Trees add a lot to any landscape and are beneficial for the environment. So, it is a good idea to add trees to any yard or landscape. But those trees need care and maintenance over the years. The trees also get to be very tall. When there is storm or insect damage, the trees may need the help of a professional arborist or landscape company. It is important to know when to hire professionals and what the homeowner can do on their own.

When hiring someone to take care of sick or damaged trees, hire the correct professional. For trees, an arborist may be the right professional to hire. A low-skill handyman could do more damage than good and will charge almost the same fees. A good landscape company will probably have a professional trained as an arborist. Look online for Tree Services Near Me for local expert listings and advice.

Some services an arborist provides include:

  • Planting trees the right way in the right place so they stand a better chance of thriving.
  • Pruning existing trees properly so they stay healthy and look their best.
  • Tree maintenance services such as insect prevention, storm damage repair, getting ready for winter or spring, and other tree maintenance as necessary.
  • Emergency tree care to save trees that have been damaged by storms, high winds, or construction. Insect invasions can kill trees without quick intervention. A tree may have become dangerous because of age or damage and need to be safely removed.

A Good Tree and Plant Care Company Offers Many Services

The right landscape or tree and plant care service will offer multiple services to keep a home’s landscaping in top condition. These services may offer total care of the landscaping as well as tree care. They include:

  • The tree-care the landscape needs
  • Plant health care includes inspecting the whole landscape periodically, fertilization as needed, and insect prevention or eradication treatments as needed. They can also help with systems to water everything adequately.
  • Mulching gardens and trees, if done correctly, can have many advantages, including the plantings needing less water and living longer.
  • These companies have landscape design experts who can consult with homeowners to improve the look and usability of outdoor spaces around the home.
  • When disaster strikes in the form of storms, tornadoes, fire, and more, the plant and tree care company can send crews out to clean up the debris, try to save as many damaged trees as possible, and replace destroyed plants and trees.
  • A good landscape company often offers spring and fall yard cleanup and seasonal preparation services.
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Working With Your Arborist

It may be that a homeowner wants to do part or most of their landscape maintenance and design on their own. They only hire an arborist for emergencies or for special tree needs. It is important to choose the right service for these shared responsibilities. There are reasons to hire professionals and questions to ask before hiring the right person.
Some questions to ask a person before hiring them to work on a landscape and its trees are how much experience and training, they have, are they insured, and are they certified? Ask what kind of equipment they have and if they offer the services needed for this landscape. Then ask them if they are willing to work with a homeowner who wants to do part of their own landscape maintenance. The right person will be glad to advise a homeowner on the right way to complete landscaping tasks and ask for help when needed.

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