If you’re thinking of developing an iOS App, you have to keep up with this constantly evolving market to seize the growth you’re looking for. 

It is quite evident that the competition is so cutthroat that your whole brand image can come crumbling down if you fall one step short.

So, hop on as we take you through the top five trends of 2021 in iOS development that just can’t be missed. 

Mobile Wallet

Especially with the pandemic striking out various face-to-face interactions, cashless payments are on the rise. For iOS, these transactions are facilitated via Apple Pay. 

Mobile wallets or online transactions are an absolute necessity that can’t be ignored in today’s world. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Perhaps the most impressive means of fusing the real and virtual world’s elements is AR and VR. 

Initially, these features were seen as entertainment as games like Pokemon Go and more. However, nowadays, as the times are evolving, more practicality is being linked to them. Such advancements are also utilized for sports entertainment and training, as with the Skytrak golf launch monitor that works with iOS.

One of the contemporary examples is Google Maps’ “True View”, which implements AR, further enhancing the user experience.

Wearable Apps and IoT

With the advancement of technology, wearable apps have expanded their horizon from functioning merely as Fitbits or fitness bands. 

Features relating to the Internet of Things need to be incorporated during app development, especially since they extend their service to aspects related to healthcare, automobiles, child and pet care, etc.

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Developers need to work out a way to assist users in their day-to-day life as each day living life via the online mode is more stressed upon, owing to the Covid-19 situation.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For the app user, certain features of Machine Learning, like voice and face recognition and biometrics, help in boosting online security. 

Whereas, the app development process will be further aided by ML as more advancements in AI take place as there would come a time when the developer wouldn’t have to spend too long on code-writing. AI will handle it all.

This will again help the process become a more cost-effective solution and help save a lot of time on the plus side.

It is impossible to not adapt to the changing times as there is a great chance of being left behind and missing out on everything. 

Thereafter, it’s even harder to cross the wide gap to match up with our fast-paced world. 

But as far as our assumption goes, not everyone is up to speed with these trends, and the chances are slim when you’re operating your own business and do not have time to indulge with such external happenings. 

Then how on we visualize the perfect app that we want to rise in a market that is changing by the minute. 

Well! The short answer is that you need help from a domain expert. This is why we will leave you with a name that you can trust when it comes to mobile app development; TechAhead.

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They are not only one of the App Development Company in the USA and India but have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies such as Audi, AXA, Disnep and more.

With a portfolio of 2000+ apps and more than 350+ brands working in collaboration with them during a complete decade of their operations, TechAhead is a IOS App Development Company that you can bank upon.

Want free consultation from domain experts? Well! You’re just one tap away from that. 

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