A small living room can feel like a cramped space. But there are many ways to make the most of your limited square footage and create more breathing room. Sometimes, decluttering the room does not make that much difference. But, that does not mean to redecorate the space all over again.  

Many experts will advise you to use light colors on the walls and ceiling to make it seem airier. Keep furniture to a minimum and try using built-ins as well. Yes, these ideas will do the thing. However, there are many more ways to nail the décor and create the illusion of space within your small living room.

Here are the ten most effortless ways to create a valuable and inviting space:

  1. Keep it lush
  2. A transparent setting
  3. Make it right with all gray
  4. Use one bold color
  5. A mixed color palette
  6. Change all, except the window side
  7. Go for geometric accents
  8. Use more glass coffee tables
  9. Maximize the lighting
  10. Minimal wall hangings and rugs

Keep it lush:

Having a small space does not necessarily mean it has to be dull and fussy. You can still manage to create an attractive living space with mid-century modern furniture online, a coffee table, and a lush green theme. Indeed, green is a refreshing color, but it is not about the color paints. Green might not be a good choice for a small apartment. So, add a living plant on one side of the windows and a fancy lamp on the other side. 

A transparent setting:

Transparency is the best quality of a perfect living room. Well, it means creating a low profile space with fewer items and more room. In your case, an L-shaped corner sofa, a decent coffee table, a side lamp, and a small area rug would do the thing. Anything more than this will end up cramping your living area. Moreover, creating a reading nook and a window spot is the best transparent setup.

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Make it right with all gray:

Believe it or not, grey is ruling the home interiors as black and gold do. That is why grey is a stunning choice for your small apartment living room. For sure, it will incorporate every big and small decorative element gracefully. In the same way, add a brown center table and keep the wooden floor bare to maximize the room. 

Use one bold color:

Who says you cannot use bold colors in small spaces? Well, you can do it right with only one pop-up color. Colors like pink, yellow, and blue, for example, will look fantastic in a compact setting. In addition, use a colorful canvas on the wall and get patterned pillow covers. Also, you can get a classic recliner from the best bedroom furniture stores.  

A mixed color palette:

A limited area with a mixed color palette might suit your style. So, add a few pop-up colors to your monotonous setting and let them shine through the windows. Remember, natural light is essential for small and large rooms alike. In addition, you can keep the walls in any neutral color and add flowers to the décor. 

Change all, except the window side:

No doubt, the window side is my favorite spot in any room. Be it a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining area. The window side has to be spare and beautiful. That is why change all you want, but try to keep the window side simple and less crowded. Also, you can opt for a natural brick wall rather than using paint. 

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Go for geometric accents:

Geometric accents can instantly transform your home décor, whether small or big. Moreover, it is the best way to give a unique accent to your limited living space. So, either go for geometric area rugs or get printed pillow covers. Plus, add the abstract wall art. 

Use more glass coffee tables:

You might already know that glass top tables are the top choice to create the illusion of space in small rooms. It not only reflects the color scheme of your décor but also reflects natural and electrical light. You are more likely to find great glass tops in mid-century modern furniture. 

Maximize the lighting:

As much as you need natural light in your small living room, electric lighting is equally essential. One stark sofa or couch can absorb all the attention towards it. So, make sure to add more lighting to these cramped rooms. And let the ceiling lights focus on your furniture.  

Minimal wall hangings and rugs:

A perfect layout consists of a sofa, a coffee table, a book rack, and a wall painting. If you do not own a luxury apartment, use this setup with minimal wall hangings. Keep in mind that more wall art will make your room look suffocated. So, one wall piece will suffice the décor. Furthermore, you can add a decent area rug to create a perfect zone.


How do you decorate your small living room? In the age of micro-apartments, it’s a query that many people ask. Creating space in an already cramped environment can be tricky, but it can also be effortless! Ten ways are right here! One way to utilize every inch of your apartment is by maximizing natural light, mixing up color palettes, and using glass coffee tables. Plus, add minimal wall décor and spare the window sides from overuse to create space. 

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