1. Reach an Expanded Audience

The first reason why a business needs an Android app is because it can open up your company to a wider audience than before.

2. Increase Customer Loyalty and Traffic

Androids are popular, so apps for those devices tend to get more downloads compared to iOS. Also, the fact that many people have Android App Developers means you’ll be able to reach them easier with your app than without it.

3. Improve Social Media Presence

More people using social media on Androids too? Well then there you go! Your android app does double duty by improving your social media presence as well! It’s like killing two birds with one stone Wait… bad analogy? Oh well, you get the idea.

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

Androids are popular (and will probably continue to garner market share over iOS), so it only makes sense that your competition will have apps too! But how could an app help your business stand out when everyone is jumping on the mobile bandwagon? Simple. Yours needs to be better than theirs does. Give them a reason to pick up their phones when they’re in the mood for something specific and find out whose number is calling you and find out that YOUR company provides what they’re looking for right at their fingertips. Not to mention, since Android users are more likely to check mobile versions of websites/social media pages, you’ll also collect data from that by running an app. The possibilities are endless!

5. Boost Sales Conversion Rates

Another reason why a business needs an Android app is because of the increase in sales conversions it will experience as opposed to those without apps. More people using apps means more opportunities for your company to take advantage of! Androids are popular, so if you’re doing marketing correctly you’ll know that increasing the number of conversions for your website or product is key towards success. Or something like that… I don’t really know much about marketing, but I’m sure a blog post won’t hurt anyone’s chances at “success” this week. Who knows? This could be your big break!

6. Data Mining

One way Android apps can help boost sales conversion rates is through data mining. You’ll have access to information about your user’s specific interests, where they are located, what time of day they usually browse the internet… you name it! With this data in hand, you can craft a much more personalized experience for your users. You could even use that information to do some cross-promotion if you wanted to!

7. More Opportunities for Cross-Promotion

Another way an Android app can boost sales conversion rates is through cross promotion. If people will be using their apps more often than not, why not take advantage of that by pushing promotional content towards them when relevant? And how does one do that in a subtle manner? Why, by doing it in your app of course! You’ll want to avoid cluttering up your app with content that doesn’t matter to the user, but if you were smart enough to make a personalized experience for them instead of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks… well then you shouldn’t have any problems!

8. Make Your Business Look More Professional

Since Android users are used to using apps more often than their iOS counterparts, it makes sense that they’d want their business’ website or online presence to have an app too. If they’ve already made the decision on which operating system they’re going to use for their device(s) though, why not just go ahead and give your customers all that AND some more? It looks professional AND saves them time by having access there on their home screen without having to open a browser window! That’s definitely something most people would appreciate.

9. Cross-Platform Support

Have customers on both platforms? Not a problem with Android apps! You can give them access to your online presence on their preferred device without having to create completely different websites or experiences for each of them. Just make sure the app isn’t too cluttered and you’re good to go! As long as you keep your users in mind, cross-platform support should be a piece of cake. It’s not like it’ll be hard or anything…

10. Reduce Bounce Rate

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this since there are already over 1 BILLION ANDROID devices out there but… more Androids = more opportunities for your online presence. This can be good or bad, depending on who you are… but the facts are facts! The more people that have access to your content/services/products, the better chance you have at getting them to stick around. Making it easier for them to get what they want without having to look too hard is how this works, right?

11. Cost-effectiveness

Last but not least, another way an Android app can benefit a business is by being cost effective in terms of time and money spent developing it. If you already know how to program AND own an Android device (or several), then all you’ll really need in order to develop one is enough spare time and interest! The rest is history. Do you already know the basics of Java or C++? That’s all that’s really needed because both Android Studio and Eclipse are easy to use. Oh, and I guess you’ll probably need an Android device too… but if it’s just an emulator then no worries!

12. Last-Mile Navigation

Last but not least (and this might be different than what you were expecting), yet another way an Android app can benefit a business is by improving last-mile navigation. Let me explain: since most people now have their phones with them wherever they go, businesses could easily contact them through sending push notifications to update them on any changes in parking availability/prices, traffic congestion updates, offers/coupons, etc. When it comes to last-mile navigation, Android apps do a fantastic job of keeping people updated! Of course if you’re a business that can benefit from this then you’ll have to specifically market yourself as one, but the possibilities are nearly limitless if you just put your mind to it.

Seriously though… where else can businesses save time AND money? In today’s world I wouldn’t think there’d be very many places BUT an Android app! It’s so easy and cost effective to develop these days too so why not go ahead and take advantage of all the benefits they offer? Plus, with over 1 BILLION active users out there already… well… what excuse could you possibly have for not having an Android app for your business?

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