All it takes is a short trip to the local drug store to see how many different kinds of at-home tooth whitening products there are on today’s market. Unfortunately, while all those whitening toothpastes, strips, pens, and other products may sound great, most don’t deliver on their makers’ promises. Instead of wasting money on products that are unlikely to produce results, find out about the benefits of professional tooth whitening as a more effective alternative.

  1. Whiter Teeth

The most obvious benefit of finding a dentist that offers Teeth Whitening Near Me instead of relying on over-the-counter products is that professional whitening procedures work better. Over-the-counter products will be effective for light stains, at most. Instead of producing no more than mediocre results, a professional tooth whitening will address even moderate-to-severe discoloration.

  1. Faster Results

Whitening toothpastes and other at-home products take weeks to work, which can be a problem for people who need to see fast results. Heading to the dentist for a professional tooth whitening procedure, on the other hand, will leave patients with whiter teeth on the same day. Dentists have access to much stronger, longer-lasting tooth whitening products, so it only takes around an hour to complete the procedure.

  1. Less Risk of Side Effects

At-home tooth whitening products can produce some seriously unpleasant side effects, especially if they’re not used exactly as intended. These side effects can include:

  1. Burns to gums from gel tray use
  2. Temporary gum bleaching
  3. Gastrointestinal damage from swallowing whitening products unintentionally
  4. Damage to tooth enamel
  5. Tooth pain or sensitivity

When patients head to their dentists for professional tooth whitening, they don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects. Dentists and dental hygienists know exactly how to use products for maximum safety and effectiveness.

  1. Longer-Lasting Results

Most at-home tooth whitening treatments last for only a very short period of time. They can only treat extrinsic stains, which are caused by things like smoking cigarettes and eating certain foods. Professional whitening, on the other hand, can treat intrinsic stains and discoloration caused by infections, medications, and aging, as well. When regular professional tooth whitening doesn’t work well enough to completely remove stains, dentists can also recommend other solutions such as inlays and onlays.

  1. Ability to Identify and Address Underlying Problems

The whitening toothpastes, pens, and trays available in drug stores come with instructions that indicate how to use them, and that’s about all people get. When patients schedule professional tooth whitening visits with their dentists, they’ll also be able to benefit from professional guidance. Most people want to know if there are lifestyle changes they could make to keep teeth whiter, or if the products they’re using at home could be causing damage. Only a dentist can offer that kind of information.

Stop Wasting Money

Americans waste hundreds of dollars on at-home tooth whitening products every year without even stopping to do the math. It makes far more sense to make one up-front investment for years of whiter teeth than it does to continue wasting money on products that either don’t work or don’t produce lasting results. Call a dentist to schedule a professional tooth whitening visit instead.

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