Twitter is currently one of the most prominent social media networks, and while each tweet is restricted to 280 characters, the possibilities for going viral on a site like this are practically limitless. If you’re a full-time social media influencer, chances are you have many social media handles to help you develop. Twitter is one such site, with one of the greatest user engagement rates in the world. 

Twitter is a must-have social network that may be utilized to effectively promote YouTube content. Every day, it holds hundreds of conversations and serves as an ideal venue for YouTubers to reach a wide audience, and Ship 30 for 30 can help you how to get them engaged in your Twitter thread. As a result, it may simply be utilized as a weapon to convert viewers into subscribers. However, choosing to buy Youtube subscribers may seem like an easier option but understanding the techniques and tactics of Twitter will certainly help you convert viewers into subscribers.

However, you may be asking what the link between Twitter and YouTube is. Below are 5 successful strategies available for generating more subscribers for your YouTube channel.  

Include your channel link:  

When someone stumbles upon your Twitter account, they may linger for a few seconds. As a result, you must include your YouTube link in your Twitter profile so that more people may be brought to your YouTube account and subscribe to your channel.  It is one of the best ways to convert viewers into subscribers.

When you tweet something, you draw attention to your profile. Your target audience will look up your Twitter handle to discover more about you. By including a link to your YouTube channel in your Twitter profile, people will be directed to your channel, where they may discover more about you and your material.  

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Promote your channel:  

On Twitter, millions of users promote numerous social media profiles. Taking advantage of Twitter’s popularity is a terrific way to increase your YouTube following base. When tweeting, replying to a tweet, quoting a tweet, and so on, add a link to the YouTube channel in your response. You can always gain more Twitter followers by adding something like, “If you like this, check out my YouTube channel.”  

Another effective strategy is to make a short YouTube video of your introduction and submit it to your Twitter account so that others can get to know you better. This is more efficient than someone who chooses to buy YouTube subscribers.

Use appropriate and trending hashtags:  

Everyone now understands how crucial hashtags are for success on sites such as Twitter and YouTube. Finding the proper hashtag is one of the most efficient methods to attract your attention to YouTube video content.  As a result, it’s one of the greatest locations to begin marking your YouTube channel with the appropriate hashtags. Using hashtags is a better way to get more exposure than having to buy YouTube subscribers.

Consider any videos you’ve posted to your YouTube channel that could be relevant to the hot hashtags. Sharing relevant videos is good at drawing the attention of your followers to your channel and helping convert viewers into subscribers.  

Connect YouTube with Twitter:  

If your YouTube channel is not linked to your Twitter account, you are likely losing a lot of interaction. Anytime you connect both accounts, you’ll receive a notification when someone auto-tweets your video by liking it. The message will indicate that person’s account, and you may then interact with them directly.  

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This helps you to interact more and convert viewers into subscribers. It also aids in the growth of both your Twitter account and your YouTube channel in organic ways instead of just choosing to buy YouTube subscribers.

You only need to pick “Connected Accounts” from among the many other options available, and then log in to your Twitter account.   

Pin a video:  

One of the most effective methods to make an impression is through video. Make a one-minute video and pin it to your Twitter profile. The biggest advantage is that when someone hits your profile, the video automatically plays, which is more attractive.  

You may give a quick introduction or alter your YouTube clip and share it immediately on Twitter. Viewers will be able to grasp your tale more effectively in this manner.  These pinned videos will help you convert viewers into subscribers.

Last but not least  

Finally, in order to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel, you need to have a good interaction with users to make them see your page. One of the best ways to increase your interaction with the YouTube users is to use Twitter bots. You may have heard negative comments about bots that Twitter has stated that it is against bots, but there are bots like the v-User Twitter Booster bot that act like a human and you won’t face any problem using it. This bot, as an example, follows your desired accounts, likes their tweets, leaves comments for them to draw their attention to your page, they get encouraged to visit your page and follow you if they wish.

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These activities increase the engagement rate of your page and make you experience significant growth in a short period of time, especially if you have just launched your page. Since you don’t have many followers at the beginning and your content does not simply get shared and noticed by others, the bot can help you get your page seen and reach an acceptable level by performing automated interactive activities. Therefore, we recommend that if you have less than 10k followers, you should definitely use Twitter bots like v-User Twitter Follower Booster Bot. To see the features of this bot and to try the demo version, visit the v-User website. 


If you want to improve your YouTube channel and raise your overall social media engagement this year. You must make use of Twitter and its current audience.  

If you follow the advice in the guidelines above, there is no reason why you can’t connect your Twitter account with your YouTube channel and direct your Twitter followers to YouTube. You should use Twitter and your existing following there. Deciding to buy YouTube subscribers is always a possibility. Nonetheless, our strategies will help you convert viewers into subscribers naturally.  

The ways mentioned above will allow your target audience on Twitter to subscribe to you and interact with your video content on YouTube.

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