Nainital is one of the most beautiful and a popular hill station situated in Uttarakhand India, and offers a variety of delicious local dishes that every tourist must try once they visit the city of queen. So, Let’s talk about the top 8 delicious local food available in Nainital Uttarakhand.

8 Local Food in Nainital 2024

1- Aloo ke Gutke:

This is not only a popular dish of Nainital but also a local Kumaoni dish made with boiled potatoes that are sautéed with various spices like Jeera, wild mustard, and carom seeds. However, it gives a unique and delicious flavor of Kumaon. This is available in multiple restaurants in Nainital Like – Anupam, Moti Mahal, Machan, Shiva, and more. So explore Aloo kai Gutke and enjoy every slice of it.

2- Bhatt ki Churkani:

Bhatt ki Chukani is my Favourite dish and it’s made up of black soybeans. It’s a traditional Kumaoni dish made in every home of Kumaon. It looks black and is mostly cooked in “Lohe ki kadai” which gives it a delicious taste. Since, you can have it with rice and most of the people prefer it for lunch as it is heavy to digest.

3- Bhang ki Chutney:

Bhang is mostly found in hilly areas and is also very good to use for medical purposes. Kumaon people love it taste with Aloo ke Gutke. It is one of the favorite chutneys used in a variety of foods. It is made from hemp seeds and this chutney has a distinct nutty flavor and is a popular accompaniment to local dishes.

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4- Bal Mithai:

It is a sweet famous from Almora Uttarakhand. Bal Mithai is made from khoya (reduced milk) and coated with white sugar balls. It has a unique taste and is often served as a dessert. The price of Balmithai is 300 Rs per Kg and you can easily find this sweet in various sweet shops like Bisht Misthan Bhandat, Saraswati, and Mamu’s.

5- Baadi:

This is one of my favorites and my mother used to make it in a very delicious manner. It’s a local Kumaon dish made up of toor, moong, chana dal, etc. It’s very common in winter and local people used to make it in their homes. You can have it with rice and roti.

6- Singori:

This is a popular sweet snack made from khoya and wrapped in malu (a local leaf). It has a rich, creamy taste. This is not for diabetic patients as it has a huge amount volume of sugar in it. You can love it if you like sweets made up of Khoya.

7- Gahat Dal:

I love to share about this dish as it is one of my favorite dishes with Rice. Gahat or horse gram dal is used to prepare this nutritious and flavorful lentil dish. You can find this dish in restaurants like Anupam, Shiva, Motomahal, and Machan.

8- Kafuli:

We used to call it “Kaapa” made up of spinach. A traditional green dish, Kafuli is made from spinach and fenugreek leaves cooked in an authentic Kumaoni style. It is often enjoyed with rice or roti.


Finally, a visit to Nainital isn’t simply entertainment for the eyes with its beautiful scenes yet in addition a culinary pleasure with a rich cluster of nearby dishes. From the exciting Aloo ke Gutke to the sweet Bal Mithai, the conventional kinds of Kumaon cooking offer a remarkable gastronomic encounter. Try not to pass up the unmistakable taste of Bhatt ki Churkani and the nutty Bhang ki Chutney. Whether it’s the effortlessness of baadi for Lunch or the lavishness of kafuli for supper, Nainital’s neighborhood food mirrors the district’s social variety and normal overflow. To genuinely relish the quintessence of Nainital, investigating these heavenly dishes is an unquestionable necessity, giving a vital excursion to both the sense of taste and the spirit.