A hands free retractable dog leash is one of the most popular and mandatory accessories that should be used when walking pets. It is recommended to buy such type of ammunition not only for a comfortable walk of the dog but also to ensure the safety of all passers-by and other animals that may be on the street especially if you have big dogs like personal protection dogs for sale.

The fact is that such leashes for dogs are equipped with a special clamp and coil, due to which the pet can be at a certain distance from the owner and not feel total control. In addition to the fact that such roulettes for dogs are quite easy to use, this type of ammunition is quite compact. It allows you to automatically wind the leash and control the animal without causing inconvenience to the dog.

By visiting the specialized online store Waudog, you can order a quality hands free retractable leash at a reasonable price. In addition, the waudog.com website has many other customize accessories that can be purchased such as personalised leather collars with dog names, cotton harnesses, etc.

Learn more about the characteristics of the hands free retractable dog lead below.

Main Varieties of Dog Leads with Free Hands Function

Retractable leash for dogs was released several decades ago in Germany. Due to its convenience and ease of use, it has become popular around the world. It can be adjusted and fixed in any way using a special button on the handle. Therefore, such a leash is considered an excellent option for walking a pet in the city. The accessory has the following advantages:

  • It is convenient for dog training;
  • It allows to manage the pet easily;
  • Thanks to the hands free function, the lead does not need to be held in the hands while walking. It can be worn on the wrist or forearm.
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Almost any manufacturer of leashes produces several optimal sizes. For instance, the X5 is intended for a pet weighing less than 10 kilograms, and the L is suitable for pets weighing from 50 kilograms. Accessories also vary depending on the type of leash. There are cable and tape models.

The cable leash is intended for dogs of a small size. The tape model is more suitable for pets of large and medium sizes. In terms of reliability and convenience, these two types are almost identical. However, there are some differences that need to be considered when buying:

  • The leash with a tape is more suitable for energetic pets as at a jerk the cable can create injuries;
  • The tape leash can be twisted when moving;
  • The tape leash can be folded completely, unlike the cable leash.

Rules for Choosing and Using a Leash for a Dog

Regardless of the type of leash, it is advisable to follow certain rules when using it. Choose a customized hands free retractable leash strictly in accordance with the weight of the dog. If the leash, for example, is designed for only 10 kilograms, this value should not be exceeded.

When moving with a dog on a crowded street, you should use a retainer. You may not use it only in places where there are few people. It is best not to allow the animal to climb into the bushes, as a hands free retractable dog leash can get tangled.

A leash requires regular care, removal of dirt, drying from moisture. Proper care will definitely extend the life of the custom product.

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Waudog.com – The Best Place to Buy a Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash

As it was already mentioned above, everyone can buy the best retractable leash for your puppy with hands free function at waudog.com. The product catalog is quite diverse. All accessories are certified and of high quality and reliability. It is easy to purchase them by making an online order. You just need to contact the managers. They will definitely help with the choice of accessories and ordering.

Make a good purchase and delight your pet already today. The retractable leash will be comfortable for both you and your dog. Pay attention that the accessory looks great with a name collar. Choose one for your pet and ensure comfortable and safe walking.

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