Every technology in the world comes with regular updates. However, Google has introduced the 2nd beta for its users that gives access to a new build operating system. Tweaks to notification support and media handling, haptic feedback, and privacy improvements, and some upgraded notifications. 

If you have devices like Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12, Poco F1 MIUI 12, or any other devices, then you can install Android 12 on your devices. Apart from this, the update is also available for few selected devices related to other OEMs. 

Let’s begin with some confirmed and rumored features. 

Confirmed Android 12 Features 

The features discussed below will be available with Android 12. The features are as followed: 

Visual Overhaul and Colour Extraction 

At Google I/O 2021, it is confirmed that the Android 12 design will be the company’s biggest visual overhaul. This version seems like a part of the next design language, which is also called “Material You.” The idea behind ‘material you’ is that the users themselves can influence the design.

With the release of Android 12, the operating system can now use a color extraction protocol in order to enhance design elements. In other words, it can be said that colors across the whole system will now be based on the lock or home screen background. Apart from this, it offers numerous new design spacing changes, animations, tweaks, etc.

New Android 12 Quick Tiles

In earlier Android versions, you will see a round icon just at the top of the panel when you pull down the notification shade. In Android 12, you will get around rectangles instead of round icons. However, it operates in the same way just like you did in the previous one. 

Security and Privacy Improvements 

At I\O 2021, Google said that Android 12 will have some new privacy features which are helpful in data collection. These tools also allow users to get more granular control for app permissions and can better manage when and how apps access their information.

Along with all these Android, 12 will have a new Privacy Dashboard through which users get a detailed view of the ways in which apps access their information. It includes all the minor and major things, such as when users open the app, how many apps accessed the user’s camera, location, and microphone in the past 24 hours.

Notification Improvements

The notification system included in Android 12 comes with a redesigned one that improves usability, aesthetics, and functionality. Also, Google focuses on responsiveness. This Android version prompts developers to ditch “trampolines”. It is a type of broadcast service or receiver which bounces users from the notification to the app. 

Easier Wi-Fi sharing

Earlier in Android 11, if users were required to share their current Wi-Fi connection to another device/user, they were asked to create a QR code. Whereas in Android 12, they avoid the bar code scanning and simply needed to hit the “Nearby” button just underneath the QR code. We understand that understanding these is quite difficult and therefore we have attached a reference photo for you. 

Brand New Emoji

Android 12 will offer you a list of 389+ updates to Emoji designs. Most emoji changes are subtle ones geared towards adding a path. The “mobile phone” emoji resembled in an Android 12 will quite be similar to an iPhone.

In addition to these, there are several other features, such as one-handed mode, quick tap, haptic-coupled audio effect, Android 12 updates via Google Play, New Widgets, New Widget Organization, App hibernation, screenshot markups, rich content insertion, internet panel, and more. 

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