terminals also accept NFC and other payment options like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayTm, Google Pay, etc.

What to Look for in a Point of Sale System?

The POS you select has a great impact on how you perform day-to-day business operations, and how you grow your business each year. Let us tell you what are the factors to look for in a POS suitable for every kind of business: –

  • Employee Management

You can utilize POS terminals for an employee coming in and going out, requiring that employees validate their identity, so you only pay them for the time they work in. You can also utilize your POS system to design employee schedules, saving you the time of manually adjusting schedules for alteration.

  • Inventory Management

POS systems can help you replace manual counts with time-saving and proper systematized procedures. Certain POS solutions can even notify you when the inventory is running low and offer you the information you require to issue a purchase order timely.

  • Third-party Integration

The POS system that you are considering should integrate with your customer relationship management, online ordering, accounting program, or other business-related activity. Third-party integration means data is automatically shared with other programs, saving you extra time.

  • POS Reporting

The real-time reports made from your Point of sale system can assist you to pinpoint the sources of shrinkage if any, and keep a close eye on expenses. POS reports also enable you to record key performance indicators that show that your business is moving in the direction of the goals you set.

  • Receipts

Receipts make performing refunds simpler since there’s a digital or physical paper proof of the purchased item. They can also make your store look more well-established.

  • Tipping Support

For service experts and restaurants, tips can be a great part of getting paid. POS systems that enable customers to add an online tip during the checkout process, make it more possible that they will tip.

Different Types of POS Hardware

The hardware components you require can vary depending upon the type of the business. Below mentioned are the common hardware components used by every POS business: –

  • Connected Device

A portable device like an iPad or a tablet can be a great alternative to a monitor. Such devices can be propped up with a stand, enabling your employees to clock in and out.

  • Credit Card Reader

A card reading device allows your customers to securely pay through credit card while in-store. Most customers prefer the digital method of payment because it is generally faster and time-saving.

  • Cash Drawer

Even if you have a card reader for contactless payment, you still need a cash drawer for the cash payments. POS software that is connected to the cash drawer can mitigate fraud by tracking properly when the drawer is opened.

  • Bar Code Scanner

A bar code scanner reads a product’s details so you can purchase it. It is also a great way to double-check the price, inventory level, and other details.

  • Receipt Printer

A receipt shows consumers exactly what and when they have bought the brought and how much they paid for it.

Final Words

A unified point of sale system becomes much more than just a site of transaction. It almost acts as a business assistant for you. Keep in mind, POS system can be expensive, especially when you’re searching for one that is filled with features. Keep your business budget in mind while searching for a POS system.

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When it comes to seamless communication, nothing beats Microsoft Outlook’s proficiency and accessibility. It helps in overseeing and planning emails, monitoring tasks, individual and expert arrangements and many more. Then, they can store long stretching records and prevent any sort of blunders. However, like many other software, it is quite possible to encounter an error with the Microsoft Outlook account. Among the many errors you might face, one of them is the [pii_email_fb3a592541f578be054a] code. One should know all the data about how to solve the use and ways to implement. 

What are the reasons causing the [pii_email_fb3a592541f578be054a] error code?

Before you get to the point of how to troubleshoot the [pii_email_fb3a592541f578be054a] error code, you must know what is causing all the issues.

  • If you’re using multiple accounts and different records without clearing the store or the cache. In that case, the already stored data is causing all the conflict to your Microsoft Outlook account. 
  • During the installation of the Microsoft Outlook account, you might have downloaded an inappropriate or corrupted file that is causing all the trouble. 
  • The mistake can arise in your Outlook account due to non-updation to the latest versions. Using an old version might lead to issues in your Outlook account. 
  • There are some unidentified reasons that might cause trouble with your Outlook account; however, you can ask for help from the Outlook support tea. the help group can assist you with the best known explanation and solutions as well. 

How to fix the [pii_email_fb3a592541f578be054a] error code?

Like the [pii_email_8b2f2b4d686a5ec612d4] error code, there are several ways you can resolve an issue. The following are to top four ways to fix up the issue:

Update your Microsoft Outlook account: Not being up to the recent Outlook version can be a primary glitch to your account. So, check if your PC is up-to-date with the latest rendition of Outlook. In event it is not, update your account to the latest version and uninstall the previous one. In the event that another Microsoft Office has been introduced, one needs to download the authentic version.

Clearing the cache reserve: Not clearing your cache reserve is one other reason why clients encounter such a blunder. To do so, go to File and Choice and then go for clearing the Outlook treats and reserve. One done, log out of your Microsoft Outlook accounts. Restart or shutdown the PC. Open the Microsoft account and see if the issue is settled or not.

Choose an auto-fix device: An auto-fix device assists with programmed remedy and solves the issue with your Microsoft Outlook account. Check the insights concerning the product on the Control board and then check the capacity arrangement. Turn on the Office 365 app and pick the Microsoft app for maintenance and auto-fixing. 

Removing outsider email application: Having beyond one email application can block the working of Microsoft Outlook. It is because of the conflict between two email applications that can cause issues to an individual using it. so, eliminate the untrusted source from your PC to ensure smoother working. 

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