An on-the-job injury can happen in the blink of an eye, but recovery may take a long time if it happens at all. As expenses pile up and uncertainty rises, many injured workers believe there’s nothing they can do. Thankfully, workers’ compensation insurance is there to replace lost income. Here are a few things to consider when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers Compensation

Prompt Medical Treatment is Essential to the Success of a Claim

When a worker is hurt on the job, the worker must seek medical treatment right away. Not only does doing so protect a person’s well-being, but it also documents the injury for insurance purposes. If workers wait to see a doctor, employers often claim that their injuries happened elsewhere. For these reasons, employees should report their injuries immediately. If you are looking for a workers comp lawyer near me, contact the firm today.

Choose a Doctor Who Knows the State’s Workers’ Compensation Program

Successful workers’ compensation claims require substantial documentation. If you’re treated by a physician who is unfamiliar with these cases, you may lose valuable compensation. Doctors often document injuries inaccurately or use the wrong terminology. In any case, choosing a doctor who knows Ohio workers’ compensation rules is the best way to get all the benefits to which you are entitled.

Remember That Coverage is Administered by the BWC

In Ohio, workers’ compensation cases are handled by the BWC or Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The BWC is like an insurance company in that companies pay it to administer coverage. Like all other insurers, it’s the BWC’s goal to minimize payouts. With the state’s no-fault rules on workers’ compensation, however, clients can recover even if they were hurt due to their own negligence.

There’s Only a Limited Time Within Which Claims Can be Filed

In the recent past, there was a two-year statute of limitations on workers’ compensation claims in Ohio. Legislative changes, unfortunately, shortened the time frame to just one year. To receive proper compensation, a worker must file their claim less than a year after the date of the injury.

Workers’ Compensation Administrators Aren’t On the Victim’s Side

Workers’ compensation administrators are much like insurance adjusters. They work for outside companies, and they are sometimes hired to evaluate claims. While they may seem friendly and helpful, they are anything but—and anything said to them will likely be used to build a case against you.

When Injured Workers Have Questions, We Have Answers

While accidents happen, it’s not always the victim’s job to pay the bill. When employees are injured while at work, they need a legal representative who knows the state’s laws on workplace injuries and is willing to fight to help them gain the appropriate compensation.

Workplace injuries can happen even under the best of circumstances, and the process by which employees recover benefits is quite complex. Don’t go through Ohio’s legal system alone; have an experienced attorney on your side. Request more information online or call today to schedule a consultation with a local workers’ compensation lawyer.

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