The environmental crisis is expediting at an unparalleled rate. According to studies concentration of Co2, the most prominent greenhouse gas has reached 413.2 parts per million in 2020 which is 149% of the pre-industrial level. Since 1970, the Earth’s temperature has increased at a far much faster rate than in any comparable period.

This is not something that happened instantly. In the past few decades, environmentalists have cautioned innumerable times but the world kept immersed in the glaring life of technology and development giving no heed to the warnings. Although some of the organizations came up front to fight the situation and started working for sustainable development.  It is one such non-profit organization that came into existence in 2009 with the aim to downscale co2 emissions and ameliorate air quality. It’s headquarter isin Oxford, UK


With the aim to enable companies and individuals to measure and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions SQM club now operates worldwide. It has helped its members to track 1.4 million emissions reports and saved 1,675,433 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere since its launch (as of January 2015).  SQM is the acronym for square meter, a unit to measure co2 emission and refer to the amount saved by an individual or company by actively participating in SQM projects. Additionally SQM also stands for Social, quality, and marketing.

The club believes that a small dedicated group of volunteers can have a huge impact when working for the common benefit of improving the environmental condition and making it better for the future generation. Additionally, focuses on increasing people’s and government awareness and understanding about the polluted air, thereby motivating them to act.

Global Appearance

Althoughthe SQM Club’s headquarter is in the UK  its members are spread globally including countries like  Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Poland, and Singapore.  It has its presence worldwide and has encouraged innumerable countries to improve their air quality and head towards a clean environment. These include government organizations of the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Brazilian telecommunication companies, large international Japanese companies, real state businesses in new Zealand and Australia, hospitals in China, and many more globally. With more than 1000+ members the club aims to make the earth less polluted for the future generation. To achieve this, the club provides its members with essential tools and advice

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SQM holds the head high for its successful collaboration with NATS(National Car Testing Service) in the UK, as it enables them to save millions of pounds year after year by effectively managing their Co2 emissions. It works closely with NATS to measure and track the carbon effect of its fleet operations, allowing them to spend less on fuel cost,  enhance fleet operations, and decrease its carbon footprint. Additionally, the club assisted Nats to acquire a new “CO2 type calculator” which enables one to calculate the vehicle economy during the authorization Type. All Authorized Type Testing Stations in the UK use this now.


SQM with the vision of reduced co2 emission and a pollution-free environment believes that its goals are achievable and to make it a reality combines creativity with data. These could be achieved by working closely with private, non-profit, and government organizations. It has over 9000+ registered locations where people can track and monitor their carbon emissions.

The members of the club work in close association with businesses and organizations that want to track their CO2 emissions and contribute towards cleaner air by paying an annual fee of $150. This helps them to reduce their cost and meet the government guidelines with ease.  The club makes it possible by providing the companies with necessary tools through which they can measure their carbon footprint and take informed business decisions without affecting their productivity.

An online calculator is designed by the club to enable people to understand what amount of co2 they are emitting into the atmosphere either due to products they use or services they offer. It provides an accurate and comprehensive report within seconds enabling its members to understand where the emission is coming from and what steps should be taken to save money.

Valuable advice, tips, and suggestions are also provided on how by implementing simple actions at home or work co2 emissions can be minimized. It ensures its members about the possibility of living a quality life without harming the atmosphere and protecting it for the future generation. They offer services that can reduce carbon emission most cost-effectively than ever before.

Sqm has also released an app that can efficiently measure the air quality of schools and universities. It provides various research opportunities to those interested in working in the area of air quality. All tha tools and apps developed by the club are available online for its members to use.

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The SQM club allows its members to calculate and compare their  co2 emission with other members and also provide many individual reports to portray the explicit contribution of each member towards the club and how much co2 is emitted globally by all consumers. It offers numerous ways to motivate organizations by demonstrating that pollution-controlling activities are both environmentally friendly and costly.

Following are the key areas it helps

  • measuring carbon footprints
  • tracks air pollution reduction.
  • Effectively build innovative reduction tracking projects
  • Provide tools for output data analysis.
  • Establish data quality assurance systems
  • Ensure output reduction
  • Grant pollution reduction credits.

Sqm contributed to the cost reduction strategies of innumerable companies in the following ways providing them effective tools to monitor CO2 emissions associated with their employees’ travel.

  • Save money on the cost of fuel
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance expenses
  • Lowered Vehicle insurance premium
  • Reduced vehicle purchasing price by enabling to achieve lower interest rate.

Sqm works for the charity as well, it has opened many free accounts for charities, for instance, “Architect of peace” and helping them to measure their co2 emission and providing innovative ways to reduce the same and thereby reducing the cost and save money. The club wants to make technology accessible to these groups so they can achieve better goals.

The working of the club is not limited to just its headquarter. SQM has become a global phenomenon and its strategies and policies are adopted worldwide


SQM lacks in terms of the funds, it requires for the research and development of tools it designs, to measure and control co2 emissions. Securing funds is the most significant challenge SQM is facing presently. Alongside it is looking for a joint venture partnership, in order to retain full intellectual property rights over its patented Sqm software platform while working with big organizations to provide effective Sqm solutions as per their needs

Why Join SQM?

The club enables its members to calculate their contribution in making the air polluted and the negative impact of their actions on climate individually. The club does so by providing them the tools to calculate, track and record their carbon footprints. Additionally providing them reports when necessary. Also provides relevant information to its members, enabling them to maintain a crucial balance between their individual or business benefits and the environment. So they can effectively utilize the opportunities and reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

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Benefits to SQM members

The club offers its member with sqm club carbon footprint tracker, a mobile app enabling members to efficiently and effectively measure their carbon footprints, and offers tips and suggestions to reduce the same. This tracker could be accessed through the website. being its member is beneficiary for the environment as well as to your pocket!!!

SQM principles

SQM focuses on 4 main goals to take carbon dioxide emission to the lowest possible levels. These 4 goals include

  • Sourcing 100% of Sqm clubs electricity from renewables
  • Waste Reduction
  • Purchasing & Transport Preference to FSC certified wood, recycled paper, and metal products
  • Save water

Final words

The unsustainable environment is no more a blame game. While most of us grumble about polluted air, smoky sky, or polluted water, the least do we know it is “us” who is responsible for these unfavorable circumstances leading to cautionary environmental issues. It is high time for the world to take the ‘required’ action towards saving the earth from the major environmental crisis. If ignored today, these ill effects are sure to curb human existence in the coming decades.

As the saying goes “to make a change be a part of the change” and what better opportunity than being a member of the SQM Club would be. As enables its members to effectively calculate and track the co2 emission that their products or services produce and advice on how to reduce the same and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission globally. It’s a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a globally recognized club.  Contact SQM Club’s headquarter to be its member and take a small step to make the world a better place to live in. Your small contribution can make a big difference!!!

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