Master’s degrees can be a great way to continue your education and specialize in a certain area. They can also lead to higher-paying jobs and better opportunities. If you are looking into getting a master’s degree, you might be wondering which ones are the most popular. Here is a list of some of the most common master’s degrees.

Data Science

One occupation that’s in high demand in recent years is analytics, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down. Becoming a master of data science online allows you to become an expert in data mining, warehousing, and modeling. It’s a degree that can lead to many different types of careers in various industries.

Pursuing a data science degree online is becoming increasingly popular because it allows students to learn at their own pace and complete the program on their own time. Additionally, data science is one of the few fields where there are more job openings than qualified applicants. Data scientists are in high demand across all industries because they hold the key to unlocking actionable insights from data.

If you’re interested in pursuing a data science degree, there are great online programs to choose from.


A similar field to data science, statistics is the study of data and looks for trends and patterns. A statistics degree can lead to a career in research or academia, or you could work in fields like finance or marketing. If you’re interested in a statistics degree, be sure to check out our list of the best schools for statistics.

While data science is focused on extracting insights from data, statistics is focused on understanding what the data means. In other words, statistics is all about interpretation while data science is more about analysis. A degree can help you develop strong analytical skills that can be applied in many different fields.

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So if you’re interested in pursuing a career in statistics, be sure to check out our list of the best schools for statistics. With this knowledge, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of exciting and challenging careers.

Computer Science

Nowadays, computer science is among the hottest careers since it’s constantly evolving. The most popular branches to pursue a master’s degree in right now are the following:

  • computer science
  • computer engineering
  • information technology
  • software engineering
  • systems engineering
  • computer programming
  • web development
  • computer security
  • network administration
  • web design

Choosing computer science as your field of study guarantees you a well-paid job and interesting work. The computer science industry is one of the most stable and secure, with little chance of outsourcing or downsizing. It’s also a field that is constantly changing and expanding, so you’ll never get bored! And if you’re not sure which specialization to pursue, don’t worry as computer science covers a wide range of topics, so you can always find something that interests you.


Accountants are responsible to improve business finances and they work with clients to ensure that their financial statements are accurate. They also help clients save money by providing tax planning services. Tax accounting is one of the most popular accounting fields.

Most accountants have a bachelor’s degree, but many employers prefer to hire candidates who have a master’s or a related field. A master’s degree in accounting can give you the advanced knowledge and skills you need to become a successful accountant.

If you’re interested in becoming an accountant, you should consider pursuing a master’s degree in accounting. With a master’s degree in accounting, you’ll be able to pursue a variety of exciting and challenging career opportunities. Contact your local university or college to learn more about accounting programs near you. 

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One of the most creative and fun master’s degrees out there is advertising. If you have a knack for creativity and want to enter a field that is constantly changing and evolving, this may be the perfect fit for you. The advertising industry is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach consumers, so if you have fresh ideas, this could be the perfect career path for you.

While many agencies are located in large cities, there are opportunities to work in smaller markets as well. And with the rise of digital marketing, more and more advertising is happening online, so there are plenty of options for where you can work. If you’re interested in advertising, do some research on the different types of jobs available and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Mechanical Engineering 

Another ever-evolving field is robotics and mechanical engineering. With the increasing development of technology, the demand for this job has grown as well. They are responsible for developing and constructing machines, as well as testing them to see if they work properly. In order to become a mechanical engineer, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. 

If you want to pursue a career in this field, then getting a master’s degree in mechanical engineering would be beneficial. There are many different types of mechanical engineering degrees that you can choose from, so make sure to do your research before making a decision.

Human Resources 

Being in the HR department mediating between employees and management requires excellent communication, negotiation, and people skills. With the ever-changing workforce, human resources have become one of the most popular industries to pursue a degree in. 

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A human resources diploma can lead to various job opportunities such as an HR generalist, training and development manager, compensation and benefits manager, or even a chief human resources officer. Job satisfaction is high in this field as well since you get to help shape company culture while also protecting employee rights. 

Public Health  

A noble call to duty for some, public health has been at the forefront of human civilizations for millennia. From early man’s attempt to control the spread of disease through sanitation and quarantines to modern-day public health initiatives like vaccines and anti-smoking campaigns, society has long recognized the importance of good public health in preventing epidemics and prolonging life.

While most people associate public health with doctors and nurses, the field is actually much broader than that. Public health also includes dentists, nutritionists, pharmacists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, counselors, social workers, and many other professionals who work together to keep our communities healthy.

You always need to focus on your education and self-improvement and a master’s degree can help tremendously. Data science and statistics are popular fields in business, while computer science is needed everywhere. You can try your luck as an accountant or make commercials for various companies. Mechanical engineering is also very fun while being an HR person requires skill, patience, and dedication. Finally, you can also make a lot of money in a noble call such as public health!

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