Success in eCommerce businesses hinges on their ability to drive traffic. SEO in eCommerce plays a significant role in driving a considerable volume of traffic to online stores. Many eCommerce business owners turn to social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and digital advertising, but nothing has the capability to beat eCommerce SEO for driving organic traffic

A Brief on Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO refers to a strategy formulated with the aim of attracting organic traffic to online stores. It is done by optimizing the website to rank well in the search engines. It is to be kept in mind that SEO is more than just creating content and optimization. It is an ongoing effort that makes the eCommerce website better in terms of better ranking on search engine result pages.

Top Ecommerce SEO Tips

To enhance organic traffic to the eCommerce websites, here are a few of the major tips to follow.

  1. Start with Proper Keyword Research 

The first step towards SEO for eCommerce websites is proper keyword research. Always make sure to optimize products and website pages for keywords that the target audience might be searching for. Proper planning and research are of utmost importance are finding the right keywords, which helps identify the appropriate search terms used by the target audience to find products that an online store is selling.

  • Create Quality Content

Content has always been the king, and hence the focus should always be on creating quality content. Search engines intend to provide useful information to users. Therefore, the search engines always prioritize those pages or websites that can offer the best answer to a query from a user for every keyword. The target of an online store should be to answer as many questions as possible about its products. In-depth or long-format content is very good for eCommerce SEO.

  • Provide Detailed Product Descriptions
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Product descriptions that are detailed and thorough have proved to be a great way to increase organic traffic to any online store. The product descriptions should include all their benefits and features. The descriptions should be compelling and easy to read as well as understand. However, care needs to be taken to include the right keywords in the product descriptions, which helps increase organic traffic. Every eCommerce website should make it a point to provide users with an enjoyable product page experience for better results.

  • Improve the Structure and Navigation of the Website

Every eCommerce website happens to be different, and the average time a user spends on the website before deciding to leave ranges between 10 to 20 seconds. Thus, if the website is difficult to navigate and the different product categories are not organized properly, there are high chances of users leaving the site. Improving the structure and navigation of the website is beneficial not only for SEO but also for the overall user experience.

  • Work on the Site Speed

It is extremely important to work on the overall speed of the site and pages. Google prioritizes the speed of the pages as one of the vital ranking factors. Optimizing the eCommerce website and its pages proves to be great for connecting users with the products they are searching for in the shortest possible time.

  • Clean-Up All Broken Links

Broken links are a strict no for SEO since they create a negative impact. These broken links not only affect the overall performance of the eCommerce website but also impact user experience. Interlinking with broken product pages and categories means stopping users dead in their tracks. Some users might stay and move to new pages, whereas others are likely to abandon the website. Thus, cleaning up all broken links is crucial to success.

  • Make the Website Responsive 
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Nowadays, buyers make use of different devices to browse a website. A mobile device is the most commonly used for browsing an online store. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to optimize the website for mobile devices to provide a seamless browsing experience to every user. However, it is best to make the website completely responsive so that users can get a superior experience regardless of the devices they are using to browse.

  • Create a Link Building Strategy 

Link building strategy ensures strong SEO results. Backlinks from websites with high authority happen to be a crucial factor for search engine ranking since it is seen as a vote of confidence by search engines. Proper link building is the key to achieving a higher ranking in the result pages of search engines.

Now, you have a clear understanding of the most important eCommerce SEO tips to follow for driving a significant volume of organic traffic to online stores. In this regard, it is always recommended to get in touch with a reputed and professional SEO company like Cybez that specializes in SEO for eCommerce.

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