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When selecting a printer, like with any other home equipment, it is not necessary to hunt for the most recent model to hit the but rather to consider various factors ranging from frequency of use, personal preferences, and technical specifications.

Consequently, in this piece, we will go over everything you need to consider before purchasing the finest printer for your home.

How do I select a home printer?

 Aside from the diversity of models and deals available in stores, we must consider several things before purchasing a new printer, such as printing technology, printing speed, connection, functionalities, and size, to select the most suited to our requirements and houses.

Technology for printing

It is the system utilized to print documents and is a cost-determining component in printing and supply.

Inkjet, laser, and ink tanks are among the most popular.

Inkjet is the most common, and their printers are often less expensive, but you must consider the volume of their since this can increase the cost of each print.

On the other hand, printers with ink tanks employ the same technology as the previous ones, including integrated ink tanks that cut cartridge costs.

Finally, laser printers use toner cartridges rather than ink cartridges and have a substantially lower cost per page than the preceding alternatives.

Printing speed

When we talk about printing speed, we mean the number of impressions that a printer can create in a given amount of time. It is commonly expressed in characters per second (cps) or pages per minute (ppm), depending on the type of equipment.

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When shopping for a home printer, print speed isn’t as important because you won’t be printing many papers on a single strip, and most home printers perform well when processing photos.


Although we connected the printer to the computer via a cable, there are now more practical and faster ways to print your papers.

For example, WiFi allows us to use the printer without connecting it to a computer or in front of it; we may do it from a tablet or smartphone.

Similarly, printers with Bluetooth and NFC connections make printing from mobile devices easier.


In this regard, you must consider whether you will print papers or need to conduct other duties such as photocopying, scanning pictures, and printing photos to determine whether a standard printer or a multipurpose printer is the best option for you.

While a multifunction printer is good since you never know when you may need to scan or photocopy a document, you should also consider the size of the computer and the space available for it.

However, if you are searching for a multifunction printer, it is quite beneficial to have a screen that enables us to conduct activities without needing a computer or other device.

 Home printers that are the best

We offer a wide range of multifunctional printers with laser or inkjet technology at low costs.

Check out the models we have available for you here:

HP Wireless Ink Tank 415 Printer

The HP Ink Tank 415 is a wireless multifunction printer capable of printing, copying, and scanning nearly any type of document.

This type incorporates integrated ink tanks for quick reloading and a spill-free thermal inkjet printing mechanism.

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Furthermore, it produces darker, clearer, and fade-resistant writing that lasts up to 22 times longer.

Another advantage is that the printer includes a wireless printing system via the HP Smart application, which allows you to effortlessly print copies of documents and photographs from your mobile devices.

Inkjet Printer Pixma G2110

It is a simple, small, and silent printer.

The Canon Pixma G2110 MFP has easy-to-refill integrated ink tanks and a printing technology that employs inks with pigments and hybrid dyes to increase picture quality, creating deeper blacks and more vivid colors for stunning


It is possible to print at resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Output tray with a 50-sheet capacity.

All-in-One Printer HP Smart Tank 515WL

This HP MFP uses inkjet technology and can print at up to 5 ppm in color and 11 ppm in black and white.

It features an input tray capacity of up to 100 pages and an output tray capacity of up to 30 sheets.

The HP Smart Tank 515WL printer, on the other hand, scans high-quality color photos at a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

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