When it comes to online business, expect to have both local and national customers. As such, the standard form of SEO focuses on the national arena and competes against other companies within the same market or niche.

Meanwhile, local SEO in Sydney is different and provides a platform to compete via location, convenience, and familiarity; it attracts, targets, and engages with the local demographic. But many businesses are overlooking or incorrectly implementing the small yet powerful techniques of local SEO, resulting in missed opportunities. As such, the following are common mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure that local opportunities are always favourable for your business:

How relevant Is SEO in Sydney?

It is crucial to optimise your SEO game plan for your Sydney audience. And like the rest of the country, this megalopolis has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the developed world. So, this on the go mobility is something you can take advantage of, as it enables your customer to access and discover you anywhere. Moreover, mobile Internet use is likely to increase among Sydneysiders who are always looking for more convenience and entertainment options online.

Unsuitable or Oversaturated Keywords

Keywords are very critical in SEO in Sydney (and SEO in general for that matter). So, you must utilise suitable results-driven and relevant keywords to gain momentum and rank high. As such, one grave mistake of local SEO is the use of mainstream and broad keywords. This overtired tactic makes it challenging to cut through the noise of online content.

Avoid this mistake whenever possible by researching relevant keywords that help target your audience’s needs and searches while also maintaining local specific recognition and trends. 

Lack of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help with the decision-making process, and it is also a form of organic communication with search engines that certify you offer valuable and relevant products and services. Even so, some business owners bypass reviews and instead focus on content creation, and this is a critical mistake within local SEO. Reviews are invaluable and help with customer decisions and search rankings. So, make sure you welcome and promote customer reviews specific to your local service.

Inactivity on Social Media

Social media provides an advantage for local reach, and it is especially true if it is optimised, maintained, and properly used. Meanwhile, consider how many businesses are recommended across platforms such as Facebook each day because of their location.

Social media inactivity will impact your business’ traction, and you will be feeding subpar quality and outdated information across online platforms. On the other hand, becoming more active and engaged on social media sites will boost the connectivity of your local SEO.

It is crucial to optimise your website, especially for your audience in Sydney. And the cost of SEO in this mega-city is comparable to the rest of Australia. So, expect to pay $750 to $2000 per month. Meanwhile, the hourly SEO rate is $105 to $250, and if you face tough competition in your industry, you will need to invest more in your SEO.

Lack of Mobile Optimisation

This is a disruptive local SEO mistake, as most searches are now done on mobile devices. So, it will be impossible for you to engage and connect with your targets if you fail to optimise for mobile. Hence, make sure your website is optimised for mobile usability to ensure consistent performance and feed into search engines. And it will also help if you optimise your online presence for Sydneysiders.

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