Dogs are the best, aren’t they? However, while purebreds have an amazing reputation and can be amazing, crossbreeds are more and more popular, and there are plenty of reasons for that.

If you are thinking of buying a crossbreed, make sure you do your research first, learn facts about beagle corgi mix, or whatever cross you are looking to have in your life. But, that’s why we are here.

Why Mixed Breed?

Thoroughbreds are great, it guarantees character, however, some can have some negative characteristics which can be passed down through genetics. Mixed dogs are a little more resilient overall, and they tend to have a better lifespan.

There are plenty of popular crossbreeds, but here are our favorites which are actually some of the rarest cross breeds you may ever find.


A Labsky is part Siberian Husky and part Labrador Retriever. They are active, smart, loyal, and their pups will get the best qualities from each parent.

They are often found in shelters, which is bad considering their beauty. They do have a downside of being high maintenance, due to their thick double coat. They need constant brushing, and doggie DIY grooming is imperative.,

They can have fur that is white, brown, grey or black, or a mixture. They can also have a high prey driver, so you should have them alongside pets of a size alike to theirs.

#2. Goberian

This cross is from a Siberian Husky and  Golden Retriever. They are fairly new, yet are more popular due to how friendly and beautiful they are. Their fur is usually straight, or sometimes wavy, and they also have a double coat which can be white, cream, brown, or black.

They need plenty of physical activity and can be independent.

#3. Golden retriever Corgi

This is a Golden Retriever and Corgi mix. They are small but super cute. They have the reputation of being confident and fun. With high energy they can be a bit challenging, so you should use plenty of training.

They are smart, so they will pick up on training well. However, they are susceptible to some conditions but most are healthy. These also have double coats.

#4. Cockapoo

Cockapoos are a Poodle, Cocker Spaniel mix, and you notice their fluffy coat from a mile away. They were made to be designer dogs and to be super friendly!

They mix well with children and pets, so are ideal for families. They also do not shed so are suitable for those with allergies.

They can get issues in their knees though, that’s their only downside.

#5. Pomsky

Pomskies are a mix of Husky and Pomeranian. They are interesting dogs, they will usually look like one parent more than the other, especially when it comes to size.

Pomeranians are much smaller than huskies so a Pomsky can be large like a husky, or small like a Pomeranian.

These are dogs which will usually do well in densely populated areas, even though they’re high energy dogs with a lot of independence.

Pomskies don’t have that many health issues, but you should watch their knees and eyes.

#6. Aussiepom

Aussiepom’s are mixes of Pomeranians and Australian Shepherd dogs.

These dogs are high energy and super loyal. However, you should not leave them on their own as they do not do well alone. They can also be quite small.

You do need to also invest much time into their physical exercising due to their Australian Shepherd roots. Make sure you know how much exercise they need and meet this need head on.

#7. Puggle

Everyone loves pugs, they are absolutely adorable, with super cute faces. Puggles are bred from pugs and beagles. They tend to have hound-like features and characteristics due to this. They were originally found in the 80s and have interesting attributes.

They are excitable like pugs are, but lack the respiratory system issues pugs typically face. This is one of the main reasons why they are so popular. It’s like having a pug without all the health conditions that usually come with them.

They are very sweet and cute, with plenty of intelligence, easily fitting into homes as household dogs. They are also fiercely loyal.

These are our 7 top favorite crossbreeds, however there are plenty more out there. As you can see crossbreeds have many perks, but one is that they often lack the health conditions you usually face with some dogs, such as the puggle and how you get rid of pugs’ health problems.

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