Once you have opened a food truck and have done all the grunt work of branding and food choice the next step is location. Deciding where will be the best location for you to park in order to gain the most traffic and generate the most sales. Some of this will depend on the customer group that you are targeting but for many food trucks they look for the same kind of locations in hopes their target audience will be there. If you are looking for food truck financing this is a great business to go through for an easy process to get started. 

Food Truck Events

This may seem like the wrong answer because a lot of your competitors will be there but it is important to have good relationships with other food trucks because you want to be in the know about events. Another reason this is a good idea is because usually a food truck event will gain more attention and foot traffic compared to a single food truck parked somewhere. One thing to note is that if you can park next to other trucks that don’t sell the same type of food you will increase your success at these types of events.

Office Buildings

Business men and women are always looking for a yummy and quick lunch. Extra points if you aren’t a fast food chain which makes a food truck ideal. A food truck outside of a large office building that has a lot of employees stationed there daily can create a lot of traffic for you. Creating a great experience for them that is quick, with food that is fresh and delicious will create returning customers. Even once a week outside of a particular business will create a regular customer base for that day of the week and can guarantee sales. 

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Farmers Markets

Some of the most successful food trucks are parked at the same farmers market week after week. This is due to customers coming out to the farmers market looking for fresh produce or products. Bonus for you if you are also serving fresh products because people come looking to spend money on things that appeal to them. 

College Campuses

A place that is often overlooked is a college campus. Many college students will have lunch at home or at the campus cafeteria because that is what is convenient for them between classes. Most of the students would be willing to try something new if it was easy for them. That is why parking a food truck at a college campus would be a great idea. Students are looking for something delicious and easy for them to grab on the go. Any food truck is sure to be better than any cafeteria food they are usually paying for.

Where Will You Park?

There are a lot of options when it comes to where to park your food truck. Will you choose to go to food truck events, office buildings, farmers markets or college campuses? Or will you choose to do a mix of the above? Any of these options should create foot traffic and generate sales for your business. You may even try all of them and decide what is best for you and your business. 

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