In today’s competitive world, Businesses are continually challenged to stay on top. More and more Business consultant services have landed into the market and have become a vital part of our business culture. NORSTRAT consultancy inc is a renowned name in Canada and US, offering a variety of services to help its clients to meet their business goals.

History and Founder

Founded in 1988 by Lee Carson, Norstrat being a government consulting firm, focuses on assisting enterprises and organizations across Canada with creative solutions and business procedures. Norstrat stands for Northern strategy. Lee being a strong supporter of Canada’s Northern Strategy aims to connect Canada’s northern and southern communities, making them more accessible. He firmly believes that it a high time to unite north to south and in building on the Northern Strategy; Canada should be equally accessible to all Canadians. This could be considered as a prominent reason that led to the birth of this consultancy.

Lee is very passionate about it and works to encourage community and infrastructure choices in the north to help residents get better housing and job possibilities. As a result of a stronger, more stable northern economy, Canada’s northern sovereignty may mark the improvement. To make all this to reality Lee brings his extensive experience as a member of Canada’s aerospace and defense community to those crafting Canada’s Northern Strategy through Norsrtrat. For Lee, it’s all about enabling his clients to understand the northern strategy appropriately and implement their infrastructure projects effectively. For instance, in the quest for the Northwest Passage, Norstrat assisted in bringing together industry, Parks Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and academics. It has a revenue of over 4.5 million.

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Norstrat is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Even the location of headquarter is intentionally kept near to numerous federal ministries and agencies with Northern duties and jurisdictions, this enables it to actively participate in Canada’s Northern strategies projects and processes. It is also near to the offices of the Inuit Tapirit Kanatami (ITK), Canada’s National Representative Organization for Inuit Rights and Interests. The other reason for choosing Ottawa is its frequent flights to the north. Norstrat clients are spread all around Canada, the United States, and Europe and are being served from the Ottawa headquarter.


The mission of NORSTRAT is to help and assist organizations and people who aim to work for the betterment of north Canada. It provides better business decision-making processes, solutions, and consultancy services to organizations that have business goals and responsibility to execute the elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy. In 1885, people executed an ambitious and difficult federal infrastructure project that connected Canada from east to west. Now is the big time to join south to north and make it habitable. The Northern Strategy, according to NORSTRAT Consulting, is Canada’s most important, ambitious, and exciting program opportunity of the twenty-first century. And to achieve this Norstrat enables its clients to effectively carry out their business processes and achieve their goals. And efficiently play their part. Below are some most crucial ones.

  • Federal Focused Crown Procurement tracking
  • The Arctic as well as Maritime Domain Expansion Subject Experience
  • Focused passion for Every Artic Aspect.

How does it help its clients?

Norstrat works in line with Northern strategy which is multidisciplinary and wide. To cater to all client needs, it teams up with other subject matters experts to provide the best and effective business solutions. Additionally, every client has different objectives. To provide the best services and solutions the first thing is to identify and learn the client’s business. Once in-depth knowledge is acquired Norstrat works to identify the current and foreseeable problems. And finally develops the solution. Each client has specific needs and challenges, so is their solution. Norstrat with its client-centric approach provides customized services to its clients and there are several ways in which Norstrat supports them. Some of them are listed below.

  • works closely with clients to overcome challenges and achieve their desired business goals
  • guides clients through the northern strategy and brings to light the available opportunities.
  • helps in identifying and contacting stakeholders
  • enabling to bid for infrastructure development projects
  • helps to manage projects effectively
  • provide knowledge on issues faced
  • provide strategic advice
  • provides strategic business development process training
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what infrastructure projects does it handle?

NORSTRAT mainly focuses on large infrastructure projects and initiatives that are fully funded by the Canadian Federal government. Below are a few of such examples.

  • Satellites
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Defense system
  • Telecommunications
  • Social infrastructure programs
  • Investment schemes like housing

Bottom line

Experience of decades and a profound understanding of northern strategy enables Norstrat to provide a solution even to more complex business needs. It can help you to take your business to new heights by offering a custom solution to meet the specific requirement of your company. Additionally, it supports its clients to develop strategic plans and increase their productivity manifolds. It is not only large businesses that are benefited by Norstrat but also many startups that have turned into well-established buisnesses with its guidance. Leverage Norstrat innovative strategies to keep up with competition and increase your growth exponentially.

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