Sometimes we hear things over and over again, that we believe them just because they are repeated so often. This is how myths come about. It is said that 1 in 8 women struggle to conceive. Navigating your way through infertility is an incredibly exhausting and emotional issue that many women face. Don’t let the false things you hear about fertility get to you. Here are some things you may have heard about fertility or infertility that are actually true, and some that are myths. 

Fertility Is A Women’s Issue- Myth

Many people think that if a woman cannot get pregnant, it is because of her own body. This is true for only ⅓ of the time, meaning that infertility is always the woman’s fault, is false. One third of the time it is due to male factors, one third of the time it is due to the females issues, and one third of the time, the fertility issues are both male and female factors. The easiest way to figure out where the problem lies is to first rule out the male by doing a semen analysis. That will determine the quality of the sperm and if the sperm will be able to find and penetrate the egg. 

You Got Pregnant Once So You Will Not Struggle To Conceive Later- Myth

The older you get, especially past 35, will affect your chances in your ability to get pregnant. Unfortunately, your odds decrease as you get older. This means it may have been easy for you to conceive in your early twenties, but if you are trying for another baby in your late thirties, it may get more difficult, or just take longer. This is referred to as secondary infertility, meaning that you were able to conceive naturally, but now later in life, it has become more difficult. 

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Women Cannot Conceive After 35- Myth

Putting a blanket number out there is very misleading, however lots of people actually believe it. It is true that the younger you are, it may be easier to get pregnant, as well as the more you age, the older your eggs become, making it more difficult to get pregnant, however every woman’s body is different and there is no magical number. One in 6 couples who are over the age of 36 struggle to get pregnant, meaning that 5 out of 6 couples can have successful healthy pregnancies. There are so many factors to consider when talking about fertility, and age is not the only thing that determines if you are fertile or not. 

Your Diet Can Affect Your Fertility- Fact

Your overall health is the main thing that will affect your fertility, and what you eat is a big factor in your overall health. Women and even men who are obese or underweight will have a much more difficult time trying to conceive. Being a healthy weight will help your chances the most. Eating foods that are not inflammatory will also help with implantation. 

High Caffeine Diets Can Prevent Pregnancy- Fact

A few studies have shown that women who intake high amounts of caffeine struggle to get pregnant or also have a higher risk of miscarriages. Women are able to intake caffeine, but are recommended to about one small cup of coffee a day when trying to conceive and while pregnant. 

Final Advice

If you are facing infertility, try not to let the advice of other people get to you. Many people will have their unwarranted opinions on your fertility, but the only opinions and advice you should be following is that of your doctor. Only your doctor will understand your unique situation. Every woman’s body is completely different, with different environmental factors as well. Fertility clinic Idaho Falls can help you navigate your fertility journey. 

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