Many of the locations that we frequent on a daily basis are located on city property, and this includes anything from sidewalks and parks to roadways and government offices. In addition, cities have a huge number of employees that are responsible for the building, maintenance, and repair of public areas.

There are times when city personnel fail to fulfil their responsibilities. Accidents are possible whenever this occurs, and members of the general public might get hurt as a result.

You may be eligible for financial compensation if you have suffered an injury while on city property or as a result of an accident that involved a city worker. Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Salem to help you explore your options.

Taking A City To Court For Negligence: Important Facts

Personal injury claims of any kind can be challenging. But in cases when a city or other municipality is the defendant, this is particularly true.

The following details are crucial for you to understand if you think you were harmed as a result of municipal government or employee negligence:

Cities May Face a Variety of Negligence Claims.

In a claim against a city in North Carolina, there may be several negligent-related issues. The following are some instances of possible justifications for bringing a personal injury claim against a city under the STCA:

  • accidents resulting from failing to clear snow or address other safety issues
  • accidents involving shoddy upkeep of public spaces and facilities
  • City vehicles are involved in auto accidents.

But keep in mind that not all mistakes made by a municipality and its employees qualify as negligence. For instance, you might not have a claim if it had just snowed and city workers hadn’t yet had a chance to sweep the sidewalk where you fell.

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A timely and thorough investigation of the circumstances is necessary to ascertain whether you have a personal injury claim, as is the case with all forms of personal injury cases.

In Order To Preserve Your Legal Rights, You Must File A Notice of Claim.

To protect your legal rights, you must submit a notice of claim as soon as possible if you have cause to sue a city for personal injury. Your claim may be dismissed if your notice of claim is submitted after the deadline or is incomplete in any way.

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