Choosing a reliable online poker site is the most significant step you take when joining the world of crypto poker. This choice in particular determines the levels of safety, privacy, and payout when it comes to your favorite card game. That’s why it should be carefully chosen.

Countless websites are offering you to play online poker and more are in the making. The saturated market is filled with a variety of websites and coins, such as Ethereum or ETH, Bitcoin or BTC, Dogecoin or DOGE, and Binance Coin or BNB.

One of the most promising variants available is ethereum poker. In this article, we will be covering FAQs such as is crypto poker safe,  what the registration process looks like, what are the best sites to play, and more, as we tackle crypto poker basics.

What is crypto poker? 

Think of crypto poker as usual poker but online. This version comes with its perks and benefits, bringing new momentum to the most played and loved card game in the world. 

Unlike the traditional version that is played face-to-face and powered by fiat money, crypto poker is played online, anonymously, and relies on blockchain technology and crypto coins. 

If nothing else, it gives you the freedom to play from any location, with players from all over the world and you do not have to worry about seating as there are plenty of tables to go around. The payoff is instantaneous and if poker face is your weak side – you can bypass it.

What are the benefits of playing online poker? 

Benefits of playing online poker come in many shapes and forms. Primarily, it allows you to play poker without anyone knowing. If you have any concerns or doubts about playing it in a poker room or casino in person, you can now fully avoid that part of the experience. 

Additionally, there is no tampering with the game here. Not from the players nor the system. It is convenient, easily available, as well as constantly available for a round.

You do not have to travel to be able to play, as the process is done through your mobile device, tablet, computer, or laptop. Not only is it a good way to engage in a game of poker, but you can make money online. What you want to have is a stable internet connection.

The digital version has gained mass popularity, especially over the last couple of years. As opposed to high entry stakes usually found in casinos, online poker will have you joining at a lower limit – even for tournaments. Many of these also come free of charge. 

One thing that you definitely can do here that you cannot do live is keep notes. Sure, some may say that is an unfair advantage, but this is hugely beneficial – especially if you are just starting and getting the hang of things. Also, expect bonuses, returns, awards, and more.

How to start playing online poker? 

To play online poker, you will need to get yourself some cryptocurrency. Once you buy crypto coins, you will transfer them to your crypto wallet. Once that part has been completed, you will go ahead and register at your desired site, follow their instructions, and start playing. 

In a nutshell – purchase, transfer, register, follow instructions, play. The key to all of these steps is choosing reliable and trusted websites. 

What is the best online poker site? 

As mentioned, an astonishing number of competitors are arriving on the market daily. This is all because the market is so big that it allows for constant growth of offer. 

  1. CoinPoker 

The CoinPoker platform is a fan favorite for several reasons. An astonishing amount of multi-table tournaments swapping at the spectacular 15-minute period for new events, allows features, like players’ chat, that other platforms do not. 

Because it is on the blockchain, this platform is fully anonymous and completely safe. With fast payment processing, excellent design, and a community-owned nature, it has all you can think of wanting in terms of excitement, security, fun, and payoff in poker. 

  1. Cloudbet

This platform comes with benefits of its own, as it offers deposit bonuses, and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. It comes with low minimum bets and privacy.

With good design, a variety of games and events, over 10 allowed cryptocurrencies, and good customer support, this is also a good opponent worth looking into.

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