How many people have a house on a basically undeveloped lot? There may be sod covering the whole yard or it may be seeded and infested with weeds and uneven spaces. Certainly, this is not a fun place for kids to play or adults to entertain. Many of these homes are fairly small with limited living space. They would benefit from added living space that could be claimed by adding a deck or patio next to the house in that underused, boring yard. This is often called hardscaping, and it is worth the investment during the warm months.

What is a Patio and What is a Deck?

Patios and decks are both great outdoor living spaces, but they are different in construction. A patio is less expensive to build because it is made of pavers or outdoor tiles of stone or clay that are laid on a prepared bed of gravel that has been leveled and tamped down for stability.

A paver patio installation goes fairly quickly when done by experts in the Scottsdale area. A patio at ground level has no weight limitations and does not need a railing for safety. There will not be a need for steps, either. This all makes patios less expensive than an equal-sized deck.

Patios can be connected to other parts of the landscaping with paver walkways, paver driveways, and more. A paver patio can be designed to hold heavy entertaining appliances and features such as brick fireplaces, fire pits, and hot tubs. Paver patios can also be built around inground or above-ground swimming pools with the right design help. Outdoor cooking can be done with grills of different sizes and qualities. People can even have a pizza oven built on a paver patio.

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A deck is a raised construction that usually has a railing around it for safety. It will have steps leading down to the rest of the yard and be accessed by a door from the home. Decks are constructed with treated lumber framing and deck boards for the floor surface.

These outdoor spaces are useful when the dining or kitchen area of a house are raised, such as in homes with a crawl space, a basement, or split entry homes with the living areas on the upper level. Decks can be great entertaining spaces, but they do have weight limits. The homeowner can choose outdoor kitchen appliances and furniture that falls within the weight limitations.

More Living Space

When a family decides that a patio is a right addition to their home, they have a lot of choices in design and features. Patios can have an open feel with minimal construction and cost or they can be more elaborate with roofs, sun shades, or a pergola. A patio can be against the house where it is more protected and it is easier to get electricity and water. Or, a patio can be located some distance from the house like a separate oasis.

Patios can have floral plantings and trees around their edges to define the space and add color and interest. They can also have outdoor area rugs and furniture for relaxing in a spa-like area. With patios, the sky is literally the limit. Patio kitchens can be as simple as a grill and a picnic table or as elaborate as counters and built-in grills with refrigerators and outdoor sinks.

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Depend on Experts

It is important to use experts to design and implement the home patio or deck. Some homeowners can take care of adding shade to a patio once the basic area is constructed. But, make sure the basic patio floor is constructed by professionals who will prepare the base and properly lay the pavers or tiles so the space remains level over time.

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