Humans need food to survive. In addition, food often brings people together and helps them bond. When someone provides food for them, these individuals feel loved and appreciated. For thousands of years, people have come together to share meals.
Countless companies today recognize the power of food in a person’s life. They use food and beverages to ensure their employees remain happy and productive. This inexpensive perk helps attract top talent, encourages collaboration among employees, and elevates the company culture. What benefits come with making use of office coffee service providers in the Bay area?

Free Food

Millennials love free food, and employers must take note of this. Today, this group of individuals makes up almost half of America’s workforce. In fact, one survey found that half of the millennials state they would switch companies to receive better perks, including free food and beverages.

Happiness comes with free food, according to one survey. Sixty-seven percent of respondents who worked in an office that provided free snacks stated they were very happy at work. This is in comparison to 55 percent of all employees who stated they were happy at their job, as reported by BI Worldwide Survey. While happiness means different things to people, employers must learn what their workers want. Research shows employee happiness and engagement are strongly correlated. Engagement refers to employee motivation.

A company that has highly engaged employees receives more job applications, and workers are more productive. Employee turnover is lower in these organizations, which saves the companies money. They spend less on training and more on other elements that help the business move forward.

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However, companies cannot assume that investing in free food and drinks will make up for a toxic workplace. All employees want fair compensation and a robust benefits package. They want to know they can move ahead in the company and will receive constructive criticism to help them do so. In addition, employees wish to be heard and want employers to recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Employees won’t appreciate free food and drinks if they think they are being manipulated. An employer should not provide these items to encourage workers to skip breaks and meals or to push them to work long hours. The free food and beverages won’t elevate the company’s culture when they are used for this purpose.

Increased Productivity

Companies that provide snacks for workers find their employees are more productive. Every person needs to eat healthy foods to boost performance, regardless of where they are. When a company chooses foods low on the glycemic index, workers remain productive for longer periods. Fifty percent of professionals today eat meals while sitting at their desks. In addition, fifty percent of workers state they eat alone most days, and neither of these practices is good.
Workers need a change of scenery throughout the day and a break from working. If they fail to get these two things, they become fatigued and their productivity suffers.

When an employer provides snacks and beverages, employees are more likely to leave their desks and take a break. If they encounter other workers getting snacks, they may stop and have a conversation. Employers often assume this will reduce worker productivity, but it has the opposite effect.

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These breaks give the brain a break. Employees find it easier to focus on a task once they get up and move around. They have more energy and motivation. In addition, sharing meals appears to increase collaboration while improving efficiency and productivity. One Rhode Island call center found that altering the break schedule to allow employees to visit increased productivity considerably. This led to a $15 million increase in profits in only one year.

However, the company must ensure they have a variety of snacks and beverages for those with dietary restrictions. The breaks shouldn’t become an extension of work, and employees shouldn’t feel forced to spend their breaks talking with others in the workplace. Being forced to do so could lead to more fatigue.

Providing Options

People love snacks. In fact, most Americans snack at least once every day. Half of all Americans say they consume multiple snacks every day. They want healthy options that won’t lead to weight gain and fatigue. One study found that employees choose healthy snacks when available, with bananas coming in at the top of the list. Fresh fruit remains a great option or consider installing a popcorn or trail mix bar. This allows employees to choose the items they like.

Incorporate a coffee station into the break room. Doing so offers employees access to a healthy beverage that will increase their happiness, productivity, and health. After drinking coffee, a person becomes more focused and creative. They find it easier to learn and recall information and they are more alert. In addition, coffee may serve as a mild antidepressant. Offer many types of coffee to ensure every employee can make a drink they love.

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Additional Perks

Free snacks and drinks are only one way to better meet the needs of employees. Small businesses looking to add more perks find they have other low-cost options that can add to their offerings. This includes free parking or public transportation passes, as many workers find commuting costs eat up a significant portion of their paycheck. Consider offering employees a free gym membership or setting up a gym in the office. If possible, allow workers to choose their own schedules and telecommute when possible.

Finally, look into offering care subsidies for those workers with small children. This offering is best for companies with a young workforce, as they are most likely to need childcare. When offering these subsidies, however, don’t overlook workers who are caring for their elderly relatives. They also benefit from subsidies and should be included in the program.

There is an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Today, the path to employee happiness may be paved with free snacks and drinks. Try offering this option in the workplace and see how it changes the company culture. You may find this is a perk that employees want and need to be their best at work every day.

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