Quality, attractive office furniture creates a user-friendly working environment and makes a great impression on visitors. However, start-up companies and those with tight furniture budgets cannot always afford to fill spaces with new furnishings. Many solve the problem by sourcing quality pre-owned furniture from established suppliers.

Choosing pre-owned furnishings can be a money and time saver. It is an Earth-friendly choice, too. Some businesses deliberately go for used items to give their spaces the look of traditional style and quality.

Immediate Savings

Pre-owned furniture is a bargain. In today’s corporate environment, original purchasers have often taken excellent care of furniture to ensure their offices always look their best. As a result, it can be nearly impossible to tell that some used office furniture isn’t new.
Opting for older furniture is a way for companies to beat depreciation. New furniture and equipment may depreciate 25% in five years. Used furniture often retains as much as 75% of its original purchase price.

According to All Business, companies can often save 50% by purchasing pre-owned office furniture. Not all items are heavily used, either. Some may be relatively new and show few signs of wear and tear.

Buying Used Is Eco-Friendly

Choosing used items is a form of recycling that is good for the planet. Every year, companies discard office equipment because owners just want to get rid of it. According to the EPA, about three million tons of office furniture are sent to landfills annually. Choosing older furniture shows that a company is committed to reducing waste and carbon emissions since no natural resources need to be used to create new furniture.

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Business.com says that buying used extends the usable life of furniture and reduces the industrial pollution generated when new items are manufactured. Pre-owned office furniture can often last for years and still look good.

Better Quality

Not all businesses go for previously owned furniture to save money. Many deliberately search for older pieces to ensure high quality. Some pre-owned furniture has lasted for decades and is still in good shape, demonstrating that it was well made. It’s not unusual for new furniture to develop problems after a few months, but pieces that have stood the test of time are reliable.

Buying used can also solve the problem of finding furniture to create a custom office design. Many companies search for antique or classic furniture styles so they can create a one-of-a-kind space. They may use older furniture when they want an inviting, comfortable feeling. There are also businesses that go after vintage furniture and search for quality pre-owned pieces to brand their spaces with the look of a specific time period.

Many used furniture pieces have been refurbished, giving them a like-new appearance but retaining their original character. Also, the used-furniture market has increased, spurring suppliers to provide higher quality pieces to satisfy the growing demand.
It is becoming common for businesses to furnish offices with well-made, affordable pre-owned furniture. Many buyers search for older, quality used items to create a specific office style. Buying used pieces is also eco-friendly since it recycles furniture, giving it new life.

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