Have you ever encountered the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] code error while trying to receive or send emails via Microsoft Outlook? Considering the professional importance of Microsoft Outlook and how it an imperative tool for day-to-day existence, these errors need to be settled at the earliest. Usually, Microsoft Outlook is known for its quick, easy, and seamless management and scheduling of emails, keeping tracking of to-do lists, fixing appointments, and so much more. Like every other software, even Microsoft Outlook can sometimes give erroneous results, which is why you must know the tips or ways to easily fix it within no time.

What are the reasons for [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error?

The following are some reasons causing this error:

  • The error code might pop-up if you’re using multiple accounts and haven’t cleared your cookies and cache for quite some time
  • It can also result from improper installation of Microsoft Outlook software on your device
  • The error might be displayed if you haven’t updated your Microsoft Outlook to the latest version
  • Device not connected to active internet connection
  • Incorrect antivirus configurations on your PC
  • POP3 stored files are damaged
  • Microsoft Outlook profile damaged due to internal factors
  • Sometimes this error might not occur due to the above-mentioned reasons, an unidentifiable occurrence. It is when you need to connect with the support team since they might know the reason in such cases.

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The top 7 ways to fix the error [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b]

When experiencing error code issues with Microsoft Outlook, finding a feasible and reliable solution becomes imperative. The following are some easy ways to fix this error pop-up issue.

Disable the security software:

Antivirus software that protects your computer against viruses and other security threats might be causing difficulties with Microsoft Outlook functioning. So, temporary disable and then install the software again and re-enable the antivirus as soon as you’re done. If you’re connected to the internet while the antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

Clear the store cache:

Getting rid of all the cache and cookie reserves will make your past strings clean, allowing the processing of information. So, along these lines, you will not be stuck with harmed information parcels. To clear the cache, follow these steps:

  • Press Win + R on the keyboard
  • Type WSRESET.EXE and click OK
  • Restart your computer now
  • Reopen Microsoft Outlook and see if it still displays the same code error

Update your Microsoft Outlook to the latest version:

Not being updated to the latest version can result in unnecessary glitches. So, follow these steps to update the software.

  • Check if your PC supports the latest Outlook version. In case it does, update Outlook after removing the former version.
  • Updating the former version will retrieve your files to the new version
  • If you’ve installed the new Microsoft Outlook version, then you might have to back up your essential files
  • Go for easy file transfer. If Outlook still shows an error, then you need to contact customer service. They might help you with necessary and required services

Clear the Outlook cache and cookies:

Not emptying the cookies and cache is one more reason why you might be experiencing the error. So, follow these steps to clear your Outlook cache and cookies:

  • Go to file and then option and then clear Outlook cookies and cache
  • Once completed, log out of your Microsoft accounts (in case you’re using multiple Outlook accounts)
  • Restart or shutdown the laptop and then it reboot it again
  • Open your Microsoft account. The problem should be resolved.

Fix error using an auto repair tool:

There are tools that helps with automatic correction and repairing of the problem you’re facing in your Microsoft Outlook account.

  • Check the details about the software by visiting the Control Panel and then setting up the tool’s functions.
  • Turn on the software and choose the Microsoft application for repair
  • Change the button at the start of the application and select the fix you want
  • Click on the fix button and follow the commands displayed on the screen.
  • Try restarting Microsoft Outlook.

Removing all the third-party email application:

Sometimes, having more than one email software running can hinder the working of [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] Microsoft Outlook. It is due to the conflict between two software and create issues whenever a user switches between them. Therefore, must one remove all the untrusted source of third-party application from a computer to cater to smoother working. Once you’ve moved all the third-party applications, try reopening Microsoft Outlook.

Utilize the web application:

Follow these steps to employ Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] web application:

  • At first, go to Options mentioned at the upper corner and pick the Outlook Web Application edition
  • Clear the employment of the light release of the checkbox for Outlook Web Application
  • Save your choice
  • Register from the light register, close and Register for your record via an enlisted account.

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